Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


16. Dragon Priests



   The team is walking down a hallway with torches as the only light source. It is very dim in the hallway. Natsu holds his hand up and fire lights the hallway. 

   "Is that better everyone?" Natsu asks. They nod. Natsu leads the way. Gajeel walks beside Erza and Lucy walks beside Katsu. Lucy gets close to Katsu and he steps away from her. 

   "Hey Katsu look at those paintings." Lucy says. She points at the paintings of dragons and humans. Katsu looks over and he sees the paintings and he stops. Natsu looks back and he notices Katsu is looking at a painting. It shows three little boys. Two have pink hair and one has black hair and is a bit taller than the two pink haired boys. Katsu puts his thumb on his lip and he stares at the painting. The three boys are on a cliff. One pink haired boy is falling. The black haired boy is holding his hand as if he's pulling him up. The other pink haired boy is trying to help the black haired boy. Natsu walks over to Katsu and he shines light on the picture. He turns Katsu away from the picture. 

   "Lets go Katsu." Natsu says. Lucy follows them. Natsu looks back and gives Lucy a glare. Lucy looks away in guilt. They get to a stop with three tunnels. At the top of each tunnel has a certain symbol. One has a symbol of destroy, life, and creation. Natsu looks back at the others. "We'll be splitting up into teams." Natsu says. "I'll go with strengths. Me and Erza, Gajeel and Katsu, and then Lucy." Natsu says. Lucy stomps the ground. 

   "Why me by myself?!" Lucy yells. 

   "You have your spirit things." Natsu says pointing at her keys. 

   "Those aren't actually people!" Lucy yells. 

   "Natsu that is unfair. How about this. You and Gajeel, and me and Lucy, and Katsu. I'm sure Katsu can handle himself." Erza says. Natsu closes his eyes and clenches his fist. 

   "Katsu can't go alone." Natsu says. Lucy notices something is wrong with Natsu. Katsu is looking at painting and he faintly hears them.

   "I'll go with Katsu." Lucy says. Erza nods. 

   "That's fair." Erza says. 

   "So me and Natsu have to team up?" Gajeel asks. 

   "Yes." Erza says. Gajeel nods. 

   "Don't count us out!" Gray says as he runs up to them. He isn't wearing a shirt and he is wearing black pants. Juvia comes in behind him with Ayato. 

   "Its about time you three got here." Erza says. 

   "Nope five!" Happy says. Pyro flies toward Katsu. 

   "Are the guys in here?" Pyro asks. 

   "We don't know, but this girl said they were." Katsu says. 

   "Alright. Gray, Juvia and Ayato will go in the third tunnel." Erza says. Natsu jawdrops. 

   "How come we only have two people in our group?!" Natsu asks. 

   "Think of it as how strong you guys are." Erza says. Natsu stops to think and he likes the idea. "Alright. This is where we'll split apart, and hopefully we'll return with everyone here." Erza says. She salutes Natsu's and Gray's groups. She heads into the tunnel. Katsu and Lucy follow in behind her the torches are dim. "Katsu you mind lighting the way?" Erza asks. Katsu raises his fist.

   "Sure." Katsu says. His fist surrounds in flames. He walks ahead of Erza. Lucy and Erza follow him. Katsu walks pass some paintings. He looks at them and he sees that there is a dragon and a little kid. Katsu stops and looks at the painting. Lucy and Erza stop as well. 

   "What is it Katsu?" Lucy asks. Katsu stares at the painting. 

   "This painting is familiar." Katsu says. "Its like I know it from somewhere." 

   "Its a kid and a dragon." Erza says. "What was your dragon's name?" 

   "I can't remember." Katsu says. He looks down at his hands. "I know I had a dragon, but I can't remember her name." Katsu puts his hand on the painting. He feels the ink wear off on his fingers. He looks at his fingers and the aging paint is on them. He brushes them off. 

   "You can't remember?" Erza asks. Lucy knows the reason why he can't remember. 

   "Maybe you should ask Kasai sometime." Lucy says smiling. Erza slowly turns her head toward Lucy and gives her a glare. Lucy lowers her head. "That didn't help any." Lucy thought. She walks beside Katsu and she looks at the painting. There is a smudge where Katsu moved his fingers across. Lucy sees the dragon flying above the kid. "Maybe its Natsu and his dragon." Lucy says. 

   "Maybe." Erza says. Katsu stares at the painting. He felt a connection. 

   "Its not Natsu's. Igneel is red. This dragon is light blue and navy blue." Katsu says. Lucy looks at Katsu. 

   "How do you know who Igneel is?" Lucy asks. Katsu looks at Lucy and he raises his hand and it surrounds with blue flames. 

   "He taught me my flame magic. I was like Kasai with Ice Dragon Slayer magic. Igneel taught me when my dragon left." Katsu says. Lucy lights up. 

   "Wait so that means you've met Natsu before now?" Lucy says trying to be excited. She knew that Katsu had met him before he joined the guild. 

   "I've never seen Natsu before." Katsu says. She frowns. 

   "Igneel is Natsu's dragon though, why not?" Lucy asks. Katsu sighs. 

   "I'm not lying Lucy. I never met Natsu before I heard about him in the city I was in." Katsu says. Lucy looks away. 

   "I figured since you met Igneel you met Natsu." Lucy says. "Igneel did leave Natsu." Katsu's eyes widen as he soon remembers something similar. He puts his thumb to his lip and begins thinking. Lucy looks over and she sees that he is in deep thought. 

   "Katsu don't worry about it. If you didn't meet him, you didn't meet him." Lucy says. Katsu fairly remembers a boy running up to him asking where Igneel is. He can't remember the boy's looks or face. Lucy grabs Katsu's hand and takes him away from the painting. "Lets continue into the tunnel so we can find one of those guys." Lucy says. She keeps hold on his hand. Katsu looks at the painting and then she squeezes it. Katsu looks at Lucy. "Now." Lucy says looking ahead. Katsu raises his hand and he ignites his fist with flames. Lucy peeks a look at Katsu and she is a bit worried. 


   Natsu is walking in the tunnel with his fire providing light. 

   "I hope Lucy doesn't mess anything up in Katsu's head." Natsu thought. Gajeel looks at him. 

   "What's on your mind Natsu?" Gajeel asks. Natsu looks at him. 

   "I wonder if Katsu is going to be okay. He does, have a fatal injury." Natsu says. Gajeel nods. 

   "The gash on his rib?" Gajeel asks. Natsu nods. "We he fought that blue haired guy I could see Katsu was slower than normal and he didn't attack as much. Lucy should have helped he out more. Her standing back and watching until the time was right was wrong on her part." Gajeel says. Natsu crosses his arms and he rolls his eyes. 

   "Yeah, tell me about it. She basically watched the fight." Natsu says. Gajeel smirks. 

   "Didn't you use to protect Lucy all the time? Why are you shunning her now?" Gajeel asks. Natsu shakes his head. 

   "Its just that I figured she'd help out Katsu since he was fatally injured in his rib. Wendy said two ribs were broken and one was cracked." Natsu says. "Katsu has alot on his shoulders." Gajeel nods. 

   "I understand where you're coming from." Gajeel says. A gust of wind comes forward and it blows out Natsu's flame. 

   "What was that?" Natsu asks. Gajeel gets on guard. 

   "Maybe its one of those guys." Gajeel says. Natsu nods. 

   "Maybe." Natsu says. They stand still watching the ahead into darkness.

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