Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


8. The Party



   Everyone is getting ready for a special party. Katsu walks into the guild and Erza is washing a table. She is in a cute maid outfit and Katsu looks away from her. He continues to walk toward the counter. Mirajane is making a cake, and other treats. She is also wearing a maid outfit.

   "What is everyone getting ready for?" Katsu asks. Mirajane smiles. 

   "We're throwing a party! Its for our guild members!" Mirajane says. She winks at Katsu. "Most of the guild members mingle with each other. Lucy and Gray got really close the last time we threw a party. My sister and Natsu did too, but Natsu was sorta drunk, so he probably didn't know what he was doing." Mirajana chuckles. Katsu looks at Pyro and she looks at him. They look at Mirajane. 

   "So we're having a party?" Katsu asks. 

   "Yeah Kat, we are!" Lucy says. He looks back and he sees Lucy in a maid outfit too. She winks at Katsu. 

   "Why is every girl here wearing a maid outfit?" Katsu asks. Mirajane and Lucy chuckle.

   "We're like maids trying to prepare the party. Its actually Lucy's idea." Mirajane says. Katsu nods. 

   "Be here at seven tonight, trust me it'll be fun!" Lucy says. 

   "Alright. So I'll be going back home." Katsu says. Lucy frowns. 

   "You're the only guy here to be honest. All the others are trying to find a good outfit to wear. All of us girls will be lonely working here by ourselves." Lucy says. She winks at Mirajane. Katsu has a dumbfounded look. 

   "I see what's going on. You guys want me to help out right?" Katsu says. Lucy and Mirajane nod, and chuckle. "So what do I got to do?" Lucy smirks. 

   "You can be our errand boy. We'll tell you things to get, and you'll come back and set them where we want." Lucy says. "You'd be a perfect little pinky errand boy." Lucy messes with Katsu's hair. 

   "Sounds legit." Katsu says. Lucy smiles and hands him a list. Simple party decorations is all that is listed. Katsu smiles. 

   "Go get em tiger!" Lucy says. Katsu walks out of the guild.

   "Wouldn't that be go get em dragon?" Mirajane says. "He is a Dragon Slayer after all." Lucy chuckles. 

   "He's cute like a baby tiger though." Lucy says. They both laugh. 


   Katsu is walking toward a store in town. Pyro is looking at the list. 

   "You said it will be easy. Katsu how much jewels do you have?" Pyro asks. Katsu's expression goes blank. 

   "That's the catch. I only got fifty jewels." Katsu says. He facepalms. "Well shit." Katsu looks at the list. Only four major things that they need. Balloons, music, paper plates, and cups. "I mean the music might be expensive, but the others aren't." They walk into a store and he goes to the balloons sections. He pulls out his phone and calls Lucy. She immediately picks up. "Lucy what color balloons should I get?" Katsu asks. 

   "Lets see. What colors do they have?" Lucy asks. 

   "Blue and purple. Red and white, and orange and black." Katsu says. 

   "Get red and white." Lucy says. Katsu nods and he grabs the red and white balloons. He goes up to the counter and purchases them. He walks outside and calls Lucy back. 

   "What type of music?" Katsu asks. 

   "How about some party music? Like pop." Lucy says. Katsu shrugs. 

   "I guess that'll do." Katsu says. 

   "You don't like pop music?" Lucy asks. 

   "Nah I'm more of a Heavy Metal kinda guy." Katsu says. Lucy holds in a laugh.

   "You a Heavy Metal guy? I never would have known someone so h-" She stops herself. 

   "Eh Lucy?" Katsu asks. 

   "I had to stop myself sorry." Lucy says. Katsu could hear Mirajane's laughter from the other side. He sighs. 

   "Its okay I'll go get some pop music." Katsu says. He walks to the music store and gets a few pop albums. He walks to a store and buys cups and paper plates. He only has fifteen jewels left. He walks toward Fairy Tail. He walks into the guild and everyone is there. Katsu is carrying the bags. Lucy walks up to him and smiles. She is wearing a fancy dress. It is purple. 

   "You got the stuff! Thanks Kat!" Lucy says. She grabs the bags and starts sorting them out. Katsu helps her. He puts in the music and then walks to the benches. He sits down and rests his head on the wall. 

   "Today has been a long day hasn't it Pyro?" Katsu says. Pyro nods.

   "Yeah." Pyro rests her head in Katsu's lap. Erza walks up to Katsu and she smiles. She is wearing the same dress as at the resort. Katsu looks at Erza. Erza sits down beside him. 

   "I heard you was an errand boy today." Erza says. She smiles. Katsu still thinks she hates him for when he slepted in her bed nearly naked. 

   "Oh, yeah." Katsu says. He looks away from her. 

   "Are you alright?" Erza says concerned. He looks at the entire guild. They seem to have someone they love, or adore. He sighs. 

   "Everyone seems to be in love. I never really experienced that. I never loved anything." Katsu says. Erza feels sorry for Katsu. She puts her hand on his shoulder. 

   "Don't think you won't find love. Everyone will find love." Erza says. "I'm sure my old crush is happier with who he is with." Erza says. She looks down. 

   "I know I've never felt love, but all I'm saying is its his lost." Katsu says. Erza looks at Katsu.

   "His lost? Its my lost." Erza says. 

   "No its his lost. Erza, you're amazing, and you really sweet. If he doesn't notice you then its his lost." Katsu says. He gives her a slight grin, which makes Erza smile. 

   "Thanks Katsu. No one has ever said that to me." Erza says. A silent tear escapes from her eye. Katsu didn't notice it. 

   "I'm just being honest. If he doesn't notice you then he's missing out on something special." Katsu says. He gets up and Erza does too. 

   "Katsu would you care to dance?" Erza says. Katsu looks at her with a grin. 

   "I can't dance, but I'll try." Katsu says. Erza chuckles. 

   "Alright." Erza walks to the dancing area. Pyro flies to the DJ who is Gajeel and tells him to put a special song on. Gajeel looks confused and so Pyro points toward Erza and Katsu. Gajeel smirks and so Pyro hands him a album. Gajeel puts in the disc and a song starts to play. Katsu immediately recognizes the song. Closer by Chainsmokers. 

   "I know this song." Katsu says. He feels a bit embarrassed. Erza smiles. 

   "I never heard this song. It sounds lovely." Erza says. She entangles her hands with Katsu's and she starts to slow dance. Katsu's cheeks are turning pink. Erza notices his rosy cheeks. She chuckles. "What are you blushing over there for?" Erza asks. Katsu looks at her. 

   "This song. Like that tattoo on your shoulder?" Katsu says. Erza soon figures it out. She looks at her arm and her blue guild mark is showing.

   "Trust me I can afford this." Erza says smiling. "So did you live in a city?" Erza asks still smiling at him. Katsu blushes more.

   "Eh, yeah." Katsu says. Erza giggles. 

   "But I didn't steal a mattress from my roommate." Erza says. Katsu nods. 

   "Yeah..." Katsu feels really uncomfortable right now. He knows exactly who picked this song and the reason why. Katsu looks up at Gajeel and Pyro. Pyro is making kissing faces and Gajeel is laughing. Katsu gives Pyro a heart-stopping glare. 

   "But I admit this song is really cute." Erza says. Katsu looks at Erza. 

   "Yeah it is." Katsu says. The song goes off and all the couples kiss each other. Pyro is definitely laughing. Katsu turns toward Erza. She lets go of Katsu's hands.

   "Well that must put everyone into a romantic mood." Erza says. She giggles.

   "Eh, yeah." Katsu says.

   "You look cute when you're shy and blushing." Erza says. Katsu blushes more. "Awe you looking cute again." Erza chuckles. Katsu looks away. Erza touches his hand. "Katsu." Katsu looks at her. "I'm only playing with you. Its cute to see a guy blush." Erza says. Katsu nods. "Even when a guy is shy its cute." Erza smiles. Katsu feels awkward. Erza holds Katsu's wrist and takes him to Mirajane who is serving food. They get plates of food. Katsu walks toward a lonely table. Erza follows him. He sits down and Erza sits down in front of him. They eat and then they go outside the guild. Katsu is sitting resting his arms on a rail. Erza stands beside him with her back facing the rail. "So how was the food?" Erza asks. 

   "It was alright. Mirajane knows how to cook." Katsu says. Erza smiles. 

   "How was your day?" Erza looks at him. 

   "It was great. How was yours?" Katsu says. 

   "Mine was good. It warmed my heart to see everyone getting along. Most of the time they fight, but you know deep inside they really care." Erza says. Katsu nods. 

   "Everyone seems to pick fights with each other, but that's family." Katsu says. "I was always alone. I didn't have a family. I don't think I do." 

   "You have us as your family." Erza says. Katsu nods. The moonlight shines on them. 

   "Its getting late. I'll be going home." Katsu says. He starts to walk off. 

   "Katsu." Erza says. He turns around and she hugs him. "Thank you for being nice to me. Its really sweet of you." 

   "I'm always nice to people. I don't want anyone to feel alone like I do." Katsu says. Erza makes the hug last a little longer than it should. 

   "But you're not alone. You got us." Erza says. "Anyways good night Katsu." She smiles. 

   "Goodnight Erza." Katsu says. He walks home. Erza walks toward him.

   "You can stay at my house if you want." Erza says. 

   "Don't kick me out this time." Katsu says. He smiles.

   "If you don't sleep in your boxers I won't." Erza says. "Keep your cloths on." Katsu and Erza both laugh. They head to Erza's house. Katsu is sleeping on the mattress on the floor and Erza is sleeping on her bed. She has on pj's and Katsu is wearing just jeans. They both fall asleep.

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