Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


4. Revival of Death



   The morning sun shines through the inn's window. Katsu's eyes open slowly. He sits up and he looks at Erza's bed. She is still asleep. He puts Pyro on the bed and he gets up. He stretches and makes a sexual sound. He walks to his suitcase and gets out a white button up shirt and dark blue jeans with three slashes on the upper leg. He gets a pair of boxers too. He walks to the bathroom and he shuts the door and locks it. He strips down and turns on the hot water. He waits for the warm water to come through. Erza slowly opens her eyes. She hears water running and she wonders who was here, then the memories come back. She sits up and looks at Pyro who is still asleep. She warmly smiles and gets out of bed. She re-equips to her normal armor and waits for Katsu to come out. A few minutes later Katsu comes out of the bathroom. His hair is damp, and his shirt is button which reveals his abs. Erza looks away. 

   "Are you ready Katsu?" Erza asks. She has her arms crossed. Katsu buttons up his shirt. 

   "Yeah, I'm ready." He walks to his bed and taps Pyro. She wakes up and sees Katsu buttoning his shirt and Erza with her arms crossed. She gets up and smiles. 

   "Are ya ready Katsu?" Pyro asks. 

   "Ready as ever." Katsu says. Katsu and Erza walk toward the main room of the inn. Natsu and the others are standing at the door. 

   "Finally you guys woke up." Natsu says. He is acting all moody. Lucy is standing beside Gray and Juvia is standing on the other side of him. 

   "Alright you guys ready to go?" Erza asks. 

   "Sure!" Lucy says excitedly. Erza smiles at the group and she opens the door and walks out. Katsu follows behind her. Erza grabs a map from her bag and she opens it up. 

   "Alright there is this ruin near the town. We need to go in there and see what's making those strange noises and aura." Erza says. They walk toward the location. Natsu holds his stomach. 

   "Guys I'm hungry." Natsu says. 

   "Natsu you ate nearly all my food last night!" Lucy says. 

   "Aye! Natsu you can wait!" Happy says. 

   "But guys i'm hungry!" Natsu whines. Gray rolls his eyes. Erza facepalms with Lucy. 

   "Get some food for yourself. There is a pond over there." Erza says. She points toward the pond. "You can get the fish out of there and cook them." Natsu and Happy run toward the pond. Pyro also follows them. Lucy turns toward Gray and they start walking to a cafe while Juvia stalks them. Erza looks at Katsu. She chuckles and smiles. "Looks like we're alone again." Erza says. Katsu laughs and smiles. 

   "Yeah it seems that way." Katsu says. Erza leans on the wall of a building waiting for Natsu to catch fish. Katsu leans on a light pole with his hands in his pockets.

   "How did you sleep last night?" Erza asks. 

   "It was okay I guess." Katsu says. "I slept well to be honest." Katsu smiles. Erza smiles too. "So how about u?"

   "I did too." Erza says. Katsu nods. 

   "That's great." Katsu says. Natsu yells that he got fish and he runs up to Erza with a pile of fish. Natsu and the team eat cooked fish. The team gets done eating and search for the ruin. Erza leads the team. Erza stops at the entry of a dark forest. Erza leads the team inside. They walk along a dark path in the forest. Katsu looks around at the trees There are crows sitting on some branches. He feels a chill go down his spine. Pyro leans her head downward. Erza stops when she sees a huge ruin in the distance. The ruin has a dark purple aura around it. 

   "Wow that ruin looks very haunted." Lucy says. She looks a bit worried. 

   "Its like Hades' guild." Gray says. 

   "Remember what I said about fear?" Natsu asks. The team nods. Katsu doesn't know what Natsu had said about fear. "Then you have no reason to be afraid." Erza leads the team closer to the ruin. It feels stranger than Hades guild. It was seven years ago since then. They are ready for this. The team walks to the huge entrance of the ruin. A eerie sound comes from the inside. Pyro hugs Katsu's leg. 

   "Its okay Pyro don't be afraid." Katsu says. Pyro gulps. 

   "I'll try." Pyro says. The team walks inside the building. A quick cold breeze comes by. Lucy rubs her arms, and Pyro does too. The rest of the team seems unaffected. They walk down a hallway with statues. The statues look old and parts are missing or broken. They walk into what seems to be a common room. Katsu looks at the old furniture. They walk toward some stairs going down to the lower floor. Erza holds out her sword. They walk down the stairs. They ger to the lower floor and there are skeletons laying on the ground. Some are armed with weapons. Katsu looks at them. They look like they've been here for years. Erza steps over them. One of the skeleton's arm grabs Erza's leg. Katsu steps on the arm and Erza slices it in half. Soon the skeletons start to rise. The team is surrounded with an army of undead warriors. Katsu and Natsu make flames surround their fists. Lucy gets a key out. Gray gets ready to make some ice. Juvia stands beside Gray with both hands ready to fight. Erza grips her sword. 

   "I got this." Erza says. She summons three swords that start spinning around the team. They start to expand from the team. They cut every undead warrior in half that is in its way. Katsu is quite impressed. The undead warrior don't get back up. Erza's attitude changes. It serious Erza. The Scary Side Erza. Katsu looks at Erza.

   "Whoa that was amazing!" Katsu says. 

   "Yeah. Sure it was. We need to get to the bottom of this." Erza says. She completely ignored Katsu's compliment. "There had to be a reason that these dead warriors risen up." Erza says as she starts to think. There is a footstep in the background. The team look back as a man with blonde hair and a purple trench coat approaches them. He has a sinister smirk.

   "I am Kabato Shiki." Kabato says. Natsu steps up to the challenge. 

   "I am Natsu Dragneel, and I am here from Fairy Tail to kick your ass!" Natsu says. He punches his fists together and flames come off them. 

   "Ah the Salamander is here as well as Titania." Kabato says. He gives them team a haunting smirk. This guy has something up his sleeve. 

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