Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


6. Katsu Can't Get sleep



   The team heads back to the guild. Pyro and Happy are talking. Katsu is weary from having to get up early in the morning. Katsu sits at the counter. Mirajane walks up to Katsu. 

   "What would you like to eat or drink?" Mirajane asks winking at the sleepy Katsu. He puts his head on the counter. 

   "Some coffee or anything with caffeine." Katsu says half awake. Mirajane smiles and she nods. She walks in the back to fix his drink. Juvia sits beside Katsu. She taps him on his shoulder. "What is it?" Katsu says still half asleep. 

   "Juvia wants to know if you can help Juvia get Gray-sama?" Juvia asks. Katsu lifts his head up.

   "Have you even kissed him yet?" Katsu asks with half open eyes. Juvia blushes a deep red.

   "Ehm, no Juvia hasn't. Should Juvia?" Juvia asks. Katsu lays his head back on the counter and gives her a thumbs up. Juvia smiles happily. "Thank you Katsu-chan!" Juvia squeals. Juvia gets up and she walks to Gray. Lisanna comes up to Katsu. She taps him. He looks up and looks at Lisanna. 

   "What is it?" Katsu asks a bit sleepier than last time. 

   "I want to get Elfman something for his birthday what should I get him?" Lisanna asks. Katsu looks at Elfman and sees that one sleeve has been torn off. 

   "Get him a new jumpsuit." Katsu says as he rests his head on the counter. Lisanna nods. He hears Gray freaking out again saying Juvia just kissed me and he hears spitting sounds. Katsu closes his eyes. Wendy comes up to Katsu. She calls his name. He doesn't lift his head up. "What is it Wendy?" Katsu says a bit annoyed. 

   "Me and Romeo are going to see a play which play should we see?" Wendy asks. She holds her hands together. Katsu says something without thinking. 

   "Romeo and Juliet." Katsu says. Wendy smiles and nods. She skips toward Romeo. Katsu smiles as he finally gets to sleep in peace. Cana comes up to him and she calls his name. Katsu slightly opens his eyes. "What is it Cana?" Katsu asks. 

   "My dad wants me to quit drinking? What should I do?" Cana asks. 

   "Since you are old enough to drink forget what he says." Katsu says. Cana nods and she walks off. He hears Elfman yell at Lisanna for getting him a new jumpsuit. He loves his old one more. Katsu snuggles his arm and he smiles again as he finally gets what he deserves good sleep. Lucy comes up to Katsu and she taps him. He opens his eyes widen in anger. "What is it?" Katsu asks a bit sleepy and harsh. 

   "I don't want anyone to know except this one person. If anyone else finds out I'll be so embarrassed. Should I tell the one person?" Lucy asks. 

   "No keep that shit to yourself." Katsu says. He closes his eyes. Lucy nods and she gets up and walks away. Natsu comes up to him and he taps on Katsu's shoulder. Katsu opens his eyes in anger. 

   "What is it?" Katsu asks a bit harsher than before. 

   "I don't know if this pack of food is good, but its one day after its expiration date, should I eat it?" Natsu asks. Holding up some hot dogs. 

   "Yeah have at it." Katsu says. He closes his eyes again. Natsu walks away scarfing the hot dogs down. Katsu smiles as he finally gets sleep. Erza walks up to him she calls his name. Katsu lifts his head up. 

   "You know you could just go back home and rest right?" Erza says smiling. Katsu yawns. 

   "But I plan on going on a quest later. My hotel is far from the guild." Katsu says. He tries ti fight his eyes. 

   "Why don't you go to Lucy's then?" Erza asks. Katsu rolls his eyes.

   "Last time I did she kicked me out. What a punk." Katsu says. 

   "I also got a house, but I'm not sure you'd feel comfortable sleeping in a girl's bed." Erza says. 

   "I don't give a damn, I'll sleep in a bed full of nails! I need my sleep." Katsu says. Erza chuckles. 

   "Alright I'll show you to my house." Erza says. She helps Katsu get off the chair and she walks with him out of the guild. 

   "Where's Erza going with the other pinky?" Elfman asks. 

   "She said something about taking him to her house." Mirajane says. I overheard them while fixing Katsu's drink. Everyone thought of it perverted. 

   "So you mean to tell me Katsu is going with Erza to her house?" Natsu asks. 

   "Pretty much." Mirajane says. 

   "Does that mean they'll be having you know what?" Gray asks. 

   "I don't think Erza likes Katsu like that." Lucy says. 

   "Katsu-chan and Erza-chan are so cute!" Juvia says with heart eyes. Gray facepalms. 

   "I'm sure Erza and Katsu aren't going to, you know." Lucy says. Gray nods. 

   "He was sleepy when he was walking home." Gray says. "She's probably just taking him to her house to lay down."

   "But we got our own house. Well it's actually an hotel, but still." Pyro says. "But it is pretty far from here." 


   Erza and Katsu get to her house and he is walking in her room. She leans on the door frame as Katsu gets in her bed. The covers are red with white pillows. Katsu snuggles in her covers. It is around 12:45. Erza walks to the bed and she sits down. Katsu is fast asleep and she smiles as he sleeps. She leaves a note saying she went back to the guild if he was to wake up. Erza walks out of her room and downstairs toward the door. She walks out her house. She arrives at the guild and everyone looks at her. 

   "So where is Kat?" Pyro asks. Erza smiles. 

   "He's at my house asleep. He couldn't sleep with all the noise." Erza says. She laughs. Pyro smiles.

   "So he'll be alone?" Lucy asks. She has a bit of worry on her face. 

   "Lucy don't get worried over Katsu. He's like Natsu, but more, mature." Gray says. He gives Natsu a chuckle. Natsu is pissed off. 

   "Lookie here No Pants Dancer! I am mature!" Natsu yells. 

   "Since when?" Gajeel says laughing. Levy elbows him in the side to shut him up. 

   "Metal Bolt Face shut up!" Natsu says. "Do you want another round like several years ago?" Natsu says as he ignites his fist into flames. Gajeel sighs and he stands up. 

   "You really want to do this here?" Gajeel asks with his arms crossed. 

   "Yeah!" Natsu says. When Natsu goes to punch Gajeel Erza punched him in the gut sending him on the guild floor. Natsu is stunned holding his stomach.

   "Everyone this is why young Katsu couldn't sleep." Erza says. She is in her serious mode. 

   "Young Katsu?" Mirajane asks. 

   "Yes. He's practically seventeen if I'm not mistaken." Erza says. She looks at Pyro.

   "He's seventeen. He's actually about to be eighteen also." Pyro says. 

   "He won't be young anymore. He'll be a real man!" Elfman says. "Just tell him not to pull down his pants like Gray. I don't want to see his junk!" Elfman says. 

   "What do you mean? He comes out the shower naked sometimes!" Pyro yells. "He thinks since I'm a cat that I don't know what I'm looking at!" Pyro covers her face. Erza laughs. 


   It is nightfall and Katsu is still asleep in Erza's bed. Erza walks in her bedroom and sees Katsu still asleep. She smiles at Pyro. 

   "He must be a long sleepier?" Erza asks. Pyro nods. 

   "If he hasn't had the right amount of sleep. He'll probably sleep all day long." Pyro says. Erza sets down her satchel and she sits down on her bed. Katsu has half the covers off him and isn't wearing a shirt. 

   "Kat doesn't like sleeping with a shirt. He also hates sleeping with jeans....." Pyro says. Erza's face turns pale. She had noticed him wearing jeans today. She looks directly on the floor and there is a white button up shirt, and blue jeans. She instantly gets up. 

   "You mean, he's sleeping in MY bed wearing only BOXERS?!" Erza says about to flip. Pyro nods. 

   "Never let Katsu sleep in your bed again." Pyro says. Erza lift up the covers and she puts it over his chest. 

   "I'll let him sleep, for now." Erza says. She turns toward Pyro. 

   "Go back to your hotel. I'm sure Katsu will wake up in the middle of the night and he will be kicked out my house." Erza says. 

   "And if he don't?" Pyro asks. 

   "He'll be sleeping on the cold concrete outside my house!" Erza says. She sits in a chair looking dead at Katsu. Pyro salutes Erza ans she goes home. 

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