Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


24. Untouched Potential



   Katsu and Pyro are sitting down in Erza's house in the living room. Erza is cooking food for Pyro. Katsu doesn't know where to find Takumi and Patrica at. He guesses they are back in the city, but that's miles from Fiore. Erza walks into the living room with a plate full of fish. 

   "Here ya go Pyro!" Erza says as she smiles happily. She sets the plate in front of Pyro. Katsu stands up. 

   "Hey Pyro I'm going to the city to see if they are there." Katsu says. "Stay here with Erza." Katsu says.

   "What if you need help?" Pyro asks. "They might fight you together." Pyro looks worried. 

   "Don't worry. This is between me and Takumi. I doubt she'll fight." Katsu says. Pyro nods. 

   "If you say so." Pyro says. "But how are you going to get there?" Pyro asks. Katsu shrugs. 

   "Train I guess." Katsu says. 

   "Motion sickness?" Pyro asks. Katsu rolls his eyes. 

   "Who cares. Motion sickness is a really bad fuck in the ass." Katsu says. 

   "You always get sick in a moving object." Pyro says. 

   "I'm taking the train." Katsu says. Pyro rolls her eyes. 

   "Very well." Pyro says. Katsu walks out of Erza's house and goes to the train station. 

   "I'm going to regret this, but its for Erza." Katsu says as he boards the train. He sits down on a seat. As he feels the train move his cheeks turn green. "This was a terrible idea....." Katsu says. 


   Later he arrives in his old city. He faceplants when he gets off. 

   "I'm never going to do that again." Katsu says. He gets up. "So where could they be?" Katsu asks. His phone buzzes. He takes it out and its Erza. "Erza? Why is she calling?" Katsu asks himself. He answers the call. 

   "Hey Erza was worried about you for some reason, maybe because you walked out saying you're off to fight Takumi. She forced me to take her to you." Pyro says. Katsu sighs. 

   "Fine, but don't blame me when something happens." Katsu says. 

   "Why are you so protective of her anyways? You act like she's going to get hurt." Pyro says. 

   "She may be an S-Class mage, but Patrica did a number on her last time they fought. She's not invincible." Katsu says. 

   "Right. We'll be there in a few minutes." Pyro says. Katsu nods. He hangs up and walks toward the sacred Shrine of God.

   "They should be around here somewhere." Katsu says. He looks into the sky as it starts to rain. He sighs as the rain drenches his hair and his cloths. "Why do I even bother?" Katsu says to himself. 

   "I knew you couldn't stay away." A voice says. Katsu turns around to see Takumi. Patrica walks toward the Sakura tree to prevent getting wet. Katsu clenches his fists. 

   "You better give back Erza's memories or I'll have to take them back!" Katsu says angrily. Takumi crosses his arms and closes his eyes. 

   "Patrica has them. They are contained in a orb. If the orb were to drop and shatter, she will just be an empty hollow body. Her memories will be lost forever." Takumi says. He opens his eyes. "That would be a pain in the ass to come all this way just to lose her memories wouldn't it?" Takumi asks smirking. Katsu grits his teeth. 

   "What do I have to do to get them back?" Katsu asks. Takumi uncrosses both arms. 

   "Its simple really. All you have to do is beat me." Takumi says. Katsu's eyes widen. He's never beaten Takumi before. This isn't going to be pretty.

   "What in the hell?! Beat Takumi?! Dammit, I have no choice but to fight." Katsu thought. He gets into a stance. Takumi smirks. 

   "You're willing to throw her memories and your life away?" Yakumi asks. Katsu narrows his eyes. 

   "No. I'm not throwing away anything. I'm going to beat you." Katsu says. Takumi laughs. 

   "You beat a god? That's impossible!" Takumi laughs. 

   "Even a rookie and surpass a master, if he trains hard enough." Katsu says. Takumi smirks. 

   "After this fight is finished all that will be left is your body turned to ashes." Takumi says. 

   "Enough talking lets get this over with." Katsu says. Tauki cracks his knuckles. 

   "Then lets fight." Takumi says. Katsu immediately goes for a flaming right hook. Takumi dodges it and knees him under the chin. He is sent on his back. He flips backwards. 

   "Damn if I keep this up everything I do will be dodged and countered." Katsu thought. Katsu goes to flank him but gets elbowed in the face. Takumi turns around. 

   "Holy Fist of The Fire God Slayer!" Takumi yells as his fist surrounds with black flames and punches Katsu. The impact sends Katsu halfway across the shrine. Katsu gets up on his hands and knees. 

   "Why do I feel so powerless?" Katsu asks himself. 

   "Hey Katsu!" Pyro yells from above. He looks up and sees Pyro carrying Erza. "Get your lazy ass up!" Pyro says. 

   "Come on guy! Don't give up!" Erza says chanting for him. Pyro flies toward the ground and drops Erza on her feet. Katsu gets up. He smiles at them. 

   "Alright I'll try this again." Katsu says. Both fists ignite with  blue flames. He rushes toward Takumi. As he gets close he starts attacking with both fists. Right, left, right, left. Takumi dodges all of them. He jumps up and Katsu does too. He holds out his hand and a black fireball hits Katsu sending him to the ground. Katsu gets up and a hole is burned in his shirt. He takes off the jacket and throws it on the ground. "Lets get cracking." Katsu says. He hits both fists together. "Roar of The Winter Fire Dragon!" Katsu yells. Takumi looks confused as the flames are more of an icy color. 

   "That flame is more whiter than normal! What is up with this?" Takumi says. The flames close in on Takumi. He jumps in the air as the flames hit the ground. "I'll show you fear!" Takumi breaths in air. 

   "Roar of The Fire God Slayer!" Takumi yells as black flames come out of his mouth. Katsu is surrounded in Takumi's flames. "A Dragon Slayer is powerless against a god." Takumi says. Katsu took alot of damage from that attack. Katsu is laying on his stomach. Patrica smirks.

   "This fight is truly pointless. We should just break this orb because he isn't going to win." Patrica says. Takumi smirks. 

   "I wouldn't care." Takumi says. "He isn't going to win." Takumi laughs. Patrica holds the orb in her hand and tosses it. Katsu sees the orb go overhead and Pyro gasps. Takumi smirks. Katsu quickly gets up and he runs toward the orb that is reaching the ground. Katsu lunges and Takumi sends a fireball and hits the orb making it reduce to ashes. The ashes from the orb fall into Katsu's hand. He expression shows sadness. He tumbles on the ground. Erza faints and Pyro screams. Katsu sits up. He opens his hand to to the ashes. 

   "I was so close....." Katsu says. He stands up. 

   "What are you going to do now Dragon Slayer?" Takumi asks smirking. 

   "Shut up." Katsu says harshly. His hair covers his eyes. He walks over to Erza's body. He picks her up and carries her to a safer place within the shrine. Two wooden boards that support the roof are above her. He looks back at Takumi. "You've done it now." Katsu says. He turns his body toward Takumi. 

   "You're weak you possibly can't wi-" Katsu slams his flaming fist into Takumi's stomach. Takumi gasps. Katsu knees Takumi in the face sending him into the air. Katsu jumps in the air and does Iron Fist of The Winter Fire Dragon sending him into the ground. Katsu falls on the ground. Takumi gets up. Half the sleeve on his jacket is torn off and his pants are torn as well. "What are you?" Takumi asks painting. 

   "Wrong question." Katsu says harshly. Takumi makes both fists ignite with black flame. 

   "Begone with you! Blazing Heat of The Fire God Slayer!" Takumi yells as he sends a huge black flame magic toward Katsu dodges the attack but its going toward Erza. Takumi smirks. 

   "Katsu! Its going straight for Erza!" Pyro yells. Katsu looks back seeing the black flames go toward her. He dashes toward her. He gets to her before the flames do and he grabs her. The flames hit the shrine and it explodes sending everyone and everything back. Katsu and Erza are in between wooden boards and ashes. He is on top of her making sure she is okay. He puts his hand on her cheek and tears start to form. 

   "Erza...." Katsu says. He caresses her cheek. Tears form in his eyes.

   "Why does that voice seem so familiar?" Erza thought. "That voice. Its Katsu's." Erza slowly opens her eyes. She sees Katsu and he's crying. "Why are you crying Katsu?" Erza asks. She caresses his cheek.

   "You can't remember me." Katsu says. Erza tilts her head. 

   "How can I forget, when there is such an empty space when you're gone?" Erza says. She smiles at him. 

   "Erza? You remember?" Katsu asks. Erza nods. 

   "I never forgotten you. How can I?" Erza says. 

   "You forgot who I was." Katsu says. 

   "You must have been dreaming." Erza says. Erza looks at how Katsu is laying on her. "Can you get off me? Its really weird." Erza says. Katsu gets off her and he moves the boards. Katsu stands up along with Erza. Takumi and Patrica are sitting on a boulder. 

   "It can't be! Erza should be still dead!" Takumi says. "I burned the orb!" 

   "We'll have to kill them then!" Patrica says. They both jump down on the ruined ground. Takumi narrows his eyes. 

   "How did you break the spell? You weren't suppose to be getting up!" Takumi says angrily. Erza shrugs. 

   "How can I forget Katsu, he's like a brother to me." Erza says. "And what spell did you put on me?" Erza asks. 

   "She forgot about the spell? How does she know who Katsu is?" Patrica asks herself. Katsu smirks. 

   "Don't mess with a member of Fairy Tail!" Katsu says. "Get ready for a hot fisting!" Katsu yells. "Iron Fist or The Winter Fire Dragon!" Katsu yells as his left fist ignites into icy flames. He connects the attack and it sends him backwards. 

   "Heaven's Wheel!" Erza yells re-equipping into the Heaven's Wheel armor. She attacks Patrica sending her back as well. 

   "You put the papa flame with the mama flame and you get one big ass baby flame! Brilliant Flame of The Winter Fire Dragon!" Katsu slams both fists on Takumi's head. It drives him into the ground. Erza attacks Patrica with her swords and each armor Patrica summons gets shattered. 

   "This is it Takumi!" Katsu says. Takumi looks at Katsu. 

   "No! This is your end!" Takumi yells. "Roar of The Fire God Slayer!" The black flames go toward Katsu. 

   "Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Ice Phoenix Blade!" Katsu yells as he puts two hands in front of him and a icy beam goes at Takumi's flames. Katsu goes through the flames without taking damage. His fist hits Takumi's stomach with full force and it sends him across the ruined Shrine. Erza slams her blades into Patrica and it makes her go across the Shrine as well. Katsu falls back and Erza catches him. 

   "You were great." Erza says smiling at him. 

   "I try my best." Katsu says smiling back at her. Erza laughs and she helps him up. 

   "Everything is good right Erza?" Pyro asks. Erza smiles again. 

   "Yes." Erza says. 


   Katsu, Erza, and Pyro are walking back home. It is dusk. Pyro turns toward Erza. 

   "How did you remember Katsu?" Pyro asks. Erza blushes. 

   "I just did I guess." Erza says. She looks away. 

   "Serious how did you? There was no way you broke the spell on your own." Katsu says. Erza looks at Katsu. 

   "It was the way you said my name. Its a certain way you said it." Erza says. Pyro holds in a laugh. 

   "Oh, I guess its good I said it that way then huh?" Katsu says scratching the back of his head. 

   "I guess so too." Erza says. They walk toward Erza's house.

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