Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


13. Torn Apart by Fear



   Katsu and Pyro are walking back to the guild. Katsu has a bag of jewels and a cheeseburger in his other hand. He takes a bite out of his cheeseburger. 

   "That quest was too easy." Katsu says. He takes another bite out of his cheeseburger.

   "Even with your hurt thigh you're still able to fight." Pyro says. 

   "I'm the best at fighting." Katsu says. He smiles at Pyro. He looks at the crowd of people around their hotel. He runs through the crowd and he is shocked. There is ice spikes everywhere. Blood is spilled on the walls and ground. Katsu drops his burger and he tightly shuts his eyes. He clenches his fists and his nails make his palms bleed. He feels a bit of built up anger and he screams. "KASAI!!!!" Pyro looks at her best friend and she starts shaking. She knew deep inside Katsu was angry. Katsu has tears coming from his eyes. "I-I could have prevented this.....Why didn't I stay?" Katsu asked himself. "All these wonderful people lost their lives because of me....." Katsu punches the post that was beside him and half the post burned to ashes. Pyro tugs on Katsu's shorts. 

   "Kat please calm down! If you were here he might have killed you as well!" Pyro says. Katsu turns around and walks away. 

   "I have to end this. This won't stop until either of us is six feet under." Katsu says crying. He wipes his tears. He bumps into a man. "Excuse me I have to go this way." The man doesn't move. 

   "I know deep inside you want to fight him, but I sense something else." The man says. Katsu looks at the man's face. The man has orange hair that is slicked back. He has a green trench coat that has three metal bars on the shoulders. "I sense fear inside you. You're afraid to fight this guy and that will only cause you to lose. Why do you have so much fear?" The man asks. 

   "It's because he's my step-brother, and he's on a path of hell." Katsu says. The man smiles and puts one hand on Katsu's shoulder. 

   "We all have light a dark sides in us. What matters is which side we act on." The man says. "You're walking in the light. He's walking in the dark. The light will always take out the dark. If your light can't, someone else's will." The man smiles at Katsu. 

   "But this fear? I can't fight him if I'm afraid." Katsu says. 

   "Fear is not evil. It allows us to learn our own weaknesses. When we learn our weakness we can become stronger as much as kinder." He says. He smiles. 

   "I don't have a weakness." Katsu says. The man smiles again. 

   "Of course you do. I already know what it is." He says. Katsu looks down. 

   "You know my weakness and I don't." Katsu says to himself. 

   "It will come to you when the time is right. Face your fear and you will understand I promise." The man says. Katsu nods. The walks down the street. The man walks into Fairy Tail. 

   "Hiya Gildarts!" Mirajane yells from across the guild. Gildarts just waves. Erza is walking around like she's lost something.

   "Has anyone seen Katsu lately?" Erza asks. She is looking under tables and in cabinets. "His hotel just got destroyed and I'm worried about him." Gildarts walks over to Erza. 

   "You mean Natsu? He's over there talking to Lisanna." Gildarts says. Erza shakes her head. 

   "No, Kat-su! Pink straight hair? Pink eyes? Is currently wearing a long sleeved black shirt and black shorts?" Erza asks frantically. Gildarts thinks for a moment and then a light bulb goes off. 

   "Oh that person. I was just talking to him. He was crying and he had a exceed with him. I sensed he was afraid of what was his step-brother. I told him some things and he went off to fight him I guess." Gildarts says. Erza's face goes pale and she has a blank expression. The whole guild shouts saying: "Holy shit we gotta help him!" Gildarts looks confused. "Uh guys?" Gildarts asks. Erza pushes Gildarts out of the way and she stands in her serious mode. 

   "Natsu, Gray, Juvia, Lucy. and me will all go and help Katsu! You guys stay here!" 

   "Alright! Finally some action!" Natsu yells as he runs to team with Erza. 

   "Aye!" Happy says.

   "Finally. Lets get this show on the road." Gray strips his shirt off and Juvia fangirls. 

   "Why me?" Lucy asks having a sweatdrop. Erza and the team walks out the guild in the search for Katsu. 

   "Seriously? What is it with this Katsu guy?" Gildarts says. 

   "He is best friends with Erza...." Mirajane says. Gildarts nods. 

   "Now I know." Gildarts says. 


   Katsu is walking in a snowy area. Pyro is cuddling into Katsu's shirt to get warm. 

   "What is my weakness?" Katsu asks himself. He keeps walking in the snow. Snowy snuggles to Katsu's warm chest. 

   "When your waifu needs warmth, she will love this body." Pyro says snuggling closer to his chest.

   "I don't have a waifu." Katsu says. Pyro smirks. 

   "What about Erza?" Pyro asks. Katsu looks dumbfounded. 

   "No. Erza already has her sights set on someone." Katsu says. Pyro giggles. 

   "Its you of course!" Pyro says as she laughs out loud. 

   "It isn't me! It's some other guy. Which he seemed like a jackass to be honest." Katsu starts thinking. 

   "Hey that means Erza likes the bad boys! And you are a bad boy." Pyro says.

   "And how is that?" Katsu asks. 

   "Remember those yuri manga's under your bed at the city? That's how you are a bad boy!" Pyro says. 

   "I got rid of those!" Katsu says. 

   "You read them daily though. I bet you fantasize over Erza." Pyro says. Katsu pulls Pyro out of his shirt and she gets cold. 

   "I don't do that. I don't have a crush on anyone." He says sternly. He opens his shirt a puts Pyro back in. 

   "If you say so." Pyro says. They keep walking and then he faintly hears a female voice call out to him. He looks back and he sees a redhead, pink hair, a blonde, dark blue hair, and blue hair. He notices the people. Erza runs up to him. She is wearing her normal armor. 

   "Katsu! You'll need help!" Erza says. Katsu looks away from her. 

   "I'm fine Erza. I got this." Katsu says. Erza sighs. 

   "The guild is worried sick about you. Don't do this alone." Erza says. 

   "You need to have back up just in case." Natsu says. 

   "Without us you might die." Gray says. 

   "Juvia thinks Katsu-chan needs our help! We will be with Katsu-chan!" Juvia says. Katsu nods. 

   "This is my fight. I need to do this alone." Katsu says. 

   "We'll be there for u." Erza says. "You're part of our family." Katsu smiles. 

   "I know I am." Katsu says. He senses someone approaching them. He turns to look at the person. The person has white hair and white clothing. "There he is." Katsu says. He turns around and he narrows his eyes. Kasai's light blue eyes shine through the snow. Kasai walks into view. "Guys get back." Katsu says. He clenches his fists and blue flames appear. Kasai still has the emotionless expression. 

   "You came here. Are you ready to fight now?" Kasai asks. He blows a snowflake from his mouth and it flies away. Katsu narrows his eyes. 

   "Those innocent people you killed will be avenged!" Katsu says. Kasai sighs. 

   "It was the only way to get you angry enough to fight for real." Kasai says. Katsu boosts himself at Kasai. 

   "Shut your mouth!" Katsu throws a punch at Kasai and he easily dodges it. Katsu slides across the snow and he looks back and Kasai punches him across the face. Katsu's back hits a tree. He puts one hand on the snow and he looks up at Kasai. 

   "Be careful what you do. You lower your guard even once and I'll take the change of killing you." Kasai says. "Ice Dragon Blade!" Kasai's left arm has an ice blade around it. Katsu gets up and he holds of his hand and blue fire immediately surrounds it.

   "I won't lose sight of what I must do." Katsu says. Kasai runs at Katsu and he slings the blade toward his chest. Katsu blocks it with his arm. Blood runs down where the blade hit. Katsu goes for a punch and Kasai blocks with the blade. Katsu forces his fire to burn through the ice and the force of his fist collides with Kasai's face. Kasai tumbles on the ground. Kasai gets up and Katsu knees Kasai in the stomach making him cough. Katsu roundhouse kicks Kasai across the face.

   "Oh yeah Katsu kick some Ice Butt!!!" Natsu yells.

   "Aye! Show him who's boss!" Happy says.

   "Lets go Katsu-chan!" Juvia says. The team cheers Katsu on. Kasai gets up from the ground and he runs at Katsu. They each exchange punches at kicks. Katsu gets sent through a wooden cabin. There is a family watching a movie. They all look at Katsu. Katsu pushes the wood off him and he looks at the family. They all stare at him. He laughs and puts his hand behind his head. 

   "Don't worry I won't happen again!" Katsu says. He gets up and he runs out the hole in the house. The youngest child looks at his dad.

   "Daddy why did that boy have pink hair?"

   "I don't know." Kasai gets sent through the the wall of the cabin and he falls on the coffee table. Katsu jumps in.

   "Sorry!" Katsu says. Kasai gets up and Katsu grabs his face and he sends him through the other part of the house with his flame attack.

   "Daddy! Look that those flames!"

   "Son, we better stay away from them." Katsu and Kasai are once again exchanging blows. They both land on the snow, breathing heavily.

   "You've gotten strong since the last time we fought." Kasai says.

   "I was nervous so of course I would have." Katsu says.

   "There is only snow here. I can easily get my strength back. To bad there is no fire." Kasai says. He bends down and he digs through the snow and he hits an ice layer. "Didn't you know we are on a lake?" Kasai asks. Katsu looks shocked. 

   "No...." Katsu knows that if Kasai eats the ice that he would be the one losing. Kasai breaks a piece of the ice off and he eats it. His eyes glow and ice spikes appear on his arms and shoulders. He stands up and his hair spikes up. He has entered Dragon Force. Katsu stands there watching. "Dammit. I knew this was a bad idea." Katsu says. Kasai immediately runs at Katsu. He punches him in the face and then punches him in the stomach. Katsu coughs out blood as Kasai thrusts his fist further. Kasai kicks Katsu and he tumbles on the ground. Katsu gets up and Kasai slams a ice hammer on top of Katsu's head. It shatters on impact. Katsu faceplants. 

   "Katsu!" Erza yells. The team pulls her back. "I got to help Katsu!" 

   "He said this is his fight! He has to do this alone!" Natsu says. 

   "You heard the man! He has to do this alone!" Gray says. 

   "Katsu can win I know he can!" Lucy says. Katsu gets up and blood is streaming down his forehead.

   "You think that will keep me down?" Katsu asks. "You don't have shit!" Katsu goes to punch Kasai. He misses his attack and Kasai slashes at his side. Katsu grabs the blade and she headbutts Kasai. Kasai headbutts him back. Katsu pulls the blade toward him and he elbows Kasai in the face. Kasai steps backwards and Katsu jumps and few feet back. Katsu breaths in air. "Roar of The Blue Fire Dragon!" Blue flames come out of Katsu's mouth. 

    "Roar of The Ice Dragon!" A blue blizzard with ice shards come out of Kasai mouth. The shards cut Katsu's side, arms, and his legs. Kasai stands with two blades ready to cut Katsu's flesh. He runs at him and he slashes Katsu's side that is already cut. The blood spills on the snow. Then he goes and slashes Katsu's face. Katsu catches the blade. "I'm not going to die just yet...." Katsu says. 

   "You'll die along with everyone you know!" Kasai says. "Your flames don't do anything to me!" Kasai forces the blade to cut Katsu's face. Katsu holds his ground and Kasai slashes his thigh and Katsu tries to resist the pain. Katsu bites his lip to not break his guard. Kasai goes to slash Katsu's stomach and Katsu catches the blade. "Your flames have no effect on me! You will die here Katsu!" Kasai forces the blades. Katsu keeps his guard and he ignites both fists into flames. 

    "B-By the way." Katsu says. He looks at Kasai. "Get ready for a hot fisting." Kasai lowers his guard just for Katsu to get the upper hand. "Iron Fists of The Blue Fire Dragon!" Katsu moves his hands from the blades and he does a double uppercut and Kasai steps back. Katsu dashes himself into Kasai's stomach, which Kasai grabs Katsu and slams him through a tree. Katsu tumbles on the snow. He lays there in the snow. He tightly shuts his eyes. He touches his wounded side and grabs the piece of wood that stabbed into it. He takes it out and blood spews on the snow. Katsu starts to cry as he tries to push himself up. "Why can't I win? Why am I so afraid?" Katsu's tears drip on the snow. He remembers Gildarts words. He gets up and he staggers toward Kasai. 

   "Why can't he just stop?" Lucy asks covering her eyes.

   "He doesn't function to stop....." Pyro says. She hides her face by putting it in Erza's leg. 

   "He's going to die. We can't keep it like this!" Natsu says. Everyone winces as Kasai's blade comes down on Katsu's head. Erza quickly looks away. Blood drips on the snow. Kasai is smirking and he notices that Katsu caught the blade with his hand. Katsu's hair is covering his face. 

   "I know my weakness. My own weakness." Katsu's free hand surrounds in blue flames. Erza looks at Katsu with his hand on the blade. She smiles. 

   "Katsu caught the blade!" Erza says. Everyone looks at Katsu. They cheer. 

   "Wh-what?!" Kasai says in shock. Katsu punches Kasai with the flaming fist. Kasai coughs. Katsu's hand that caught the blade surrounds in flames and it melts the ice blade. He punches Kasai across the face and he tumbles on the snow. 

  "Broadsword of The Winter Fire Dragon!" Katsu yells as a blue flame broadsword appears and he slashes Kasai with it. Kasai holds his stomach and blood quickly runs down his stomach. Kasai looks shocked to see his own blood. Katsu has found out his weakness. But will it be enough to defeat Kasai? Find out in the next chapter!

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