Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


9. Rivals At War



   The team is at a cafe to settle down. It is snowing outside so Lucy is all covered up. She has on a marshmallow jacket and some warm pants. She has a scarf around her neck. Pyro and Happy are sitting by the fire. Katsu is sitting at a table with Erza sitting beside him. Natsu is sitting with Gray and Lucy. Katsu is wearing a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and khaki pants with his black and white vans. He is wearing a black wristband on his left arm. Erza is wearing a pink winter jacket with jeans and black boots. Natsu is wearing his usual outfit. Gray is wearing a black zip-up jacket with a white undershirt. He is wearing dark jeans with boots. Erza is looking at Katsu as she eats her salad. Katsu is scarfing down his entire meal.

   "You're hungry aren't you?" Erza asks smiling as she takes a bite of her salad. Katsu looks at her while eating his noddles.

   "I haven't eaten all day so of course!" Katsu says as he keeps scarfing down food. Erza chuckles.

   "Silly you." Erza says. She continues to eat her food. The door opens and a man with white hair and ice blue eyes walk in. He is a short. He looks about Katsu's age. The white haired teen has a white long sleeved shirt with black shorts on and no shoes. Katsu turns his head toward the teen and his eyes widen in fear. Erza looks at how frighten Katsu looks. Erza quickly turns her attention to the teen. Katsu mumbles under his breath. The teen walks toward the counter. Katsu gulps, and he stands up and walks toward the teen. Katsu stands beside the teen. The teen turns his head and his eyes show nothing but depression.

   "You've finally returned I see." The teen says. He is up to Katsu's chest.

   "No. I just came here with my friends." Katsu says. Pyro notices the teen and she even looks scared. The teen looks at Katsu with a deathstare. 

   "You know what this means right? I made a vow that I kill everything I love. And I love you brother." Erza looks shocked as she hears brother. The others are also listening to this conversation. They feel like something is going to happen, and something bad. Katsu backs up. 

  "Kasai, I know you're still depressed that your dragon died, but I can tell you that you don't have to murder everything you love." Katsu says. Kasai slashes at Katsu and the ice sickle slashes Katsu's chest. Katsu slides backwards on the floor. Natsu stands up. "Everyone stand back!" Katsu yells. "I got this!" Katsu holds his chest. "Kasai you don't need to do this! I can still help you! If you want to fight lets do this outside the building. Katsu says. Kasai nods. They both walk outside and they stand a good distance from each other. 

   "What's happening?" Lucy asks. Pyro holds Lucy's boot. 

   "This is not going to end well for either of them." Pyro says. Lucy looks shockingly at Pyro. 

   "What do you mean?!" Lucy asks in worry. Pyro gulps. 

   "I don't want to worry you guys, but Katsu and Kasai are brothers, that have bad blood." Pyro says. Natsu looks worried.

   "Bad blood? What do you mean?" Erza asks. Pyro doesn't respond. "Pyro tell us!" Erza says. 

   "Lets just say, one is the light, and one is the dark." Pyro says. Erza looks shocked. "And don't interfere. Katsu needs to deal with this alone." She grips harder on Lucy's boot. 

   "Why not!" Natsu says. 

   "If Katsu lives he'll tell you." Pyro says. Everyone is in shock. 

   "What do you mean if he lives?" Erza asks. 

   "This fight. Is a fight to the death." Pyro says. She looks onward. She knows something about this that no one else does. Katsu stands in front of Kasai looking a bit nervous. Kasai doesn't seem to have any emotion. 

   "I've waited a long time for this." Kasai says. 

   "Kasai, I don't want to kill you. You're the only family I have left." Katsu says. Kasai sighs. 

   "I want to kill you. Your blood will be spilled today. Your corpse will lie on the ground as I have your heart in my hand. You will die." Kasai says. 

   "As you wish." Katsu says. 

   "Enough talk lets fight." Kasai says. He dashes to Katsu with a ice sickle sticking out of his hand. He slashes at Katsu and he steps backwards dodging the attack. Kasai slashes again this time at his head and Katsu limbo's it and then he flips back. Kasai goes for a straight stab to the stomach and Katsu catches it. Kasai is forcing his sickle into Katsu's stomach and Katsu is trying to not get stabbed. Kasai makes another ice sickle and he goes straight for Katsu's head. Katsu has no idea what to do. Katsu makes a dangerous decision. He turns his head to the side and pushes the sickle to his stomach backwards. The sickle heading toward his face just cuts his cheek. Kasai kicks Katsu back and he makes an ice shard go straight at Katsu. Katsu punches the ice shard and it breaks. Katsu's knuckles are dripping blood. Katsu knows if he don't keep his guard up, he will surely die.

   "Dammit. I'm so nervous I can't even land a single attack. Dammit why am I so nervous?" Katsu says. The blood from his cheek runs down to his jawline and it drips.

   "Why isn't he the one on offense? He's litterly getting pushed back." Lucy says. She is worried about Katsu.

   "Katsu doesn't want to hurt Kasai. He does know if he doesn't keep his guard up, Kasai will kill him where he stands. The easiest way to put it is, Katsu doesn't want to kill his brother, and Kasai wants to with a passion." Pyro says.

   "Why is Katsu afraid?! Katsu knows he might die! Wouldn't that tell him to want to stay alive?!" Natsu says.

   "Shut up Natsu!" Erza punches Natsu across the face sending him to the concrete. She has tears coming from her eyes.

   "Katsu doesn't want to kill his brother! Kasai is the only family Katsu's got! If he kills Kasai then he has no one left! He isn't like you. He actually loves his brother. If he could find a way to help his brother without violence, then he would!" Erza yells. Natsu is afraid of Erza. He knows she is serious. Katsu and Kasai stare each other down.

   "Kasai, you know we don't have to kill each other." Katsu says. Kasai closes his eyes and sighs.

   "I've killed everyone I loved. Lady Darnese was one of them. She was a great friend and a wonderful dragon. I killed her, but before she died she asked me to spare her little child. So I did. I didn't love her child anyways. I love you and you must die." Kasai says. He has a ice scythe that is molding in his hand. Gray looks shocked.

   "Is he an Ice Make mage?" Gray asks. 

   "No Kasai is a Ice Dragon Slayer. He can make any weapon or trap he chooses." Pyro says. Gray looks shocked.

   "What?! He is a Ice Dragon Slayer?!" Gray says in shock. Kasai stares down Katsu. Katsu holds his hand out and a blue flaming broadsword appears. Katsu swings the sword and he holds it with both hands. 

   "Katsu can make weapons too?!" Natsu asks. 

   "Katsu's magic is similar to Kasai's. They were taught by the same dragon after all. Katsu's flames are actually called Winter Flames. They are basically ice and fire mixed together. Their Dragon taught Kasai Ice Dragon Slayer magic, and Katsu Blue Fire Dragon Slayer magic. The ancient name for Katsu's magic is Winter Fire Dragon Slayer. Katsu says Blue Fire Dragon Slayer is because he doesn't want anyone to know he has such a powerful magic." Pyro says. 

   "I've heard how strong that magic can be." Lucy says. "Its basically like Natsu's and Gray's magic combined together." Lucy smiles at Pyro. The two fighters run at each other. Katsu swings his broadsword toward Kasai. Kasai swings his scythe toward Katsu. Kasai jumps as he tricks Katsu. Katsu's attack hits nothing but air. Kasai is coming down with the scythe's blade aiming right at Katsu's head. Katsu dodges the attack and Kasai puts his hand on the ground as he falls. Katsu attacks Kasai and Kasai sends a ice shard toward Katsu's stomach. Katsu's broadsword's blade slices the ice shard and nearly decapitates Kasai. He kicks Katsu under the chin sending him into the air. Kasai makes a bunch of ice shard go at Katsu. one cuts Katsu's arm, leg, and rib. Katsu falls on his back. Katsu yells in agony. Pyro covers her eyes. 

   "You're not strong enough to fight me. I barely broke a sweat. Stop being so damn nervous and fight me like you want to kill me." Kasai says. He stands over Katsu. He puts his foot on his throat. "I'm not impressed. I know you can be better than this. Killing you now wouldn't mean anything." Kasai says. "I want to kill my brother who is the Winter Fire Dragon Slayer. Not this nervous, cautious, and afraid Blue Fire Dragon Slayer." Kasai puts his foot off Katsu's throat. "Enjoy your life now. When you want to face me for real, you know where to find me." Kasai says. He makes a sharp knife and jabs it in Katsu's thigh. Katsu yells out again. Kasai walks away. Everyone runs over to Katsu. Katsu holds the knife and he pulls it out. Blood runs from the wound. Katsu turns on his side and he hide his face because he is crying. 

   "Katsu you okay?!" Natsu asks looking at all the wounds on Katsu. 

   "Kat ain't looking to hot....." Happy says as he sees the horrible condition.

   "Katsu....." Lucy says horrified at Katsu's condition. 

   "Ah man....This isn't good." Gray says shaking his head as he sees the wounds. 

   "How could someone do this....?" Erza says as she covers her mouth with her hand. 

   "Kat you alright?" Pyro says as she puts her paw on his cheek. 

   "I've failed you guys......I can't kill my brother. I love him too much." Katsu says. Pyro pats his cheek. 

   "Its okay Kat, we know how you feel." Pyro says. 

   "Aye." Happy says. Pyro wipes the tear from his eye. 

   "We understand your pain. You can't kill your brother because of love. Your brotherly love stops you from killing him." Erza says. She bends down on her knees and holds Katsu's head in her lap. She wipes the running blood from the cut on his cheek. She warmly smiles at Katsu. Katsu closes his eyes.

   "I don't understand how he can kill without a second thought." Katsu says. 


   Meanwhile Kasai is walking in the snow. He has tears rolling down his cheeks. 

   "I believe Katsu would have killed me. I stopped because I never wanted to kill him in the first place." Kasai says to himself. He kicks a pile of snow. "Dammit! I took a vow and I can't even kill my own brother. My love for him is strong. I stopped not only because he's my brother, but because I love him. I love no one greater than Katsu." Kasai says. He falls to his knees and he cries. "God forgive me for all my sins! God forgive me for everything! God forgive me!" Kasai punches the snow, and cries much harder. "I can't do this on my own! I love him too much!" Kasai then screams as tears drip on the snow. Katsu is being carried by Erza and Natsu. His eyes show sadess and a broken heart. His own brother wants to kill him with no remorse. He can't possibly win this fight. 


   At the guild Erza is bandaging Katsu's arm. Lucy is telling everyone what had happened. They are in the medical room. Only him and her are in the room. 

   "Katsu are you okay?" Erza asks softly. Katsu shakes his head. Erza frowns. "I know it hurts, but what would you rather do? Be killed or be the one killing?" Katsu clenches his fist. 

   "If I wanted him dead, I wouldn't be this badly hurt." Katsu says. Erza gasps. She knows that Katsu wants to be the one to die. 

   "Katsu wh-what are you saying? You really want to die?!" Erza says in horror. Katsu closes his eyes followed by a sigh. 

   "Erza that's not what I'm saying. I saying I don't want to kill him. After our dragon died by Acnologia, he made a horrible mistake. His soul became nothing and he took the path to hell. He wants nothing more but everyone else to suffer. He can't cope with pain. I can't either. After our dragon died, he became one with the darkness." Katsu says. He looks at Erza. She nods in understanding. 

   "I know how you feel. I had someone similar to that, and I did love him." Erza says. She looks sad as she wraps Katsu's wound. He looks at her. 

   "You must understand how I feel about this then." Katsu says. 

   "You want to peacefully help him without violence, but deep inside you know that won't happen." Erza says. Katsu nods. 

   "Exactly." As soon as Erza finishes wrapping the wound she lugnes at Katsu for a hug. She wraps her arms tightly around his neck and presses her face into her neck. 

   "I don't want to lose you Katsu. I care about you, and I don't want you to die." Erza says. She is crying. Katsu puts his arms around her. 

   "I promise you I won't die." Katsu says. The hug lasts a few more minutes. Erza looks into Katsu's eyes. 

   "You're amazing Katsu, but I'm afraid you'll die." Erza says. Katsu puts his hand on her shoulder. 

   "I know. I am too." Katsu says. 

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