Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


22. Love is Just A Word, You Bring It Definition



   Erza walks home in a pure heartbreak. She has no idea why Jellal wanted to see her if he was just going to tell her he loved another girl. She couldn't tell if he was lying about the fiance or if he was telling the truth. Either way she knew he was in love with someone else. She tried her best to wipe away the tears, but they kept coming. Her heart was broken and nothing could fix it. She walks to her door and opens it. She walks inside her house. As she walks pass Katsu's bedroom she noticed he was laying on the bed throwing a ball into the air and catching it. He sits up and catches the ball. He looks away from her. 

   "So, how was your date?" Katsu asks. Erza immediately hugs him. He looks shockingly at her. "Erza what happened?!" Katsu asks worriedly. 

   "It wasn't a date, I thought he came back for me, but he came back just to tell me he found someone else." Erza says crying. She held onto Katsu. "I thought I loved him, but now I'm not sure what to think of him." Katsu put his arms around her. 

   "I'm here Erza. Don't worry about a thing" Katsu says. For some reason Erza felt comfort as his arms were around her. She felt better. She let go of Katsu and wipes her tears away. 

   "Thanks Katsu, I can always count on you." Erza says.

   "Don't mention it." Katsu says smiling. Erza smiles back. Katsu sits down at the table. Erza sits down at the table too. She looks at him. "Since he didn't come to see you, how about I make it up to you?" Katsu asks. Erza tilts her head in confusion. 

   "What do you mean?" Erza asks. 

   "We'll spend the night together." Katsu says. Erza nods. 

   "Alright, I like that idea." Erza says. Katsu smiles. 

   "Sit here and I'll make you some food." Katsu says. Erza nods. Katsu gets up and walks to the stove. "What does Erza like?" Katsu asks himself. Then a light bulb goes off in his head. He grabs the cake mixer, flour, icing, and strawberries. He puts the ingredients together and puts it in the oven to bake. Erza smells it from the table. She smiles as she recognizes the smell. Katsu walks to the table with the strawberry cake. He sets it in front of her. Erza grabs her fork and takes a bite. To her surprise it tasted really good. 

   "How did you learn to cook? This is amazing!" Erza says congratulating Katsu for his baking. Katsu scratches the back of his neck and smiles. 

   "Erasteel taught me. I learned at a very young age." Katsu says. Erza nods. She continues to eat until she was full. Katsu puts the plate in the fridge. He comes back and sits down at the table. 

   "Now what do you want me to cook you?" Erza asks. 

   "I'm not hungry. I ate a few hours ago." Katsu says. 

   "It doesn't matter. I'm still going to cook you something." Erza says. She smiles warmly at Katsu. 

   "How about a double cheese burger?" Katsu says. Erza giggles. 

   "No silly, something I can actually cook." Erza says. Katsu puts his index finger on his lip.

   "Hmmm make me a vanilla cake?" Katsu says. Erza nods. 

   "Alright I'll try." Erza says. She goes to the kitchen and bakes his cake. She comes back with the cake. Katsu takes a bite out of it. 

   "This is good." Katsu says. He eats littler than Erza did. They are now sitting on the rug. "What do you want to do now?" Katsu asks. Erza thinks for a moment. 

   "What about truth or dare?" Erza asks. 

   "Don't dare me to do anything stupid alright?" Katsu asks. Erza nods. 

   "But I won't promise it won't be embarrassing." Erza says. Katsu facepalms. 

   "Alright you first." Katsu says. 

   "Truth or dare?" Erza asks. 

   "Dare." Katsu says. 

   "I dare you to......put on this maid outfit!" Erza says. She re-equips to her maid outfit. 

   "You gotta be kidding right?" Katsu asks. Pyro snickers. 

   "You did say dare." Erza says. She takes it off and re-equips back to her red flowery kimono. 

   "Alright then." Katsu says. He puts on the maid outfit. Erza and Pyro burst out laughing. 

   "Omigosh! He looks to funny!" Pyro says.

   "When do I take this off?" Katsu asks boringly. Erza keeps busting out with laughter. 

   "Okay you can take it off now." Erza says. Katsu immediately went Gray mode. 

   "Truth or dare?" Katsu asks. Erza thinks. 

   "Dare." Erza says. 

   "I dare you to....eat this." Katsu says. He holds out his hand and blue flames appear. 

   "I don't think she can eat fire Kat." Pyro says. Erza gulps. 

   "Eh, say that again?" Erza says. 

   "Eat this fire." Katsu says. Erza gulps again. She put her hand on his and it burns her a little. She holds back her hand. 

   "Owww! I can't eat fire you idiot!" Erza says. Katsu smirks. 

   "Oh, I know what it is." Pyro says. She looks at Katsu. "Its not fire is it?" Katsu shakes his head. 

   "Nope, it's not fire." Katsu says. Erza's expression changes from hateful to cheerful. She notices the illusion Katsu had created. 

   "It was just a prank." Erza says. She facepalms. Katsu nods. "Okay, truth or dare?" Erza asks. 

   "Truth." Katsu says. 

   "Is it true that you fantasize over me naked?" Erza asks smirking. Katsu blushes. 

   "Hell no! Whoever told you that was lying big time!" Katsu says. Pyro snickers. 

   "Not from what I heard." Erza says. She winks at Pyro. Katsu sighs. 

   "Pyro, give me a reason to not burn you alive." Katsu says. 

   "Cause if ya do, Erza will kill chu!" Pyro says laughing afterwards with Erza.

   "Yeah okay." Katsu looks at Erza. "Truth or dare?" Katsu asks. 

   "Truth." Erza says. 

   "Is it true you took baths with Gray and Natsu when y'all were little?" Katsu asks smirking. Erza doesn't seem to be blushing or ashamed. 

   "Yes, that is true." Erza says. Pyro and Katsu jawdrop. 

   "WHAT?!" Katsu and Pyro both yell. Erza nods. 

   "Truth or dare?" Erza asks. Katsu changes from his freaked out expression to a thinking one. 

   "Dare." Katsu says. Erza smirks. 

   "I dare you to yell out the window you love hentai!" Erza says. Her and Pyro both burst out laughing. 

   "Oh, just fuck me sideways why don't ya." Katsu says sighing. 

   "No! Even better. Say I love yaoi!" Erza says. Her and Pyro both roll on the floor laughing. Katsu goes pale. 

   "I rather not." Katsu says. 

   "But its a dare!" Erza says. Katsu facepalms. He walks to the window and opens it. He leans out of the window. 

   "I love yaoi!" Katsu yells. A bunch of people start laughing. He quickly leans back in the house and closes the window. Erza and Pyro already started dying laughing. 

   "That was great!" Erza says. She keeps laughing. 

   "Totally Erza!" Pyro says. 

   "Alright back to the game." Katsu says. Erza sits up. "Truth or dare?" Katsu asks. 

   "Dare." Erza says. 

   "I dare you to prank call Natsu." Katsu says. Erza laughs. 

   "You're too easy Katsu." Erza says. Katsu smirks. 

   "You gotta talking sexually." Katsu says. Erza blushes. 

   "S-sexually?!" Erza asks. "I-I don't know how!" 

   "I'll start you off and then you go from there." Katsu says. 

   "Oh yeah, lets get ready for a hot fisting. He knows all about sexually, but yet he's still a virgin." Pyro says. 

   "So? Doesn't mean anything." Katsu says. Erza dials Natsu's number. Erza gives Katsu the phone. 

   "What do you want Erza? I'm trying to sleep." Natsu says.

   "You know exactly what I want." Katsu says in a girly and seductive tone. 

   "Eh, excuse me?" Natsu asks. Erza holds her mouth to prevent from laughing.

   "I want that Fire Dragon Slayer all over me." Katsu says. He gives Erza the phone. 

   "Hold up Erza, are you drunk?! Did Jellal get you drunk?!" Natsu asks getting really freaked out. 

   "No baby its Lucy. My phone broke so I'm using Erza's." Erza says. Katsu tries to keep from laughing. 

   "Oh, uh Lucy......ARE YOU DRUNK?!" Natsu yells. Erza holds in a laugh. 

   "No, I'm alone, and wanted some company. Come over to my house, and I'll teach you a thing or two." Erza says. She could hear Natsu talking to Happy in the background.

   "Lucy you're drunk, go home and get some rest! Your ass needs it!" Natsu says. He hangs up. Erza and Katsu both fall out laughing. Their hands touch each others. Katsu didn't move his away from her's, nor did Erza move her's away from his. They both look at each other. 

   "Truth or dare?" Erza asks. 

   "Truth." Katsu says. 

   "Is it true what you said? About its his lost.?" Erza asks. 

   "One hundred percent true." Katsu says. "I meant that. You're such a wonderful and fun person to be around." Katsu says. Erza lays on her side. 

   "That means alot to me." Erza says. Katsu looks at her. 

   "I'm saying it from the heart." Katsu says. 

   "I want to owe you back for letting me have this much fun." Erza says. 

   "What do you want to owe me back with?" Katsu asks. He sits up. Erza does too. She leans in and kisses his cheek. 

   "That." Erza says. Katsu blushes. She smiles at him. 

   "I guess this is where I say thank you." Katsu says. 

   "No, thank you, for showing me a good time tonight." Erza says. She gets up and offers Katsu a hand. He puts his hand on her's and she helps him up. 

   "I'll see you in the morning then." Katsu says. Erza nods. 

   "I'll see you too." Erza says. They both go into their separate rooms.  

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