Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


5. Knowing Our Own Strengths



   Kabato looks at the team with haunting eyes. Katsu steps in front of Natsu. Kabato's expression turns when he sees Katsu. He mouths something to himself, and then he smirks. Katsu holds up his right fist. 

   "Tell us whats going on here or I'll make this fist your last meal." Katsu says. Kabato grins. 

   "Making an undead army of course." Kabato says. Katsu's right fist ignites into blue flames. 

   "What's the point in doing that? They are already dead." Katsu says. Kabato smirks again. 

   "The point is I am a dark mage, and I can control anything dead!" Kabato spreads out his arms. Katsu gets into a fighting stance along with Natsu. 

   "Don't worry guys we got this!" Natsu says. 

   "I summon from the underworld a hellhound!" Kabato says. A dark aura glows and then a black dog with flames coming off it appears. 

   "This guy has no idea." Natsu says. Katsu and Natsu both knew something the guy messed up on. This undead thing has fire. The hellhound runs toward Katsu and sends a fireball and Katsu gets ready to eat it. Lucy sees something odd with the fire. It seems lifeless. If Katsu eats it. He'll....

   "Katsu don't eat that fire! It's a type of fire that'll kill you!" Lucy says. Katsu dodged the attack and the hellhound jumps at Katsu and tries to bite his face off. Katsu kicks the hellhound toward Erza and she cuts it in half with her sword. 

   "Now what do we do?" Katsu asks as he gets up. Natsu shakes his head. 

   "Dammit don't you know? We fight." Natsu says. Katsu nods and he ignites his fist with blue flames. Natsu gets ready to fight as well. 

   "Two Dragon's will fall." Kabato says. He smirks as he summons one more hellhound. Natsu smirks. 

   "That's okay. Summoning creatures to do your battles just makes you a sissy." Natsu says. He crosses his arms. 

   "You have a mouth don't you Salamander?" Kabato says. 

   "Nah, I just think you're too weak to fight your own battles." Natsu says. Kabato dissolves the two hellhounds. 

   "You want to face off with me while I use my magic? Boy I will kill you in a heartbeat." Kabato's eyes glow with red. Natsu smirks.

   "Now show me your true magic skills!" Natsu says. He gets into a stance and so does Katsu. Kabato has a dark aura surrounding him. 

   "You will all die here." Kabato says. He smirks as he makes a dark magic surround his fist. 

   "Guys be careful. He could be tougher than he looks." Erza says. Katsu nods. 

   "Come on this guy doesn't seem all that tough." Natsu says. He smirks. Kabato throws the dark magic at both Dragon Slayers, Katsu dodges and Natsu does too. The dark magic is going toward Erza and the others. Katsu's eyes widen. His feet land on the wall and he jumps at Gray. He tackles Gray, then Gray bumps into Lucy, bumping into Juvia, and she bumps into Erza. The magic goes pass them and Katsu stands up. 

   "Nice one Kat!" Natsu says giving Katsu a thumbs up. Katsu smiles back. He walks up to Natsu. 

   "Alright tells go!" Katsu says. He has both fists surrounded by blue flames. "This is gonna be one hot as fuck fisting." Katsu says. Natsu gives Katsu a dumbfounded look. 

   "Don't you know what that means?" Natsu asks. 

   "Of course I do! Why would I say it?" Katsu says. 

   "Then what's it mean?" Natsu asks. 

   "It means.....Let's save that for another time shall we?" Katsu says. Natsu shrugs and looks ahead. 

   "Does he know what it means?" Lucy asks Erza. 

   "Maybe, maybe not." Erza says.

   "Does he know what it is?" Happy asks Pyro.

   "Yup he sure does!" Pyro says. 

   "How come?" Happy asks. 

   "Uh, I shouldn't say why he knows." Pyro says. She sighs. 

   "Just tell me!" Happy says. Pyro whispers in Happy's ear. Happy's eyes grow wide. "NAH AW!!! THAT'S NOT WHY!!!!" Happy yells. Pyro nods. 

   "Can ya keep it down Happy?" Natsu asks. Happy is going crazy. Pyro is giggling. Kabato smirks as he makes more dark magic. He goes to punch them, but they catch both fists. 

   "You think a punch is going to beat me?" Katsu asks smirking.

   "You truly don't know the limits of Dragon Slayers." Natsu says. They both uppercut Kabato. He goes into the air. 

   "Try this on for size!" Katsu says. He jumps into the air. "You bring two fire parents together!" Katsu has two fists ignited with blue flames. "And you make one big ass flame baby! Brilliant Flame of the Blue Fire Dragon!" Katsu brings down both hands and smashes it on top of Kabato's head. Kabato flies downward toward Natsu.

   "Alright! I'm all fired up!" Natsu says. "Bullhorn of the Fire Dragon!" Natsu's entire body ignites with flames and he dashes toward Kabato. Kabato smirks and he decreases time for just a moment to react. He dodges the attack and the magic wares out. Natsu is going full speed at Katsu. Natsu spears Katsu making him cough out a bit of blood. Katsu hits the roof and falls down. Katsu coughs again. He gets up on his feet. 

   "Dammit what was that?" Katsu says wincing at the pain going in his stomach. Kabato is laughing. 

   "Thought y'all were smart huh? That's the second magic I have! I can decrease time! You Dragon Slayers are basically worthless!" Kabato says. 

   "I admit even I didn't see that coming." Erza says. 

   "This might be a tough fight for the both of them." Lucy says. She holds her hands together. 

   "Hey Katsu I got an idea." Natsu says. 

   "If I doesn't involve another gut busting blow to the stomach I'm all ears." Katsu says.

   "I'll attack him from the front while you attack him from the back." Natsu says. Katsu nods. Natsu goes to attack Kabato and Katsu waits until Natsu has Kabato where he can't do anything but to fight. Natsu starts throwing punches and kicks. Kabato is dodging them. 

   "Perfect!" Katsu thought he runs toward Kabato's back and he ignites his fist with blue flames. Kabato looks back but Natsu punches him in the face. 

   "Gotcha!" Natsu says smirking. Katsu smirks. 

   "One hot steaming fisting coming right up!" Katsu says. He punches Kabato in the back and then Natsu elbows him in the throat sending him over Katsu. Katsu grabs Kabato's leg and he pulls back. Katsu smirks, and he clothslines Kabato. 

   "Wow Katsu's got some pretty good moves!" Gray says.

   "Natsu and Katsu as a team? They work very well together!" Lucy says. 

   "Go Natsu!" Happy yells. 

   "Go Katsu!" Pyro yells. Natsu slams Kabato into the wall and Katsu knees him in the stomach. Kabato's breath is taken away as Katsu's knee is shoved into his stomach. Katsu jumps back. Natsu punches Kabato across the face and he falls on his hands and knees. He is laughing. 

   "Wow this is the first time I've been made such a fool of." Kabato stands up. Blood is running down his lip. "I'm warning you I will kill all of you! And I will enjoying every minute of it!" Kabato says. He goes to punch them but the ruin seems to be shaking. Natsu and Katsu immediately hold their mouths.

   "Uh no...." Katsu says keeping his vomit inside.

   "Not this....." Natsu says. Kabato looks at Natsu and Katsu.

   "Motion sickness." Kabato says. "Every Dragon Slayer's weakness." He gives a devilish smirk. Erza notices Katsu is effected by the motion sickness.

   "Shit, Katsu's effected with motion sickness. Guys come on!" Erza says as she leads the charge. Kabato sends magic toward Natsu and Katsu. Erza blocks it with a shield.

   "Ice Make Lance!" Gray says as he makes Ice Lance's go from behind Erza's sheild toward Kabato. He jumps back. Juvia makes water go at him and he dodges that too. Lucy's Tarus slams his axe down and Kabato jumps from the current spot. Erza has set her trap. Now its time to attack. Erza grips her sword and when Kabato wasn't sure what to expect next Erza rushes in and slashes him with her sword. Kabato's stomach is gashed and he is sent into the wall. Erza smiles back at her fellow teammates. The impact made the shaking worse. Everyone is running upstairs. Lucy grabs Pyro, and Happy grabs Natsu. Erza picks up Katsu and she runs upstairs. They get out of the ruins and then the building collapses. Erza sets Katsu down.

   "Well quest completed. No more bad omens." Juvia says. She smiles.

   "And as for this guy." Gray says. He looking at Kabato holding his gashed stomach.

   "We should get him help and then he'll be off to prison." Erza says. Everyone nods. They get back to the town and the townspeople seem very happy. The depression spell must have worn off when the ruin collapsed.They get paid very well. The sun is just about to set and Katsu is siting near the pond. He is throwing rocks into the water making them skip. Everyone else is inside the inn eating before they leave to go back home. Lucy walks to Katsu and she sits down beside him. 

   "So did you like it?" Lucy asks. Katsu looks at Lucy. 

   "Oh kinda." Katsu says. Lucy looks at him. 

   "What do you mean kinda?" Lucy asks. 

   "I got speared in the stomach by Natsu. That is not a good feeling. As a matter of fact it still hurts." Katsu says. He holds his stomach. Lucy giggles. 

   "Yeah, I've never been tackled by Natsu like he did you." Lucy says. Katsu nods. He looks at the pond. "Its beautiful isn't it?" Lucy asks. 

   "Yeah." Katsu lays his hand down and Lucy lays her head on his shoulder. 

   "You mind if I rest my head? Its been a long day." Lucy says. Katsu slightly blushes. 

   "Eh sure." Katsu says. Lucy smiles and she giggles. 

   "Were you blushing?" Lucy asks teasingly. 

   "Eh no why?" Katsu says looking away. Lucy laughs. 

   "You were totally blushing Katsu!" Lucy says. 

   "No I wasn't!" Katsu denies. Lucy lifts her head up and blows her tongue at him. Katsu has a dumbfounded look. 

   "If you didn't gotta catch me!" Lucy says. She gets up and runs off. She stops and sticks her tongue out at him. Katsu gets up and holds his stomach and runs after her. Lucy jukes Katsu and he trips over a root and faceplants. Lucy laughs and she notices he isn't moving. She runs over to Katsu and she calls his name. Katsu lifts up and grabs her and says gotcha! Lucy laughs and so does Katsu. 

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