Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


15. Satoru, Masuda, and Fiend. The Three Dragon Slayers of Pain



   Natsu goes to attack the purple hair guy. The purple hair guy catches Natsu's fist. Natsu looks shocked as the guy smirks. 

   "Nightmare Devour!" The purple hair guy says. A huge darkness tremor comes out of the ground and attacks Natsu. It dissolves after it lands its attack. Natsu slides on the ground and the left side of his jacket is shred to pieces. 

   "Dammit. He's tougher than he looks." Natsu says. He ignites his fist with flames. The purple hair man crosses his arms. 

   "I'm Satoru Earlstone. I am a Nightmare Dragon Slayer." Satoru says. The blue hair man steps up. 

   "I am Masuda Kinata. I am a Water Dragon Slayer." Masuda says. The black hair guy steps up. 

   "I am Fiend Dreamora. I am a Darkness Dragon Slayer." Fiend says. The Fairy Tail team looks in shock. 

   "We are a three man band. Me are our own guild." Satoru says. "We call our guild Demolition. We all have one goal in common." Satoru smirks. "To crush every other guild!" Pyro grabs onto Katsu's pants leg.

   "Are you still hurting Katsu?" Pyro asks in worry. 

   "I'm not at one-hundred percent, but I won't back down from a fight." Katsu says. 

   "I don't want you to push yourself. Don't get yourself killed." Pyro says. She tightens the grip on his pants. 

   "If you're a guild then come and fight us." Satoru says. He taunts them. 

   "Alright, we'll team up! Natsu and Gajeel, Lucy and Katsu. I'll fight alone." Erza says. She re-equips to Purgatory Armor. Katsu ignites his fists with blue flames. 

   "Alright!" Katsu yells with enthusiasm. The team targets an opponent and goes for them. Katsu goes to attack Masuda. Masuda smirks as Katsu gets close.

   "What are you a Water Flame?" Masuda asks as his fist turns into a blob of water.

   "No! I'll show you!" Katsu yells. "You put the mama flame with the papa flame and you get one big ass baby flame!" Katsu yells and he slams both fists together. "Brilliant Flame of the Winter Fire Dragon!" He slams both fists on Masuda and it goes right through him. Masuda smirks.

   "You're an idiot." Masuda says. Katsu looks in shock.

   "He's like Juvia!" Lucy says. Katsu looks back and looks dumbfounded.

   "I don't see you helping." Katsu says. Lucy looks away and coughs.

   "I'm sick. I don't think I can fight." Lucy says. Katsu rolls his eyes and looks at Masuda.

   "Alright water boy. Lets get this twosome on!" Katsu says smirking with a blue flame coming from his fist. Masuda smirks.

   "I see someones got a potty mouth. Let me shut it up for ya." Masuda says. He turns to a puddle of water. Katsu gets on guard. Lucy sees a puddle of water rise behind Katsu.

   "Behind you!" Lucy yells. Katsu swings his fist around and hits nothing.

   "Thanks for the advice blondie!" Katsu says. Lucy throws her hands down and is angry.

   "He was behind you!" Lucy says. Katsu rolls his eyes and he ignites both fists with blue fire.

   "Now where are you?" Katsu says to himself. A puddle of water comes from underneath him.

   "I'm where you least expect me!" Masuda says. He rises up uppercutting Katsu.

   "And you call me a blondie?" Lucy says with her arms crossed. She smirks and then she pulls out a key. Its Taurus. "Open the gate to the bull! I summon Taurus!" A light appears and Taurus appears.

   "Hooooow Yoooooou Dooooooing?" Taurus asks Lucy.

   "Alright Taurus! Help out Katsu!" Lucy says.

   "Whoooooo is Katsu?" Taurus asks. Lucy facepalms. 

   "The guy with pink hair and the black shirt that is getting his ass kicked right now! He needs help! Go and help him!" Lucy says. Taurus nods and he runs after Masuda. Katsu slides on the ground from an attack by Masuda. 

   "That girl isn't helping you, she must know how powerful we are!" Masuda says. His fist turns into a water torpedo. He aims it at Katsu. Right then Taurus slams the axe onto Masuda's shoulder and it splits his entire body. Katsu takes the moment to attack. 

   "Iron Fist of The Winter Fire Dragon!" His right fist emits with blue fire and he goes to punch Masuda. His attack goes through Masuda and punches Taurus. Taurus is immediately knocked out. Lucy stomps the ground. 

   "MY SPIRIT!!!!" Lucy yells. 

   "Oops." Katsu says he covers his mouth. 

   "Iron Fist of The Water Dragon!" Masuda's fist turns into a torpedo and it hits Katsu in the back and he is thrown into Lucy. They tumble on the ground and Lucy is on top of Katsu. Her breasts are in his face and they are knocked out. Pyro covers her mouth and starts giggling. Masuda sends a little blob of water toward Pyro and it hits her. She hits a tree and she is knocked out. Natsu and Gajeel are having their hands full with Satoru. Every move they made he has countered or blocked. 

   "Dammit Gajeel!" Natsu says. He rubs his head from when Satoru elbowed him. 

   "What am I suppose to do?! I can't land a attack either!" Gajeel says.

   "You're suppose to win!" Natsu says, he puts his fist in Gajeel's face. 

   "Natsu lets focus on our opponent instead of arguing!" Gajeel says. Satoru raises both hands toward Natsu and Gajeel. 

   "Windstorm of The Nightmare Dragon!" Satoru yells as a magic blast comes from his hands. It is black with white liquids in it. It consumes them. "Now this is your defeat!" Satoru raises one hand and the clouds become dark in the sky. "Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Dusk Till Dawn Death Cloud!" Satoru sends a huge cloud of black energy toward them it hits them and it explodes. Natsu and Gajeel both tumble on the ground. The attack knocked them out. Erza is fighting Fiend. She has barely stands a chance. Erza is holding her sword in front of her and she has the blade pointing toward Fiend. Her shoulder pads are dented and cracked. Her breastplate has some missing parts and cracked. Blood runs down from the side of her forehead. She is heavily breathing.

   "You're strong.....I can't lose." Erza says. She goes for another strike and Fiend leans side-wards. 

   "Elbow of The Dark Dragon!" Fiend yells as he slams his elbow into Erza's neck. She gasps and then she falls unconscious. Fiend looks at Satoru and Masuda.

   "Well, well, we defeated those idiots." Satoru says. 

   "They were actually easy." Masuda says. He smirks and he laughs. 

   "They will corrode into nothing." Fiend says. He walks toward them. They start walking away. An hour later Happy is slapping Natsu's cheeks.

   "Natsu wake up!" Happy says. He keeps slapping Natsu's cheeks. Natsu doesn't wake up. "Lucy has been captured!" Happy yells. Natsu automatically wakes up and he sits up. 

   "Who took her?!" Natsu asks looking at Happy.

   "No one, you wouldn't wake up." Happy says. Natsu crosses his arms and then he holds his head.

   "That nightmare guy really gave me a headache!" Natsu says. He rubs his head. Gajeel is already up.

   "You're still weak." Gajeel says.

   "Hey metal face your ass was grass too!" Natsu yells.

   "At least I didn't whine." Gajeel says. He stands up.

   "I didn't whine!" Natsu yells he starts hitting the ground.

   "You are now." Gajeel says. He laughs. Natsu goes to punch Gajeel, but he stumps his toe on a rock and he rolls on the ground and he holds his foot. "Owwwie!!!!" Natsu whines. Katsu's eyes open and Lucy's boobs are in his face. He gets wide eyed. Lucy slowly wakes up and she notices someone is under her. She pulls herself off Katsu with her arms and her boobs lift off Katsu's face.

   "I'm sorry!" Lucy says. Lucy gets off Katsu. He sits up and wipes his lip. 

   "Your boobs were smothering me." Katsu says looking dumbfounded. Lucy covers her boobs. 

   "Don't talk about my boobs!" Lucy says. Pyro giggles. 

   "You loved them didn't ya Katsu?" Pyro says nudging Katsu in the arm.

   "No, I didn't." Katsu says. He gets up and he offers a hand to Lucy. She puts her hand in his and he pulls her up. Erza walks over to them.

   "Everyone gotten beaten pretty badly." Erza says. "We'll need to get Gray and Juvia." Erza says. Katsu nods. His shirt is halfway off his shoulder and his jeans are ripped at the thigh and knee. He pulls the shirt on his shoulder and the left side is torn. 

   "Gray and Juvia will be great for help." Katsu says. Lucy nods. 

   "Yeah, we'll stand a chance with them." Lucy says. 

   "Maybe Ayato can help us too. He's been very busy with jobs." Erza says. "Happy and Pyro go to the guild and get Gray, Juvia and Ayato." 

   "Aye!" Happy says he flies off with Pyro. 

   "We'll try and find those guys again." Erza says. "We'll beat them." 

   "Gajeel is as useless as a toothpick!" Natsu yells. 

   "That doesn't even make sense!" Gajeel says. 

   "Just like you!" Natsu says. Erza pushes them back. 

   "Enough! Let's work together!" Erza says. 

   "Fine!" They both says. 

   "Let's find out were they went." Erza says. She leads the way. Lucy walks beside Katsu. She leans close to him. 

   "Hey I need to ask you something." Lucy asks in a low tone. 

   "What is it?" Katsu whispers back. Lucy looks at Erza and then back at Katsu. 

   "Is it true that you slept in Erza's bed without any cloths on?" Lucy asks. Katsu rolls his eyes. 

   "Yes." Katsu says. Lucy smirks. 

   "You wanted Erza to give you some?" Lucy asks teasing Katsu. 

   "Ehm no." Katsu says. He gives her a dumbfounded look. 

   "I bet you do!" Lucy says. 

   "I you don't shut up I'll give you a hot fisting!" Katsu says with his fist in her face and blue fire surrounds it. 

   "No thank you." Lucy says as she pushes his fist away. 

   "I didn't mean like that!" Katsu facepalms. Lucy giggles. 

   "Of course you didn't." Lucy says, looking at Katsu with a seductive look. Katsu rolls his eyes. 

   "Yeah and you're the one with oversized boobs." Katsu says. Lucy gets mad and she slaps Katsu. 

   "Don't talk about my boobs!" Lucy says angrily. Katsu holds his cheek. 

   "What was that for?!" Katsu yells. Lucy closes her eyes and crosses her arms. 

   "For saying I have oversized boobs." Lucy says. 

   "Well you do." Katsu says. Lucy slaps him again. Katsu closes his eyes and sighs. 

   "Don't talk about my boobs!" Lucy says. Katsu rolls his eyes and he looks ahead. Lucy glares at Katsu and then she looks ahead. They are at a huge castle. There is a woman standing in front of it. She has black long hair. She has on a purple tank top and a blue skirt. She looks at the team. 

   "Have you seen three guys around here?" Erza asks. The woman smirks. 

   "Yes. Their actually here to defeat these Dragon Priests." The woman says. 

   "Dragon Priests?" Natsu asks. 

   "I've heard about them. They were alive like a few hundreds years ago. Each Dragon Priest had a element of one dragon. Like Igneel. A Fire Dragon Priest would have Fire Dragon Slaying magic. He would have the same qualities as Natsu's abilities. These Dragon Priests were actually born with their magic, unlike the Dragon Slayers." Lucy says. The woman nods.

   "That's correct. Soon the Dragon Priests will awaken and when the three in this castle do, Satoru, Masuda, and Fiend will destroy them." The woman says. 

   "We'll follow them." Erza says. 

   "That's if you beat me." The woman says. She smirks. She has normal dark magic. Erza lifts her sword. 

   "Don't temp me." Erza says. The woman sends a dark energy toward Erza. She slices through it and she points her sword toward the woman. The woman surrenders. "Now let us through." Erza narrows her eyes.

   "Okay, okay!" The woman says. "You can go!" Erza puts her sword away and she leads the team into the castle. What will happen in the Castle of Dragon Priests? Will the Fairy team be able to defeat those three men? Find out in the next chapter release! 

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