Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


14. Untold Secrets



   Kasai stands there looking at the blood covering his hand. "H-How can this be?! I can't lose!" Kasai says. He trembles at what is to come. Katsu slashes Kasai's leg and brings him down on one knee. Kasai holds his gashed leg. Katsu slashes Kasai's chest. Kasai falls down on the snow. He looks terrified at Katsu. Katsu points the flaming broadsword at him and then he raises it upwards. Kasai closes his eyes as the broadsword comes down. Katsu stops the broadsword from hitting Kasai's face. 

   "I just spared your life." Katsu says in his serious tone. The broadsword dissolves.

   "Just kill me. I deserve death." Kasai says. He holds the cut on his chest. 

   "If I killed you that would make me a murderer. I only kill with good intentions." Katsu says. "Killing you wouldn't be one. My weakness is that I don't want to kill unless I have too. I spared your life not only because of fear, but because you mean something to me. You're my step-brother and I'll do anything just to keep you alive." Katsu says. He holds the gash on his side. 

   "That is what's gonna get you killed. You don't kill. If someone intends to kill you, you have to do the right thing and kill them." Kasai says. He looks at Katsu as he turns away. 

   "If I killed you. What would be in it for me?" Katsu asks. He limps toward the others. Erza runs up to him and hugs him. 

   "Good job you stayed alive!" Natsu says. Katsu feels his head start spinning. 

   "Guys?" Katsu says. "I' about to faint...." Katsu closes his eyes and he falls forward into Erza. Erza holds him. 

   "Let him rest. He's been through alot today." Erza says. 


   Natsu is carrying Katsu in the guild. All the guild members look at how bloody and beaten he looks they lower their heads down. Some of them cry. Natsu looks with confusion. 

   "He isn't dead. He just fainted." Natsu says. The guild cheers. They bring Katsu upstairs to a medical bed. They set him down in it and they start healing his wounds. A few hours later. Lucy is sitting on the medical bed running her fingers through his hair. Natsu leans on the door frame and he looks at Katsu. Lucy looks at Natsu. 

   "Natsu I've been wondering. Why does Katsu look so much like you? Is he your brother?" Lucy asks. Natsu shakes his head. 

   "He's my cousin." Natsu says. Lucy's eyes widen.

   "H-he's related to you?!" Lucy asks in shock. Natsu nods. He walks in the room and he pulls a chair next to the bed. 

   "Yes. He doesn't know that. Its best if he doesn't." Natsu says. He looks at Katsu's face. 

   "What's his real name then?" Lucy asks. "I know it can't be Katsu Draganov." Lucy says. 

   "Lets not get into that." Natsu says. "It's only between me and Zeref." Natsu looks at Lucy. "We should let him rest alone. The thing I told you, don't tell anyone else." Natsu says. He stares Lucy down. He means it. 

   "Alright! I won't!" Lucy says. Her and Natsu exit out the room. Erza walks into the room and she sits down in the chair Natsu did. She put her hand on his cheek to feel if he was getting a fever, and its his normal temperature. She moves her hand to his forehead and its the same. She removes her hand from his forehead.

   "You aren't dead, which is a good thing." Erza says to herself. She smiles. She looks at Katsu's face and she stands up. She noticed blood still running from his forehead so she bent over him to wipe it off. Katsu's eyes slowly open and right in front of his face is Erza's lips. Erza noticed his eye open and she smiles. "So finally awoken from the dead?" She says as she wipes the blood from his forehead. She sits down. Katsu sits up and he holds his head.

   "Yeah. I am now a vampire. I came back from the dead to suck your blood." Katsu says with a Dracula impression. Erza laughs. Pyro jumps in the bed and hugs Katsu's arm. 

   "You are alive!" Pyro says. He smiles. 

   "That I am." Katsu says. He rubs Pyro's head. "Hey Erza where is Wendy? She asked me to come meet her when I got done with that quest, but other things came up." 

   "She should be downstairs." Erza says. She gets up. "Lucy left some cloths she bought for you. There laying on the end of the bed." Erza points the the end of the bed. Erza begins to walk out, then she turns around. "Since your hotel got destroyed you can come stay at my house if you'd like." Erza says. "I have one guest room." Katsu nods. 

   "Sure. It will give me time to pick a place and buy it." Katsu says. Erza nods and then she walks out. Katsu gets out of bed and he puts the cloths on. Lucy bought him a black button up collared shirt and dark blue jeans that are a bit tight on him. 

   "There you are!" Wendy says. She walks over to Katsu. 

   "So what was it that you wanted me to come along with you?" Katsu asks. 

   "Oh this quest." Wendy says. "It needs us to take out some rock monsters in this tall mountain top." Ktaus nods. 

   "Sure." Katsu says. 

   "I didn't want to go on it because I wasn't sure if I was capable of doing it." Wendy says. Katsu winks and he smiles.

   "With me. You can do anything!" Katsu gives her a thumbs up. Wendy smiles. She gets Carla and they walk outside. The moon is shining and Wendy frowns.

   "I hate doing quests in the dark cause I can't see well." Wendy says.

   "There is a hotel in the next town. We can get there by traveling the walkway." Katsu says. Wendy nods.

   "Okay. We'll get there before midnight right?" Wendy asks looking at Katsu. 

   "Sure." Katsu says. They set off to get to the other town. They get to the next town close to midnight and Katsu pays for their hotel rooms. Katsu sleeps in one room and Wendy sleeps in the other. Katsu lays there thinking about the guild and Kasai. He wonders if Kasai will ever attack the guild. He hopes he doesn't. In the morning they set off the find which mountain it is they have to fight the rock monster on. "How are we suppose to get to this mountain anyways?" Katsu asks. 

   "With our exceeds. It shouldn't be that hard." Wendy says. Katsu nods. 

   "So Pyro you'll have to do some flying." Katsu says. Pyro nods. 

   "Alrightly!" Pyro says. Pyro flies into the air and she holds onto Katsu's shirt. Carla takes Wendy and she flies her toward the mountain. Pyro follows her. Katsu looks at the mountain.

   "This should be easy." Katsu says. Pyro nods. 

   "You should hang back and let Wendy fight some since you're injured. Your rib was seriously injured." Pyro says.

   "Don't worry Pyro, I'm fine." Katsu says. "I need the jewels don't I?" Katsu looks up at Pyro. She sighs and nods. 


   They get to the mountain and Katsu signals for Pyro to let him go. Katsu lands on his feet and Wendy falls beside Katsu. Immediately three rock creatures form from the ground. Katsu ignites both fists with blue flames. 

   "You rock things might not have gotten a hot fisting before, but trust me." Katsu closes his eyes and smirks. "It's going to hurt like a bitch." The rock creatures run at Katsu and Wendy. One swings its arm toward Katsu. Katsu catches the arm and he jumps toward its face. "Iron Fist of The Blue Fire Dragon!" Katsu yells as his fist collides with the creatures face. The creature's face cracks and it falls apart. It falls over. The others try to punch Katsu and he catches both fists. Wendy sends a Wind Slash at both of them. The wind cuts through their arms and Katsu pulls the arms off and swings them at each one. The rock creatures are defeated. Katsu holds his rib and winces. "Agh...." Katsu paints as the pain stops. 

   "You okay Katsu?" Wendy asks. She puts her hand on his side.

   "Yeah. I little pain never hurt anyone." Katsu says. Wendy smiles and she heals the wound some. 

   "Very funny Kat." Pyro says. "You seem like you were hurting." Pyro snickers. Katsu rolls his eyes. 

   "Is anyone hungry?" Wendy asks. 

   "Hands down! Me!" Katsu says drooling from the mouth. 

   "You're a bit like Natsu." Wendy says giggling.

   "Well he has been like hungry crazy ever since he was a kid." Pyro says. 

   "I'm not hungry crazy." Katsu says crossing his arms. 

   "Yes you are!" Wendy and Pyro say. Katsu sighs. 

   "Maybe just a little." Katsu says. 

   "I'm off to get some food. Be right back." Wendy says. Wendy and Carla walk down the trail. Katsu sits down and gather some sticks to make a fire. 

   "Making fire is son easy." Katsu says as his index finger as a little flame on it. 

   "No shit, you're a Blue Fire Dragon Slayer." Pyro says. Katsu sets his finger on the pile of sticks and they start a fire. The fire gets bigger and Katsu sets some leaves in the fire. Katsu stands up and brushes off his hands and he looks at the pond. 

   "Yo Pyro I'm gonna wash my wound out. I'm sure I got some dirt in it." Katsu says. He starts unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off his shoulders. Carla comes back carrying Wendy. 

   "Guys! Wendy has been attacked!" Carla yells. Katsu looks back to see Wendy have bruises and scars all over her. 

   "What happened?!" Katsu asks. Carla looks afraid. 

   "These guys came and hurt her!" Carla says. "They are really strong!" Carla yells. She sets Wendy down and Katsu looks at Wendy. 

   "Pyro go get the others!" Katsu says. Pyro nods and she flies quickly to the guild. Katsu stands up and his shirt blows in the wind. He doesn't bother to button his shirt back up. 

   "Where are these guys at?" Katsu asks. 

   "They are somewhere in the lower parts of the mountain." Carla says. She cries as she holds Wendy's head. Katsu clenches his fist and blue flames appear. 

   "I'll be back." Katsu says. He walks down the trail. As he is walking down the trail he faintly hears people below him. He looks down. He sees a man with blue hair, and a black tightly fit T-Shirt. He is wearing blue jean shorts. He looks muscular. The other one beside him has black hair, and is wearing a black muscle shirt with black pants. He has a black tattoo on his left arm. The other one that is standing in front of them has purple hair. He is wearing a light purple shirt with a design on it. He is wearing black sweatpants. They are ten feet below him. "It isn't best to ambush them now." Katsu says. He walks down the trail. Soon he sees Natsu, Gajeel, Erza, and Lucy running up the other side of the trail. He runs to them. 

   "Katsu! Where is Wendy?!" Natsu asks. 

   "She's at the top with Carla. Those guys are at the bottom of the mountain by now." Katsu says. 

   "Did you fight them?" Lucy asks. She keeps staring at Katsu's stomach. 

   "No. Wendy went to get some food and Carla came back with her in that condition." Katsu says. 

   "So you didn't see them?" Gajeel asks. Katsu shakes his head. Lucy's face keeps turning red as she looks at Katsu's stomach. 

   "We got to find them and we have to defeat them." Erza says. The team nods. They start following Katsu. Lucy walks beside Katsu and she is blushing. She leans to Katsu's ear. 

   "Can you button up your shirt?" Lucy asks. Katsu looks confused. 

   "What do you mean? I know you've seen abs before." Katsu says. 

   "It's not that." Lucy looks down. "Your pants are showing your hips." Lucy says. Katsu looks down and he shrugs. 

   "All my pants are like that. It because I don't wear boxers with jeans, unless I have to." Katsu says. Lucy blushes a deep red. 

   "Y-you a-aren't w-wearing b-boxers?" Lucy says stuttering. 

   "No." Katsu says. Lucy quickly turns her head. Katsu just looks at Lucy in confusion. They get down to the bottom of the mountain. The rocky terrain is even rougher at the bottom. The three men are standing there talking. 

   "Hey! You three fuck heads!" Natsu yells. The three men turn around. The blue hair guy's hair is spiked up. He has blue eyes. The black haired guy has straight hair with blue eyes. The purple hair guy has straight hair. The strands come just a bit pass his eyes. 

   "What do you want?" The blue hair guy asks. 

   "You hurt Wendy, which means you three get hurt!" Natsu yells in anger. 

   "You mean that little girl? Who cares." The black hair guy says. He crosses his arms and rolls his eyes. 

   "We care!" The team says. Katsu ignites both fists with blue flames.

   "Then we shall fight." The purple hair guy says. He smirks. Who will win this fight? The Fairy Tail team or the three men? Find out in the next chapter release!

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