The explosion

When a giant explosion goes off in Redfall City, five kids wake up to have amazing powers. They get taken in by the Redfall agency to train and fight. A darkness is coming.


1. The explosion


        The ground shook and a bright light exploded from a tall building. My body laid on the soft snow. I felt safe, protected in this zone of comfort. I started to get up when another skull rattling shake shook the area. I fell hard on the ground. I moved my hand to touch a piece of ice that had fallen from the earlier storm. I grabbed it and wished that everything would be alright. This time the ground shook with so much force, several building collapsed. That's when everything went black. 


        The rain pounded on my body and the wind whipped my hair. I crawled under a tall tree and rested my back against the wall. I could hear lightning and thunder, crashing against the sky.  The earth shook and twisted the trees branches. I fell and immediately got up. I went to the tree and touched it. The tree suddenly had been struck, and I went down with it.


          The waves crashed over my face. I gasped for air and  tried to swim back to shore. My arms were throbbing and I was choking on water. Rain was pouring and the earth was shaking. I looked behind me. A giant wave was heading straight for me. I used the rest of my strength to try and swim to shore. I looked behind me once more and was consumed by the wave.


           The fire was spreading through my house. The bright light flickered, It  cornered me. I saw a small window that I could crawl through. I turned toward the window and quickly opened it. The fire was getting closer. I looked at my house one more time and started to climb out. I felt a burning sensation on my leg. Soon I was covered in flames. 


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