Loving A Reject

This is cringy as shit but there is some stuff in here that involves self-harm, eating disorder, depression, etc.


4. Exposed Cuts

Maddie’s P.O.V


I woke up from a bad dream (which I have been getting a lot lately) and a glowing 1:47 am showed on the alarm clock on the other side of the room. I shot up in the bed realizing I wasn’t at home and remembering I was at Calum’s place. I looked around the room and saw Calum sleeping on the uncomfortable chair in the corner.


“Calum, Caaluumm” I whispered


As soon as he heard me he ran over to the bed “Maddie are you alright?”


“Ya I’m fine, I just had a nightmare but why are you sleeping on the chair?”


“Well your sleeping in my bed and your siblings are on the couch so it was my only other option”


I shook my head and lifted the covers so Calum could join me in his warm, snuggly bed. He hopped in and we both fell back asleep.




I woke up to the sound of a different alarm than I’m used to hearing. I reached to turn it off but I had a big strong arm wrapped around my waist holding me close to the still asleep Calum. In the moment I didn’t know what to do, I’ve never had someone hold me and cuddle me before.


“Calum, let me turn off the alarm” I whispered


“I don’t want to move it’s so cozy here with you” He whispered back with his warm breathe against my neck causing shivers to go down my spine.


“Ok, fine we can stay here a little longer just let me turn the alarm off” I flipped the covers off and walked to the other side of the room still in the clothes I wore the day before. Finally turning the hellish alarm off I ran back to the warm bed. As soon as I got back in I felt the muscular arm go back around my waist, I started to blush at the fact that I was in bed with a boy (not sexually at all). We continued cuddling until we fell asleep again.



Realizing we slept in and now were late for school we decided to just stay there a little longer, in the warm embrace. I was really quite glad to be somewhere away from school and home.


We finally got out of bed. Calum and I walked down the stairs to see both of my siblings still in a deep sleep. Ignoring that fact that they were still asleep Calum put on some music while I started making pancakes.


By the time we finished making all the pancakes, Rose and Brady had woken up. We all ate including me, I guess this whole morning I forgot about all the problems in my life. After we finished eating we started getting ready. Since all clothes were at home Calum picked out an outfit for me from his closet.


I walked to the washroom and changed into gray sweatpants and a big band tee. I threw my hair into a bun and walked out feeling self-conscious with my arms visible.






"Can I um, can I borrow a sweater?"


"Ya, of course. Hold on a second."


He returned with a black sweater, and then looked at my arms. Giving me a very concerning look, he pulled me into a hug before I was able to put the sweater on. For the millionth time, I cried in Calum's arms. The whole time I was in his arm I felt like I was such a bother to him so I pulled out of the hug. All I wanted was someone to care about me but as soon as someone did I ruin it. I wiped my cheeks and continued putting on the sweater. We stayed silent as we walked downstairs to check on Rose and Brady. My mind was swarming with thoughts:


'Calum regrets having you in his house'


'why are you so stupid to let him see your cuts'


'why did you even consider Calum as your friend, he's gonna leave like everyone else'


'He doesn't actually care about you, he's just doing this because he feels like he has to'.


Finally getting out of my terrible thoughts I headed for the door.


"Thank you so much Calum and I will bring you your clothes back at the the end of the day"


"No problem, come over anytime you guys are always welcomed"


I nodded my head knowing I probably wouldn't be back here so I wouldn't bother him with my problems. I continued out the door with my siblings and crossed the lawn to my dad's car.


Today was going to be the same as every other day except we came at lunch.


I walked into the lunchroom to see a boy with green hair looking extremely worried until he noticed me. I smiled and walked over and sat beside him.


"Where the hell were you this morning?" He asked worriedly.


"I slept in so I thought I would just stay home until lunch"


"Ok, I glad you're here now though," he said giving me a warm smile. Every time he smiled a smile would appear on my face as well. He continued to eat his lunch as I sat there staring at the wall trying to process what happened this morning.


Michael P.O.V


I looked down at the beautiful girl beside me and noticed that she looked a little uneasy. I pulled her closer to me and whispered into her ear.


"Hey, what's up?"


"I umm, I don't really know. I'm really confused right now, that's all."


God, this girl is so good at making you feel like she's alright when she's obviously not okay. "If you say so" I replied back to her.


The bell rang and we headed to our lockers. I head to health, which was starting to get easier. I probably annoyed everyone in my class by tapping my pen on the table but I didn’t care, I just wanted it to be science already.


-------Skip to 4th period-------


I walked into science and saw Maddie sitting there waiting for me.


"Okay class I'm gonna give you a project and you must be in partners" our strict teacher called.


I instantly turned to face Maddie, I could see her smirk as she looked down at the outline.


Maddie P.O.V


Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Michael turn towards me. I smirked and wrote both our names on the outline.

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