Sister Relationship

There were two sister that hate each other so much... but after her mom die the big sister have to be the mother for her younger sister!


1. I hate begin older

     I was 9 year old and my little sister was 4 year old. We hate each other so much, or maybe I just hate her? One day I saw my sister playing with my doll and went there to grab that toy because it mine. When I went there I saw that the doll were all broken, the hair were like it had cancer. I went and grab a hanger and it her.

Gabby: I told you not to touch my toy!!!

I hate her so much and hit her like 10 time, but she wasn't bleeding or anything like that. She cry so much when I hit her. 

Mom came 

     My mom came and saw that my sister were crying so she grab a hanger and hit me too I was so mad cause it wasn't my fault it was Lola fault! 

Mom: I told you not to hit her! 

Mom: She's just a little kid! Stop bullying your sister!!!

I looked at her, she was just starring at me and I looked at her full of hate. 

15 years later 

    Our mom die so is our dad. I got to take care of my little sister that I hate the most. But I got to be nice to her because I'm the only person she got. I was watering plants and saw her ran of with his friend or boyfriend and she did not even say a single Hi or Bye. She always come home begin drunk and her friend always drop her off, I just wanted to yell "GO AWAYS AND STOP DOING THIS TO MY LITTLE SISTER!" But I didn't yell at them.


     Every time I get home from work or school, the house is always messy and Lola never ever clean the house at all! I saw her talk on her phone about a big party at the club, I heard that while I was folding laundry. And after she left I went to check my wallet finding all my moneys missing. Lola took all my moneys, I went to ask some friend to give me money so I can go get my sister. When I got to the club I saw her and grab her arm, when she turn and look at me....I slap her in the face... She was holding her face and looked at me strange.

Gabby: I would have abanded you, if it worth mom and dad death! 

Lola: Why won't you abanded me then!

Sometime I just wish for her death! 

At the hospital

    I went to the hospital for my check up. I found out heaven have heard my wish, which is my sister death. But it come to me not ny little sister. Yeah....I have cancer :( I did not tell my sister at all. I came home from depress and saw the house was messy but did not say or yell at her. I hab to go to the doctor every day. One time I went to take a shower and brush my hairs and a bunch of my hair came off. 

She caught me

There was one time I wanted to use the bathroom and saw her come out with a smoke following her. I know she was smoking, I just knew it! But one day she caught me, I really really wanted to use the bathroom to throw up and kept on knocking the door while covering my mouth. When she open the door, I don't wait for her to leave. I just went in the toilet and throw up.

Lola: What's wrong?

     She looked at me for a answer, and saw that I have a towel in my head. She pulls the towel off. And see that I have a few hair.


She cry.

Lola: Why did you not tell me?

I said nothing but cry with her.

Lola: Your my only person!

Lola begin to cry and so do I. She hug me and I hug her back. 

After she knew

     After she knew she love me, she help me take a bath water the plants.The planst began to grow. She even but a wig to over my head, and I love the hair even thought it not my hair. What cool is I never knew the person I wanted to get ride the most is the person who is always hear for me :)



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