Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


23. Remember Me



   Katsu and Erza are walking down the street. Katsu has on a black jacket with a grey fur collar. His shirt is white. He is wearing dark jeans with white sneakers. Erza is wearing her normal cloths. The white blouse and blue skirt. Pyro is following them as well. Katsu turns around walking backwards. 

   "So having any problems with Jellal?" Katsu asks shoving his hands into his jeans pockets. Erza shakes her head. 

   "No. I haven't seen him around lately." Erza says. "After he told me that he loved another person, I haven't seen or heard from him since." Erza says. "Anyways I have to ask you a question. Be completely honest in this question." Erza seriously looks at Katsu. 

   "Sure go ahead. I'll be honest with you." Katsu says. 

   "Do you love me?" Erza asks. Katsu was completely stunned by Erza's question. 

   "Like as a friend or....?" Katsu asks. 

   "Katsu, do you love me?" Erza asks again. Katsu looks away. 

   "I don't." Katsu says. Erza turns her gazes from him. 

   "You don't?" Erza asks. 

   "No." Katsu says. Erza looks at him. 

   "I was just wondering." Erza says. Something caught Katsu's attention. He looks up and a black fireball comes at them. Katsu jumps forward and blocks the hit. Erza looks in shock. "Wh-what was that?!" Erza asking in shock. Pyro shakes in fear. 

   "Only one person possess that kind of magic...."Pyro says. The man walks forward. He looks about Katsu's age. He has red hair that covers one side of his face, red eyes, and a killing smirk. He is wearing a black leather jacket with blue jeans. He looks at Katsu with a devilish smirk. 

   "Takumi Gaki?!" Katsu asks himself in shock. Takumi nods. 

   "The Fire God Slayer.....Takumi Gaki." Pyro says. 

   "He must be like Zancrow then." Erza says. Katsu clenches his fists. 

   "Why are you here?" Katsu says. Takumi closes his eyes and holds out his left hand. 

   "For you. You left without saying goodbye." Takumi says. A woman walks up. She has brown long hair. Her eyes are blue. Her outfit is similar to Takumi's. 

   "Patrica Kagome?" Pyro says. She shakes more. Erza looks at the way Pyro is shaking. 

   "Leaving without saying goodbye is so rude." Patrica says. She flips the bangs of her hair. 

   "Leave now or be beaten out!" Katsu says. Takumi smirks. 

   "Who are you to tell us what to do? If you want a fight then lets fight, Fairy!" Takumi sends fireballs toward the ground. Katsu jumps up and so does Erza. 

   "I got the woman, you get the man." Erza says. 

   "No. Take Pyro with you I can handle this." Katsu says. They land on the ground. 

   "I'm not standing back!" Erza says. She re-equips into her armor and summons her sword. 

   "Oh so Titana is with him. Interesting." Takumi says. "Patrica deal with Titana, I'll deal with Katsu." Takumi runs at Katsu with both fists engulfed in black godly flames. Patrica walks toward Erza with a katana. 

   "I am also a re-equip mage. My armors aren't the ordinary ones you have, mine are god armors." Patrica says. Erza looks shocked. 

   "God armors? That's just a myth!" Erza says shockingly. 

   "A myth you say? Why are you so frighten, Titana?" Patrica asks. Erza shakes off the trembling and looks at her. 

   "Even with those so called god armors you won't be able to defeat me." Erza says. Patrica smirks. 

   "We shall see." Patrica says. Katsu dodges the attacks Takumi throws at him. Katsu knows this fight is not going to be easy. Takumi is a Fire God Slayer. He can easily crush Katsu in a heartbeat.  

   "I thought you've gotten better Fairy!" Takumi says taunting Katsu. 

   "I've gotten better, you just don't know who you're dealing with." Katsu says. He throws a left hook and Takumi dodges it. He throws a right hook and Takumi does it as well. Katsu throws a straight jab and Takumi catches it. 

   "You have never won a fight against me Katsu. Your days as a Fairy are over!" Takumi slings Katsu into a streetlight. Katsu gets up. There is a kid watching from a nearby building. Takumi holds his hand toward the kid. "Save the kid if you can." Takumi says. A black fireball goes at the kid. Katsu jumps in harms way and takes the hit straight on. Katsu falls on the ground. He pushes himself on his hands and knees. Takumi smirks. "You're pathetic. Putting your life at risk to save a child is stupid. I bet the flames are aching your body Dragon Slayer." Erza's sword clashes with Patrica's and it cracks. Erza is shocked. Every sword Erza uses takes no effect on Patrica's Knightly Goddess Broadsword. 

   "One slash from this sword can cut through anything, even earth itself." Patrica says. She forces the sword and it cuts through Erza's sword once again. It pushed her back. 

   "Dammit I can't do anything." Erza says. Patrica smirks. 

   "This is the power of a God Slayer." Patrica says. Erza's eyes widen in fear. 

   "G-god Slayer?" Erza asks shockingly. Patrica nods. 

   "I am a Re-equip God Slayer. My weapons and armor come straight from God himself. I can destroy anything and everything at will. I will kill you Titana." Patrica says. She raises her sword in the air. "God's Wrath Slashing Storm!" Patrica slams the sword toward the ground. A powerful slash comes from the sword, destroying everything it touches. The slash speeds up as it approaches Erza. She nearly gets cut by the slash.

   "Quit! There are people around here! You'll kill them!" Erza yells. She looks at the slash going toward the building behind her.

   "Quit? Are you insane?! Its fun watching people get hurt!" Patrica says. Erza grits her teeth and she re-equips to her strongest defense armor. She gets in front of the slash and it hits her. The armor shatters and she falls on the ground. Cuts and bruises cover her body. Takumi makes black flames surround Katsu and then explode sending him into the air. Katsu's jacket is torn and his pants her ripped. He falls on the ground. Katsu gets up and is barely able to stand. 

   "Dammit. I can't win no matter what I do." Katsu says. His body gives and he falls on his hands and knees. Takumi walks toward him. 

   "This is the end of the line Katsu." I'm a God Slayer. You can't win." Takumi says. He puts his hand on Katsu's mouth and pulls him up and holds him against the building. "Its like the old times, me kicking your Dragon Slayer ass. A Dragon Slayer is just a mortal to a God Slayer. We can slay gods. You only slay lizards." Takumi says. Katsu tries to break free from Takumi's grip but its useless. Takumi drops Katsu. He walks toward Patrica who is looking at Erza's body on the ground. 

   "Did you kill her?" Takumi asks. 

   "No she's still breathing." Patrica says. 

   "Just take away her memory." Takumi says. Patrica nods. She holds out her hand to Erza and a magic ball forms in the palm of her hand and it conceals Erza's memories. Patrica closes her hand and they walk off. Katsu falls on his face.

   "Dammit.....I lost again." Katsu says. He looks at Erza's body laying on the ground. "I have to see if she is okay." Katsu says. He forces himself to crawl towards her. He gets to her and sits up. He puts his hand under her head and carefully shake her. "E-Erza...." Katsu says weakly. Her eyes slowly open. She looks at Katsu. 

   "Wh-who are you?" Erza asks. Katsu's eyes widen.

   "I-its me Katsu Draganov." Katsu says. Erza sits up. She holds her arm and winces in pain. 

   "I'm sorry. I don't know you." Erza says. Katsu shakes his head.

   "Erza quit playing games. Its me Katsu." He says. She starts to get up. Katsu forces himself to stand up. 

   "Are you alright mister Katsu?" Erza asks. 

   "Erza you got to know me!" Katsu says. 

   "Don't get an attitude guy." Erza says. Katsu knows something is wrong. 


   Katsu arrives at the guild with Erza. She seemed to know what Fairy Tail is, and who everyone else was except Katsu. She is talking to Lucy, while Katsu is talking to Markarov. 

   "Gramps I don't know what happened. I was in a fight with a rival and after it she seemed to forgot who I was." Jatsu says. Markarov thinks for a moment. 

   "She probably suffered from head trauma. She could have servery injured her head." Markarov says.

   "If that's the case she would have known who I was by now. Something isn't right!" Katsu says.

   "She must have gotten her memory of you erased then." Markarov looks at Erza. "She seems to know everyone here." Katsu looks at Erza.

   "We have to get her memory back." Katsu says. Markarov shakes his head.

   "She only forgot you. You're the only equation she forgot. If you want her memory back of you then you got to do this." Markarov says. Katsu nods.


   Later Katsu and Erza are sitting on the living room floor in her house. Pyro is sitting beside Katsu.

   "I hope this works." Katsu says. Pyro nods.

   "Yeah me too." Pyro says.

   "So what are we doing Draganov?" Erza asks.

   "We're going to see if you can remember me." Katsu says. Erza shakes her head.

   "I have no clue who you are though. I know Pyro, but not you." Erza says. Katsu lowers his head. Then he remembers his famous quote. 

   "Get ready for a hot fisting!" Katsu says. Erza's expression turns to the face of death. She kicks Katsu across the face sending him into the wall. Pyro covers her mouth to prevent from laughing.

   "HELL NO!!! YOU PERVERT!!!!" Erza yells. Katsu rubs his head.

   "Owww! That fricking hurt!" Katsu yells to Erza. She smacks him in the back of the head. 

   "You're the one trying to give me a fisting!" Erza yells angrily. Katsu rubs his head again.

   "It's my catch phrase!" Katsu yells. 

   "You do realize she lost her memory of you right?" Pyro says. Katsu lowers his head. 

   "Yeah, but being here won't help my situation. I'll crash at Natsu's." Katsu says. He gets up. 

   "Okay then, but I don't think Natsu owns a home. Ask Lucy or Gray." Pyro says. 

  "He does. I see it before." Katsu says. 



   Later Katsu is laying on Natsu's living room floor with Natsu sitting on the couch and Happy eating a plate of fish.

   "I'm not sure what to do." Katsu says.

   "She forgot about you, and seemed to know everyone else. That's fishy." Natsu says. 

   "Yeah I know! Erza knew exactly everyone and everything, but she just didn't know the events that took place with Katsu in them." Happy says. "Something is really wrong." Natsu ponders. 

   "What if those guys you were fighting put a magic spell on her to forget about you?" Natsu asks. 

   "I think that's what they might have did Kat." Happy says. 

   "I'm not sure, but in the morning I'll try again." Katsu says. 



   In the morning Katsu is walking toward the guild. At a intersection he sees Erza and Pyro. He walks to them. 

   "Hey Erza." Katsu says. Erza rolls her eyes. 

   "Its the perv from last night." Erza says. Pyro giggles. 

   "I wanted to say sorry for last night." Katsu says. Erza walks right pass him. He felt unnoticed. He grabbed Erza's wrist. "You have to remember." Katsu says with tears starting to form. Erza stood there looking at Katsu's eyes. 

   "I don't know you." Erza says. Katsu closes his eyes and lean to her ear.

   "Maybe this will make you remember. Sleeping in my boxers." Katsu says. Erza backhands Katsu into the wall. 

   "You pervert! Stop harassing me!" Erza says. Katsu rubs his head. She walks toward the guild. 

   "You aren't going to make her remember you by just saying stuff like that!" Pyro says. 

   "But those things are the only stuff I said and did." Katsu says. He sighs and gets up. 

   "Maybe its best if she forgot about me forever." Katsu says. 

   "Giving up that easily?" A voice says. Katsu looks up and sees Patrica on a rooftop. He clenches his fists. 

   "Patrica...." Katsu says with anger. 

   "Everyday that passes by she forgets more and more people and events. If you don't stop us, she'll forget everyone and everything." Patrica says. "Find us and defeat us, then maybe you'll get her memories back." Patrica laughs. 

   "You won't survive this Patrica! I'll reduce your body to ashes!" Katsu's right hand bursts into blue flames he jumps up and goes for a right hook. Takumi appears and blocks the attack. 

   "Find us the fight us." Takumi says. He kicks Katsu and he falls onto the ground and tumbles. 

   "Dammit! I gotta do this quick!" Katsu says. He gets up. 

   "We have to find them first." Pyro says. Will Katsu be able to find Takumi and Patrica? Or will Erza's memories be forgotten? Find out in the next chapter release!

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