Loving A Reject

This is cringy as shit but there is some stuff in here that involves self-harm, eating disorder, depression, etc.


3. Numb

Maddie’s P.O.V


I woke up to the sound off my alarm. It was very quiet but I was a light sleeper so it easily woke me up. I walked to Brady’s and Rose’s room and woke them up, we got ready like usual then I got them breakfast. Noticing my dad was passed out on the couch I was much more relaxed knowing he wasn’t going to hit me this morning. I walked up the stairs bringing toast with Nutella for each of them except myself. We were ready for the day so we quietly walked passed my dad and to the car and to school.


Once in the school, I walked to my locker realizing I forgot to put on a sweater but luckily had a long sleeve shirt on. My arms were fully covered but my face wasn’t. I looked down at my stomach then my legs and whispered “God, I’m so fat”. I looked up realizing that Michael was right in front of me then he whispered


“Good morning! Oh, and by the way your not fat, you're actually quite beautiful.”


I couldn’t help but blush because no one has ever been this nice in my entire life. Again this morning I walked him to his class (Social) then to mine (La), thankfully the teacher was there so no one bullied me.


---------skip to lunch---------


Michael and I walked down to the lunch room and sat in the same spot as yesterday.


"Where's your lunch today?" Michael asked.


Once again I responded with the usual "I'm not hungry.”


"Well if you say so, but you know you can always eat my food" he reassured me as he pushed over some apple slices. I gave in and took two slices, as I ate them Michael gave me the sweetest smile which made me feel better about eating. As we continued to eat and talk a girl came and sat beside me and whispered


“You shouldn't have eaten that now you're going to get even fatter.”


She then got up and walked away, I then started to frown. I put the apple slice in my hand down and looked at my stomach in shame. Michael grabbed my arm and look me in the eye asking


"What did she say?"


"She said she liked my shirt.”


He looked me in the eye knowing I lied, thankfully he didn’t say anything he just pulled me closer to him so we were touching. I sat there feeling the warmth of him beside me making me feel safe.



Michael P.O.V


I could obviously tell she was lying when she told me that the girl liked her shirt. I pulled Maddie closer to me so she would know that I’m here for her and I care about her. I looked her in the eyes and holy her eyes were so gorgeous. I continued to stare into her beautiful brown eyes until the lunch bell rang which sadly meant I couldn’t be with her until last period (Science). I walked to my locker and got my books for period 3 & 4. I know Maddie doesn’t talk much but I just love being with her, she is just so beautiful inside and out. I walk into Health and it was confusing as usual because I started here with 75% of the school year already done.


----Skip to the end of period 3----


I ran out of my boring health and into science class waiting for Maddie to join me. Finally, Maddie came into class with a fake smile on her face and her eyes glossy. She kept her head down and headed towards me, as soon as she sat down I whispered


“Please tell me what happened this time.”


Finally looking me in the eye she responded with “Later, okay?”




Maddie's P.O.V


As I was walking out of Math someone yelled "Heard of makeup it's supposed to help not be ugly Maddie". I've heard the same thing many times before like 'go die' 'cut deeper' 'I'm fat' 'I'm ugly' etc. This is NOT new. I walked into Science with a fake smile on my face. Michael was looking at me concerned as I sat beside him keeping my head down


“Please tell me what happened this time.”


I looked him in the eye and all I wanted to do was hug him because he made me feel so safe but instead, I kept my feelings inside. "Later, okay?"




We continued working on our assignments but I couldn't think straight because I was thinking about what if I tell him what's going on in my life, maybe he could help me. Sadly my mind started filling with thoughts 'he doesn't actually care, as soon as you tell him he's gonna leave like everyone else'. I put my head down feeling weak and stupid for even considering that he cares about me. The bell rang and I walked to my locker grabbing my stuff then headed to my car to pick up my siblings.


When we got home Brady and Rose headed inside but my mind was so twisted and confused that I just sat there in the front seat of the car. Sitting there with silent tears staining my cheeks, I heard a knock on the window I turned my head to see Calum standing there. I sat there not noticing that he was waiting for me to open the door, so he opened it himself and gently carried me into his house bridal style. He never really asked what was going on, he would just know and was nice enough to actually help out. Calum carried me up to his room and laid me on his bed.


“Maddie please try and get some sleep”


“Wait, what about Brady and Rose, they aren’t safe!” I shriek as I ran for the door of his room. Before I reach the door Calum grabbed me and pulled me into a hug.


“It’s alright Maddie! They are in the basement playing games” he replied calmly as he was rubbing circles on my back attempting to relax me. I breathed in then let it all out, so many tears bottled up inside me finally coming out all over Calum’s shirt. After quite a few minutes of me soaking Calum’s shirt, he picked me up and laid me back on the bed. He started to head for the door but before he left I nervously asked


“W…Why are you doing this, Why do you care about me, Rose and Brady?”


“Because no one deserves whatever your going through, or feel the way you are feeling.”


Tears started welling up in my eyes as he walked out the door, but the only difference is that these are happy tears. I listen to Calum and closed my eyes falling into a deep sleep.

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