Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


17. Fight Hard



   Gray Juvia and Ayato are walking down the tunnel. Ayato is leading the way with his Holy Light that surrounds his fist. Juvia is walking beside Gray. Ayato stops when a sound is heard behind them. They look back and Fiend is behind them. Gray and Juvia stand on guard. 

   "You kids will have a hard time." Fiend says. He raises his hand a darkness surrounds his fist. Ayato smirks. 

   "Is that true?" Ayato says. He walks toward Fiend and Gray and Juvia immediately step out of his way. 

   "Darkness will surround you. You will dwell in complete fear." Fiend says. Ayato lowers his hand and he lowers his head. 

   "Go ahead. Hit me with your best shot." Ayato says. He stands there. Fiend smirks. 

   "Death Punch of The Darkness Dragon!" Fiend yells as his fist consumes in dark magic. He throws his fist into Ayato's stomach. Ayato caught the fist and he raises it to his mouth. He slurps the dark magic from Fiend's fist. 

   "You will be defeated." Ayato says. He uppercuts Fiend with his Holy fist. Fiend staggers back. Ayato smirks. Fiend looks frightened. 

   "What are you?" Fiend asks. 

   "I am your nightmare." Ayato says as he punches Fiend with his Holy fist and Fiend goes back into the wall. 

   "Ayato is really giving it to him." Gray says. 

   "Juvia thinks so too!" Juvia says. Fiend gets up and Ayato puts his hand on top of Fiend's forehead. Fiend shakes as Ayato puts two fingers on Fiend's forehead. Fiend trembles as Ayato smirks. 

   "This is your defeat." Ayato says. He punches Fiend in the stomach and he falls down. Ayato turns around and he looks at Gray and Juvia. "That was easy." 


   Natsu and Gajeel look into the dark tunnel. Soon a little boy riding a tricycle comes from the darkness. Natsu tilts his head in confusion. Gajeel steps back. 

   "I wouldn't trust that." Gajeel says. 

   "Come on, its just a kid Gajeel." Natsu says. He walks toward the kid. The kid stops and he looks at Natsu. Both eyes are gouged out and have blood running down both eyes. The boy smiles, showing his razor teeth. Natsu steps back. The boy jumps at Natsu and takes a bite on Natsu's neck. Natsu yells in pain and Happy shrieks. Natsu pulls the boy away from his neck. Natsu's flesh is between his teeth. Natsu's vision is getting blurry. He drops the kid and he falls down. Gajeel has his eyes closed and he puts his hand in the child's face as it jumps at him. Gajeel looks up and he sees Satoru. Satoru smirks. 

   "The Salamander is weak in the eyes. But you're strong." Satoru says. Gajeel looks on the ground where Natsu is laying. No damage is done to Natsu's neck. 

   "You're like Midnight with that eye magic." Gajeel says. Satoru nods. 

   "He's not a Nightmare Dragon Slayer like I am." Satoru says. Gajeel makes a blade out of his arm. 

   "Now lets get to fighting." Gajeel says. Satoru smirks and he has an evil smoke-like substance coming from his fist. 

   "It will be a pleasure." Satoru says. He runs in at Gajeel. Gajeel dodges his attacks and he counters the last attack. Satoru is kicked into the wall. Gajeel stabs the blade into Satoru's stomach. Satoru smirks and he laughs. 

   "Wh-what?!" Gajeel says shockingly. Satoru dissolves into a dark mist. Gajeel looks back and Satoru slams his elbow into Gajeel's neck. Gajeel tumbles on the ground. 

   "Lighten up Gajeel. At least try a little." Satoru says. He bends down to Gajeel. "That attack isn't a normal one is it?" Satoru says. Gajeel's pupils grow small as he notices what it has done. Gajeel can't speak. Gajeel starts grabbing his throat. Satoru smirks and he stands up. Gajeel keeps a hold of his throat and he starts freaking out. "When I attack after you destroy a clone, I can disable one of your normal abilities. It depends where I hit and how hard. If I hit you too hard it would have cut off your breathing." Satoru says. Gajeel gets up and he makes two blades. Satoru runs at Gajeel and he thrusts his knee into Gajeel's stomach. Gajeel has blood coming from his mouth. Satoru elbows him in the back of the neck. Gajeel swings his blade and it cuts a few pieces of Satoru's hair. "That's what I call a close call." Satoru says. Gajeel gets angry and he now goes to viciously attacking Satoru. He dodges every attack. "Whoa, who pissed in your cereal this morning?" Satoru says jokingly. Gajeel gets angrier and he slashes at him. He catches the blade and Gajeel looks shocked. Satoru kicks Gajeel in the face sending him backwards. Gajeel hits the ground and the flips on his stomach. Satoru smirks. "That all you got?" Gajeel gets up. "I guess not." Gajeel calms himself and he closes his eyes. He thinks of his friends and how he must win this fight. He opens his eyes and he looks fearful. Satoru has his eyes closed. Gajeel strikes with an Iron Fist of The Iron Dragon. He punches Satoru in the stomach making him cough out blood. Satoru is against the wall. Gajeel breathes in air and he uses Roar of The Iron Dragon. It consumes Satoru and it cracks the wall. Soon the wall bursts and Satoru is sent through it. Gajeel is heavily breathing. Natsu soon gets up and he looks at Gajeel.

   "What happened?" Natsu asks rubbing his head.

   "I just beat Satoru." Gajeel says. His eyes widen when he realizes he can now talk. He touches his neck and it feels better than it did before.

   "Really?!" Natsu whines.

   "He used his nightmare thingy on you." Gajeel says. Natsu thinks for a moment and then he feels his neck.

   "Hey! I still got my skin on my neck!" Natsu says excitedly.

   "Aye!" Happy says. Natsu smiles. "We should keep going. That woman warned us of the Dragon Priests." Happy says.

  "Aye!" Natsu says.


   Lucy is walking beside Katsu and she watches him. Erza is walking behind them. She is looking at the paintings of ancient dragons. Lucy hears water drip behind them and she looks back seeing Masuda. Katsu and Erza turn back as well. 

   "So it looks like you three survived." Masuda says. He begins to smirk. 

   "You're wrong, all of us survived." Erza says. She summons a sword and points it at Masuda. "You will be defeated here and now!" Katsu steps up and his fists immediately ignite with flames. Lucy gets out a key and she stands beside Katsu. 

   "I've beaten potty mouth and blondie before. They won't be much of a challenge." Masuda says. 

   "We have names you know!" Katsu yells. 

   "And I don't really care what they are." Masuda says he crosses his arms. 

   "You are cause you're gonna be the one saying who dotted your eyes for ya!" Katsu says as he goes to punch Masuda. His fist goes through Masuda. He grabs Katsu's other fist and he kicks him to the ground. Katsu tumbles on the ground. Lucy summons Loki. 

   "You call me?" Loki asks. He straightens his suit. 

   "I did. Now help us defeat this guy!" Lucy says. Loki cracks his knuckles. 

   "Already ahead of you sister." Loki says. He goes to punch Masuda and his fist goes through him. Loki looks shocked. Masuda counters and he blocks it. 

   "Ah, you're actually better than that flame guy." Masuda says. Loki jumps back. 

   "Who Natsu?" Loki asks. 

   "I don't know his name, the pink haired guy." Masuda says. 

   "That'd be Natsu." Loki says. 

   "No, we have a new member his name is Katsu." Lucy says. 

   "And he has pink hair?" Loki asks. Lucy nods. Loki looks at Masuda and he gets punched in the gut. Loki coughs. Katsu runs at Masuda. 

   "I ain't done yet! Flaming Broadsword of The Winter Fire Dragon!" Katsu yells as a blue flaming broadsword appears in his hands. He slashes Masuda and it goes through him. Katsu keeps slashing him. Erza joins in and she slashes Masuda. A ball of water appears and then it gets bigger. It explodes sending sharp lines of water everywhere. Katsu's shoulder, arm, and thigh got cut. Erza's arm, and leg got cut. Loki's forearm and neck got cut. Lucy got cut on her arm, cheek, and leg. Masuda appears where the water ball was. Katsu is holding his arm. He stands up. 

   "Its about time to finish you off!" Masuda says. He holds his hands out in front of him. "Tsunami Wave of The Water Dragon!" Masuda says. A tsunami wave comes from his hands and it completely wipes out the three mages. Katsu grabs Pyro and he surfaces above the water. Erza soon comes up and so does Lucy. 

   "How do we beat him?" Katsu asks. A light bulb goes off in Lucy's head. 

   "I got an idea! This will surely beat him!" Lucy says. She gets out a key. Its Aquarius. "Katsu can you get me toward Masuda?" 

   "I think I can." Katsu says. Lucy nods. She swims toward Katsu and she gets on his back. Katsu dives under the water and he boosts himself toward Masuda. Lucy keeps hold of Katsu's neck. He rises from the water in front of Masuda. Lucy reaches the key toward Masuda. The tip of the key goes through Masuda's arm. 

   "Open Aquarius!" Lucy yells. Aquarius appears out from Masuda. All of Masuda's water has been absorbed. The tsunami shrinks and They finally land on the ground. Masuda is laying on the ground.

   "Well if it was that easy then we should have done that first." Katsu says. Lucy smiles.

   "Well I could only summon her once per week, and a few hours ago has been a week." Lucy says. Katsu giggles.

   "I guess you don't have a good service with her." Katsu says.

   "Its actually a contract." Lucy says. Katsu tilts his head.

   "A contract?" Katsu asks.

   "I'll tell you later, its long information." Lucy says. Katsu nods. They continue to walk into the tunnel. They walk to a huge door with dragon's carved on it. Katsu puts his hand on the handle and he opens the door. They walk into a sanctuary like room. It is huge. There are spiderwebs on the top of the roof. Katsu begins to walk forward. There is a bridge that leads to a stone coffin. Lucy gets behind Katsu. Erza looks around the room.

   "Wow, look at this room Kat." Pyro says.

   "Its huge I know." Katsu says. Pyro nods. Soon Natsu, and Gajeel come out of a tunnel on the other side of the room. He waves to them.

   "Hey guys!" Natsu yells from across the room. They wave back. Soon the other three come from another side. Gray waves to the others. There are three bridges that are connected to a huge rock in the center of the room. Katsu walks along the bridge. He looks down and sees clear water bellow them.He walks to the coffin.

   "What do you guys think it is?" Gray asks.

   "It might be that Dragon Priest that woman talked about." Erza says.

   "But she said they'd be more. I only see one coffin." Erza says.

   "Maybe this isn't the only one in this coffin." Natsu says. Katsu puts his hand on a lever and it moves. He trips and falls. The coffin top soon bursts open. A hand grabs on the side of the coffin. Every steps back. A hood soon rises from the coffin. The thing stands out of the coffin. It has a dirty brown cloak with a hood. It doesn't have anything covering its feet. It raises one hand and a lighting bolt appears. The team gets on guard. The Dragon Priest has risen.

   "This is it guys!" Natsu says. "I'm all fired up!" Natsu goes to attack the Dragon Priest but he misses. Gajeel is next to attack and he also misses. The Dragon Priest throws a lighting bolt at Erza and it hits her. She tumbles on the ground. Katsu ignites both fists with blue fire. 

   "Alright! Get ready for one hell of a hot fisting!" Katsu yells. He runs at the Dragon Priest and he punches it. He misses every attack. The Dragon Priest makes a lighting bolt hit Katsu's chest and it sends him into a bookshelf and a table breaks his fall. Juvia boosts herself at The Dragon Priest and she attacks him. It grabs her hair and slams her into the ground. It looks up at Lucy. It raises a hand and it's hand surrounds with lighting. Soon it's hand freezes and Gray appears in front of Lucy. 

   "I got you covered Lucy...." Gray says painting. Lucy looks at Gray. She seems worried. 

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