James potters hogwarts years


1. the train

James' point of view

I looked up and down the train for and empty carriage but they were all full. The only carriage free had 3 first years like me in it so I asked "can I join you I can't find a free space any where?" A boy with shoulder length black curly hair replied "sure I'm Sirius black these are my new friends Remus lupin and peter pettigrew."I sat Dow in the seat opposite the shy boy with scars on his face called Remus and I introduced myself.Me and Sirius talked about quidditch and about our family's while Remus read a muggle book and peter just sat in the corner listening eagerly!

Sirius' point of view

When the trolley came round I bought everyone chocolate frogs I could tell we would all get along. I frill asleep for a while feeling bored out my head and worrying about being put in slytherin I just prayed to be put in anything but!when the train finally stopped I got jerked awake by the 3 others we all grabbed are luggage and headed for the adventure ahead!

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