Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


7. Second Round With Geyru



   It has been nearly two weeks since Katsu and Pyro joined Fairy Tail. Katsu is walking toward the guild along with Pyro. He is wearing a black button up shirt with dark blue jeans that is ripped at the knees. He is still wearing the vans. Pyro is sipping on a milkshake and Katsu is eating a cheeseburger. 

   "How'd it feel when Erza kicked ya out her house?" Pyro says still having a laugh at Erza kicking Katsu out her house two weeks ago. Katsu rolls his eyes. 

   "You aren't going to let that slide are you?" Katsu says. Pyro shakes her head.

   "Nope!" Pyro says as she starts laughing. Katsu gives her a deathstare and pushes her milkshake up and it covers her head. "Kat you jerk!" Pyro yells. Katsu starts laughing as Pyro is wiping the milkshake off her. A man with red hair and a black trench coat walks behind them. He is the Natsu impostor. 

   "Hey you little pink haired brat!" The man says. "You owe me an apology!" Katsu turns around looking cute as he takes a bit from his cheeseburger. 

   "I owe you what now?" Katsu asks. 

   "You ruined my show!" The man yells. "I was suppose to be the Salamander!" Katsu now knows the look and voice of the guy. 

   "Oh you're the guy I beat up! Dude how you been? Have you been posing as Gray?" Katsu says. He starts laughing. 

   "Actually no. I don't strip." The man says. "Now for our rematch! I'll use my real magic! Earth magic." The guy smirks. 

   "Look dude I don't know your name. I can't fight anyone I don't know." Katsu says. He starts to walk off. The man makes a earth fist come from under Katsu and uppercut him. The fist doesn't send Katsu in the air. Katsu's cheeseburger is flying in the air and it splatters on the ground. Katsu looks at his cheeseburger ruined on the ground. Katsu turns toward the guy. "That cheeseburger cost five jewels! FIVE GODDAMN JEWELS!!!!" Katsu says. "Now if I win this fight, you pay for my cheeseburger." Katsu says. 

   "I ain't paying shit!" The man says. He runs at Katsu. Katsu dodges the man's attack. 

   "Dude I don't know your name!" Katsu says. The man looks at Katsu. 

   "Geyru Atoru." Geyru says. 

   "Sounds fake as fuck." Katsu saying with his arms crossed. 

   "Sounds pretty gay to me." Pyro says. 

   "Nice one." Katsu winks at his exceed and they fistbump. 

   "That's not funny at all." Geyru says seriously. Katsu stops laughing and he does his fighting smirk. He holds his hands up and then he clenches them. Blue flames surround his fist.

   "Get ready for a hot fisting. This one is free." Katsu says. Geyru sighs. 

   "How old are you? Do you even know what fisting is?" Geyru asks. Katsu shrugs. 

   "What's up with these people? Of course I do! I'm seventeen by the way." Katsu says. Geyru shrugs. 

   "What is fisting then?" Geyru asks. Katsu's flames disappear and he crosses his arms. 

   "It means-" Geyru sends a earth pillar to Katsu. Katsu limbos it. Katsu flips backwards and he lights both fists in blue flames. "Alright you punk. U asked for a hellish fisting!" Katsu says. Pyro nods. Geyru smirks. 

   "Don't you know earth extinguishes flames? You will be defeated by me." Geyru says. "You will-" Katsu punches Geyru across the face.

   "Do you have a shut up button?" Katsu asks as he shakes his fist. "Be serious during this fight or you'll end up being hospitalized." Katsu says. Geyru wipes the blood from his lips.

   "No, but you have a death wish." Geyru says. Katsu steps forward with flames coming off both fists. 

   "Just shut up and fight will ya?" Katsu asks. Geyru runs at Katsu and he dodges Geyru's earth pillar. Katsu uppercuts Geyru. Geyru goes up into the air and Katsu jumps from the side of the building and Superman punches Geyru toward the ground. A dust cloud appears. Katsu lands on both feet. Geyru gets up and his trench coat is ruined. He takes it off revealing a black tanktop and purple jeans. He stares at Katsu with a deathstare. Katsu cracks his knuckles. "I'm not even warming up yet. This is completely easy for me." Katsu says. Geyru sends a earth ball towards Katsu. Katsu punches it and it breaks. Geyru smirks. It reforms and hits Katsu in the back and he goes forward. Geyru makes earth surround his arm as a gautlet. He punches Katsu in the stomach. Katsu gasps and the Geyru sends rocks above Katsu and they fall on him. Geyru jumps backwards spacing him from the pile of rocks. The rocks start to fall down. Katsu is standing with both fists ignited with flames. Katsu starts to walk toward Geyru. His shirt has three buttons torn off so it shows about his first pack of abs. He has some dirt and scratches on his cheek. "Is that all you got?" Katsu says. He raises one hand. "My turn. Iron Fist of The Blue Fire Dragon!" Katsu runs at Geyru. Katsu punches Geyru in the face and he goes into the building wall. Katsu runs toward him again and knees him in the stomach. Geyru goes through the building and Katsu grabs his foot and pulls him back and he clothslines him. Geyru is laying on the ground. Katsu stands over him. "You think you had enough?" Katsu asks. Geyru smirks as an earth fist comes out of the ground and hits Katsu in the back. Katsu tumbles on the ground. Katsu holds himself up with both arms. "Dammit....I dropped my guard down." Katsu says. He gets up and Geyru is laughing. 

   "You pitty Dragon Slayer. You think your flames hurt me?" Geyru says. He smirks at Katsu. Katsu closes his eyes and smirks. 

   "My flames won't hurt you? I take that hard to believe." Katsu says. He puts his hands to his mouth. "Blue Fire!" He inhales. "Dragon!" Flames go around Katsu. "Roar!!!" Blue flames spew out of Katsu's mouth as he uses his breath attack. Geyru has an earth wall preventing the flames from hitting him. Katsu is shocked. "Now what do I do?" Pyro is also shocked. 

   "Katsu ain't gonna win this...." Pyro says. Geyru sends a rumble in the ground and it hits Katsu sending him into a wall and he falls into a dumpster. Pyro flies over to Katsu. 

   "Kat you okay?" Pyro asks. Katsu lifts his head up and he has a banana peel on his head. 

   "I am fine. I can't seem how defeat this guy." Katsu says. He gets out of the dumpster and he shakes the banana peel off his head. Geyru walks toward Katsu. 

   "You can't defeat me. I have my earth magic to protect me." Geyru says. He laughs. "You're weak, you're nothing." Katsu clenches his fists. Blue flames come from both fists. 

   "I'm not weak." Katsu says. Flames start to come off Katsu. He yells and as he does flames surround the area. Pyro is sent backwards from the crossfire. Geyru just looks on. He is shocked at this amount of power. "I'M NOT WEAK!!!!" Katsu yells. He immediately dashes at Geyru. He punches him i the face and an explosion is created. Geyru is sent flying halfway across the street. Katsu's flames wear off and Katsu falls back. Pyro just looks on.

   "This power? I've never seen it...." Pyro says. Worrying over her friend. 

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