''Vintage Romance''

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  • Published: 14 Feb 2017
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There's nothing stronger than love. More than 70 years ago, love was even stronger. A woman have to choose between two men but then she marries them both. Read this incredible true story.


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  The artist Ilay, the writer Emilio and Nancy who becomes wife to both of them, are three entangled in unusual love triangle. Before Ilay and Nancy to file for divorce, the two men who were also friends, gathered around a table and after a considerable amount of claret, Ilay said:

-Take her and be happy! A woman shouldn't spoil the friendship between two men!

After Nancy and Emilio became married, the couple lives in the woman's apartment which is decorated with paintings of her ex. Until her last days, Nancy wears two rings in her hand-each one from her husbands.

Nancy and Emilio lived careless and happy but this idyll has has a sinister background.


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  The marriage between Ilay and Nancy lasted 13 years. From the first day, the shadow of his first wife-Vera-stays between them. The artist acquainted the young French teacher Nancy in 1931. She felt she wants to stay closer to him,too but often the artist is gloomy figure, living like a hermit,behaving like he's hiding a dangerous secret.. But the young teacher didn't give up on him. Day after day she awaits him after class to have a walk. Slowly, Ilay is getting used of her presence. Their walks become longer and filled with tension. One day he kisses her in front of a dark-watered lake. After that, Ilay invites Nancy in his atelier to draw her a portrait. His wife, Vera, is also a painter. She is small, short-haired woman with dark sad eyes. Sad, maybe because they still don't have a child.


                                                                                    . . .


  One day, in the school Ilay also teaches, there was a rumor he is very sick. Nancy, who is already in love, did something reckless-goes straight to his home. Already there, the artist begs her to leave but their forbidden love continues and Vera is the silent witness. Two years-in 1933, after their romance, Ilay's first wife went the last floor of a building and jumps off. According to the autopsy she was pregnant but even in her death Vera is noble-in her last letter she explains about having a depression and not a word about the cheating of her husband.

Despite that, the two lovers blame themselves for the tragedy with Vera. They attempt to stay away from each other but love between them is stronger and soon, on January, 27th 1935 their wedding becomes a fact but their marriage is doomed. Nancy wishes for love and response of her feelings from the painter but Ilay is silent and somehow at distance.

Living in his own bubble, he doesn't pay much attention to his young and intelligent wife. In a pang of guilt, Ilay gives her a golden ring with opal. Nancy shows it to her mother but she is terrified. She believes in the premonition that the opal brings unhappiness to its owner. It's milky-white and if it gets dark, the owner of the opal will not live happy.

Twelve years after their divorce in 1948, the mother tosses the opal ring through the window but Nancy took it and put it again in her hand for the rest of her life.

In the first years of the marriage, the French teacher desperately tries to save the marriage by giving birth to a baby. In 1938 the couple goes to Berlin in a clinic but the prospects of having a baby for Nancy are not good, so they return shortly afterwards and try to distract themselves from the thought by going to museums,galleries and theatres. Anyway, Nancy and Ilay are living in different worlds. The only person who can really amuse the couple is Ilay' s friend-the writer Emilio. Emilio finds every suitable occasion to be a guest in the family's house. He has a crush on the beautiful Nancy but she's still married to the painter. Although, their marriage is on the rocks.


                                                                                        . . .


    In their first meeting in a famous bohemian pub, Nancy whispered to her husband about Emilio: ''He is not handsome but man remembers him''. This slender, spry man remembers me of a wild beast.

The beast in Emilio is indeed what intrigues and attracts Nancy to him. In 1949, Emilio and the teacher tie the knot. Ilay will always have a special heart in Nancy's heart. Emilio obsesses his wife so much that she stops translating Camus and Sartre in order to serve the writer only. Nancy becomes Emilio's personal secretary and assistant-she documents all his words and drafts, prepares important historical documents needed for the writing of his novels. And during that period, the author creates his finest works.

Without Nan/like he calls his wife/, he is helpless and feel unworthy. The influence of the intellectual lady over him is enormous.

After several unfortunate ulcer operations, in his ripe years, Emilio says ironically to Nancy:

-You see how I read you everything. Moliere also read to his female servant!

But Nancy doesn't lose her sense of humor:

-To be a Moliere' s servant or Emilio's wife is both valuable-in both ways you remain in history!

Nancy has insurmountable sense of history. When her husband is on his deathbed, she leaves the room to write down his last words. Throughout the years the beautiful teacher was Emilio's finest listener.

What she writes in her diary about him, before dying in 2000, is the following:


    '' Emilio was not a man you can put in a frame. The element in him always expresses in him through wild acts, tumultuous reactions, often contradictions......he was a complex character and was my biggest love.''

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