Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


1. The Natsu Impostor



   In a town called Magnolia there is a seventeen year old male with straight pink hair and pink eyes. He dresses professional. He wears a black sweater and a white button up shirt under it, and the sleeves are rolled up. He wears black pants with black and white vans. He is a mage with magic similar to Natsu's. It is called Blue Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. The teen is sleeping in a cargo box that is getting hauled by a train. A pink exceed is sleeping in his arms. The little exceed wakes up and it looks at the scenery from the box. 

   "Hey Katsu! We're at Magnolia!" His exceed says excitedly. Katsu slowly opens his eyes. 

   "Alright Pyro, I'm getting up." Katsu says. He gets up and he walks near the opening of the cargo box. Katsu's hair is flowing in the wind going by the train. Katsu jumps off the train and he lands on his feet. Pyro follows him and flies beside him.

   "I can't wait to meet Natsu! He's really amazing." Pyro says. Katsu smiles. 

   "Yeah! Off we go!" Katsu says as they run toward the town. Katsu runs through the streets where Natsu is suppose to be. He gets to a huge crowd of people and he pushes through them. Katsu gets to where he can see the person. The person has red hair and blue eyes. He is wearing a black t-shirt and dark blue jeans with boots. The man is throwing fire into the air and acting like Natsu. Katsu looks very confused. "Wait doesn't Natsu have pink hair and green eyes?" Katsu asks. Pyro notices it too. 

   "Huh?! This isn't Natsu! WHERE'S HAPPY!!!" Pyro yells. The man looks down and gives Pyro a charming smirk.

   "Happy couldn't make it. He was held up with photographers." The man says. Katsu puts his hand on the stage and jumps onto it.

   "You're no Natsu Dragneel that's for sure." Katsu says. He raises his hand and clenches it as blue flames appear in thin air. The crowd starts chanting Natsu Dragneel. 

   "Boy you don't know me. I am Natsu Dragneel." The man says. Katsu gets a serious look. 

   "Stop lying and get off this stage before I fuck your face with my fist." Katsu says in a very harsh tone. His anger is boiling that he traveled for sixty miles just to see a fake. Pyro is getting pumped.

   "You better watch out for my pal Katsu! He'll beat you to a pulp!" Pyro says. She smiles at Katsu. The Natsu impostor smirks. 

   "You don't know who you're messing with boy! I am Natsu Dragneel! I'll beat you in the count of thre-" Katsu had enough with his talking and nearly punched his head right of his shoulders. The impostor steps back. "Why you little brat!" The man yells. Katsu crosses his arms and closes his eyes. 

   "Tell these people who you really are and you won't feel another one of my punches." Katsu says. He opens his eyes.          "Or you'll feel hell real soon." Katsu smirks. The man's blood boils.

   "Alright you punk!" The man turns toward the crowd. "I am Natsu Dragneel! King of Flames!" Katsu cracks his knuckles and then his neck. 

   "This will be fun." Katsu says. He runs up to the man and goes for a punch. The man sends fire and it hits Katsu in the face. Katsu's head slings back, and then the fire comes into his mouth. Katsu moves his head down and wipes his lip. "Man what did you do? This fire is disgusting!" Katsu says. The man steps back. 

   "Pink hair....Pink eyes....Fire type magic....Can eat fire....Are you the Natsu Dragneel?!" The man shakes a bit. Katsu smiles. 

   "No, i'm Katsu Draganov. And yes I am a Dragon Slayer. Instead of it being red flames it blue. I'm a Blue Fire Dragon Slayer." Katsu says. "I came here to see Natsu. So get off the stage and let me go home." A man with pink spiky hair, a white checker scarf, a one-sleeved black coat, and sandals is walking near the stage. 

   "Happy where is this place suppose to be? I'm late as hell!" The pink haired man says. Happy looks around. He is a blue exceed that is flying around. 

   "Natsu its over there!" Happy says. "Two people are on the stage. One has pink hair and the other has red hair." Happy points at the two people. Natsu moves through the crowd of people and he looks at the two people. Pyro noticed Natsu standing in the crowd. She flies over to them.

   "Oh my god! Its Natsu!" Pyro squeals. Natsu looks over and smiles. 

   "Hiya fan! So whose those guys?" Natsu asks pointing toward Katsu and the impostor. 

   "Oh the pinky is Katsu and redhead is someone that was pretending to be you." Pyro says. Natsu had a concern look on his face when he heard "Katsu." He soon shook his head and mouths something to himself. Natsu looks up and locks on Katsu. Katsu holds out his fist and blue flames come off it. 

   "I'm giving you one last chance to step off this stage or your ass is gonna get burned." Katsu says. The impostor smirks. 

   "Just because you're a Dragon Slayer don't mean shit! I will defeat you!" The impostor says. 

   "Wait did he just say Dragon Slayer?!" Happy says in shock. Natsu nods.

   "Why do they always say that?" Katsu says ignorantly. He shrugs and he runs at the guy. "Get ready for one hell of a fisting! Blue Fire Dragon Iron Fist!!!!" Katsu yells as his left fist engulfs in blue flames. Pyro faceplams. Natsu was shocked at Katsu's dirty mouth and Happy turned pale. 

   "A what?!" The impostor says and he watches Katsu's fist come at him. The impostor dodges the attack. Katsu smirks and he elbows the impostor in the face. His left fist is surrounded in blue flames. Katsu punches the impostor in the stomach and the impostor gasps for air as his breath is taken away. The impostor falls on his knees and he holds his stomach. Katsu's fist has steam coming off it. 

   "I told you get ready for one hell of a fisting." Katsu says. He looks at the crowd. They go crazy. Katsu is loving the attention. He looks at Pyro who is waving her arms in the air. Katsu sees Natsu coming on the stage. Happy follows him.

   "May I ask how old are you?" Natsu asks. 

   "Seventeen why?" Katsu asks. 

   "Lucy didn't have a dirty mouth like you do!" Natsu yells. 

   "What can I say its my punch line." Katsu says. 

   "Dude you totally just said that for the world to hear! Wouldn't you be a little respectful?" Natsu says. Happy giggles. 

   "Uh, no one has said anything about it. I am practically old enough to say it." Katsu says. Natsu facepalms, then he looks up.

   "Anyways do you want to join our guild?" Natsu says smiling. Happy smiles too.

   "Sure!" Katsu says. Pyro nods her head. "It's Fairy Tail right?" He asks. 

   "Yeah, the best guild as of right now!" Natsu says. Natsu motions for Katsu and Pyro to follow them. They walk down the stage and into the streets. 

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