Young Love

Nadine is that one usual girl that has a crush on that typical boy. That boy would happen to be Ben. She has a secret love for him, but will he ever find out?


1. 1-The Beginning

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

It's a casual day when Ben will not even notice that Nadine even exists. Oh how she wished he knew she existed. As she walked to school alongside her stepsister Teigan, she couldn't help but fantasies about her and Ben. The things she would fantasies about were unimaginable, but they were all she wanted. As she walked through the school doors. She seen a group of boys, amongst these boys, stood out the boy that she loved with all her heart, Ben. As Teigan tried to get her to stop staring at Ben, he slowly turned his head towards Nadine, she turned away as fast as she could and walked to find her friends.

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