The explosion

When a giant explosion goes off in Redfall City, five kids wake up to have amazing powers. They get taken in by the Redfall agency to train and fight. A darkness is coming.


2. Redfall agents


      A loud beeping sound woke me up from my deep slumber. A soft buzzing sound drifted through the air. I was lying down on a soft sheet. Three other kids were lying just like me. We were all awake, all desperate for answers. All I could remember was a tall building collapsing and darkness. I couldn't move or speak. The other kids eyes were open but no sound or movement came from them either. I wanted to go home, to be safe and never worry about anything. Here in this small cold room, I felt scared and exposed. 

       Suddenly the sound of a door opening came from my side. Footsteps followed by shallow murmurs scared me even more. My heart was racing. I felt a tingling sensation all around my body. I moved my leg and tried to get up. Everyone else was moving and trying to do the same. When everyone managed to get up we looked at each other. One had a familiar face.  Jake.

        Me and Jake used to be neighbor and really good friends. When he moved to Hawaii, we never stayed in touch. I looked into his big blue eyes and curly brown hair from across the room. The girl next to me had short black hair and small brown eyes and another guy next to me had orange hair and green/blue eyes. 

       "Hello," a scrawny old man welcomed. We all looked at him, confused and scared. " don't worry, we will reveal all the answers to you, but first we want to show you around"  "Mia, Jake, Logan, and Sophie, Welcome to Redfall agency."

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