Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


11. Gajeel vs Ayato



   Gajeel and Ayato stare at each other. All the guild members and townspeople are watching them closely to see who makes the first move. Ayato steps forward and Gajeel steps forward too. They immediately start throwing punches. Ayato uses his right hand for offense and his left hand for defense. Gajeel keeps throwing attack after attack pushing Ayato back. Ayato ducks and Gajeel leans backwards as Ayato goes for an uppercut. Ayato gets kicked in the side and is sent on the ground again. Gajeel makes a iron blade and he stabs it right at Ayato. Ayato grabs the blade from hitting him and he kicks upwards. Gajeel's head leans back as Ayato misses his attack. Ayato flips backwards and lands on the ground. Gajeel rushes in at him and he goes to clothesline Ayato. Ayato ducks and kicks Gajeel in the leg making him fall to his knees. Ayato goes to knee Gajeel in the face, but Gajeel ducks and he elbows Ayato in the back. He stands up and Ayato turns around. Gajeel grabs Ayato's face and takes him through three buildings. He holds up Ayato.

   "Gajeel don't be destroying the town!!!" Levy yells. Gajeel looks back. 

   "I won't destroy it, so just chill shrimp!" Gajeel says. Levy sweatdrops. Ayato takes the advantage and he kicks Gajeel under the chin. Ayato lands on the ground and he pulls out his sword. He runs at Gajeel slashing his sword against Gajeel's iron exoskeleton. Ayato brings down the blade toward Gajeel's head. Gajeel catches it, and he smirks. "You're quite dumb aren't ya?" Gajeel says. "Didn't ya hear me when I told you I was an Iron Shadow Dragon Slayer?" Ayato tries to force the blade but it doesn't budge. "I eat iron and shadows. You can't defeat me using a sword!" Gajeel kicks Ayato away and he hits his back on a wall and slides down it. Gajeel brings to the blade to his mouth and he bites down on it. Gajeel looks shocked. His teeth didn't break the sword's blade. Ayato smirks and he gets up. 

   "That sword was given to me by my dragon. It's not made of iron. Its made of dragon bone. It looks like iron, so you're the dumb one." Ayato says. Gajeel drops the sword and smirks. 

   "I admit you got me there, but you still won't win." Gajeel says. Ayato takes off his jacket and drops it on the ground. He has a black muscle shirt on. "Just because you got a little muscle doesn't mean you'll win. I have to have the power to win." Gajeel clenches his hand. 

   "I will win, no matter what." Ayato says. He has his right fist consumed in Holy Dragon Slayer magic. Gajeel taunts Ayato to bring it. Ayato runs at Gajeel. Ayato ducks as Gajeel attacks. He counters with an uppercut and then he kicks Gajeel through the hole in the building. Gajeel gets up and Ayato knees him under the chin and Gajeel is sent on the ground. 

   "Wow I thought Gajeel was strong, but he is losing to Ayato right now!" Gray says. 

   "Juvia thinks Gajeel will win!" Juvia says. 

   "Gajeel will win!" Levy says. The crowd starts chanting Gajeel. Gajeel gets up and he smirks. 

   "As you can hear these people are chanting my name. They know I'll win for sure." Gajeel says. Ayato smirks. 

   "Not exactly. They don't know you'll win. They just assume you'll win." Ayato says. Gajeel comes after Ayato will a hook and he ducks and then uppercuts Gajeel. Ayato then kicks him under the chin sending him into the air. Ayato jumps in the air. "Iron Fist of The Holy Dark Dragon!!!" Ayato yells as his right arm begins to radiate off Holy Dragon Slayer magic. He punches Gajeel in the face and he is sent into the ground. A dust cloud forms. Everyone is waiting for the dust to clear. 

   "Damn Ayato is serious!" Gray says. 

   "Gajeel can't be losing can he?" Levy asks. 

   "No Gajeel won't lose. He's too tough to lose." Panther Lilly says. Levy nods. The dust cloud disappears and Gajeel is actually blocking Ayato's attack with his iron blade. Everyone cheers. Gajeel pushes Ayato off and he slashes his side. Blood spews out and Ayato yells. Gajeel slashes again and this time hitting Ayato's upper leg making blood spew out. Gajeel headbutts Ayato and Ayato's forehead is busted open. Blood is now running down Ayato's forehead. He steps back and he touches his forehead and lokks at his hand covered in blood. 

   "He drew blood from a single headbutt...." Ayato says to himself. 

   "You never gotten beaten this badly did ya?" Gajeel asks. Ayato looks up and he shakes his hand to get the blood off.

   "No. This is my first time." Ayato says. Gajeel smirks. 

   "Then this will be your first lost." Gajeel goes for a punch and Ayato counters it by sweeping his legs out of under him. Ayato brings his knee into Gajeel's side and then kicks him onto the ground. Ayato jumps back and he puts his right hand to his mouth. 

   "Roar of The Holy Dark Dragon!!!" Ayato yells as Holy magic comes out of Ayato's mouth. 

   "That's his breath attack!" Gray says in shock. 

   "Gajeel don't lose!" Levy says as she puts a tight grip around Panther Lilly's body. He coughs. 

   "L-Levy too t-tight!" Panther Lilly says as Levy's arms squeezes his body. The magic goes at Gajeel. He dodges it and he breaths in. 

   "Roar of The Iron Shadow Dragon!!!!" Gajeel yells as a bluish black magic comes out of his mouth. It consumes Ayato. The pieces of sharp metal cut and tear at Ayato's flesh. Ayato yells as the metal cuts him. Ayato falls to his knees as the attack is delayed. He has blood running from is wounds. His hair covers his eyes. Gajeel walks to him. "I'm going to win. You're strong, but not strong enough." Gajeel says. Ayato's eyes widen as he hears those words you're strong but not strong enough

   "Miku.....I can't let you down.....I have to be strong.....I have to be the strongest....." Ayato mumbles to himself. Gajeel is now just inches away from Ayato. 

   "Now this is where you're going to meet your first lost." Gajeel says. He goes to hit Ayato, but Ayato catches it and Gajeel looks shocked. Ayato's right hand his glowing with intense Holy magic. 

   "No, this is where you meet your lost! I refuse to lose!" Ayato uppercuts Gajeel making a slash going up his exoskeleton. It sends him into the air and it shatters. Gajeel falls on the ground. Ayato is exhausted. "What'd I say? You lost....." Ayato says. The crowd cheers for Ayato. 

   "And your winner is Ayato The Badass Dragon Slayer!" Happy says. 

   "I never expected this kid to be so darn strong!" Gray says. 

   "Juvia thinks Gray-sama can beat Ayato!" Juvia says. Gray looks shocked. 

   "Hell no! I can't last a second with that guy!" Gray says. 

   "Gajeel gave it all he got and still lost. Ayato is really something ain't he. I might have to do some research on him." Levy says. 

   "Yeah, this guy just beat three Dragon Slayers, he belongs in Fairy Tail." Panther Lilly says smiling. Natsu walks toward Ayato. 

   "Wow you're crazy strong. Just who are you?" Natsu asks. 

   "I'm Ayato Shu." Ayato says. 

   "You mind teaming up with me, Erza, Gray, Lucy, and Katsu?" Natsu asks. Ayato smiles. 

   "No thanks, I do things on my own. I really don't team up with anyone." Ayato says. Natsu looks a bit sad. 

   "Well if you ever change your mind just tell me." Natsu says. He walks to the guild along with the others, the townspeople go back home or work. Ayato is left alone in the middle of the walkway. He looks into the sky. 

   "I have become stronger Miku." Tears start to form. "Its lonely without you. I miss you." 

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