Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


20. Asuka Meets The Guild



   Katsu and Asuka arrive at the entrance of Fairy Tail. She looks at the huge guild. 

   "This is Fairy Tail." Katsu says. Asuka can't keep her gaze off the guild. She looks in awe. 

   "Its amazing." Asuka says. She smiles. "I didn't think it was going to be this big." They walk into the guild. Everyone is doing the usual stuff. Katsu doesn't see Erza around which is unusual. Asuka looks at the massive amount of people in the guild. "Hey Katsu, where do I sign up at?" Asuka asks. She looks nervously for information. 

   "Lucy or Mirajane will get you ready." Katsu says. Pyro flies over to Katsu and smiles big. 

   "Who is this girl Katsu?" Pyro says teasing Katsu. 

   "This is....Who are you?" Katsu asks looking Asuka. 

   "I'm Asuka Chinatsu. I'm an Ice Make mage." Asuka says looking at Pyro.

   "I can see that." Pyro says. Asuka tilts her head. Katsu leans to her ear. 

   "Your cloths?" Katsu asks. Asuka immediately blushes. "Here." Katsu hands her the cloths. She quickly takes them and puts them on. He walks Asuka toward Mirajane. She is washing cups. 

   "Hiya Katsu. And who is this young lady with you?" Mirajane says. She smiles at Asuka. 

   "Asuka Chinatsu. She wants to join Fairy Tail." Katsu says. Mirajane smiles. 

   "How wonderful!" Mirajane says. She looks at Asuka. "What color and where?" Mirajane asks. Asuka looks at Katsu. 

   "What does she mean?" Asuka whispers to Katsu. 

   "Guild mark." Katsu says. Asuka nods and looks back at Mirajane. 

   "How about icy blue and on the left side." Asuka says. Mirajane stamps the guild mark on Asuka's side. Asuka smiles at her guild mark. 

   "Now you're a Fairy Tail wizard." Katsu says. 

   "What do I do from here?" Asuka asks. 

   "You get job requests, help citizens out, and fight evil mages." Katsu says. "Basically be a hero." Asuka smiles. 

   "Alright. So do I stay here to rest or, what do I do?" Asuka asks. 

   "You have enough money to rent a room?" Katsu asks. 

   "No." Asuka says depressingly. Katsu fishes out enough jewels for Asuka to rent a room. 

   "You need it more than I do." Katsu says. Asuka shakes her head. 

   "I can't take someone else's money. It makes me feel poor." Asuka says. Katsu smiles. 

   "No need to feel poor Asuka, take the money." Katsu says. Asuka tilts her head. 

   "Alright, I'll give you the money back as soon as I get it." Asuka says. She takes the money and walks off. Mirajane has a big smile.

   "You knew you needed that money, but still gave her it?" Mirajane says. Katsu watches Asuka disappear into the crowd. He looks at Mirajane. 

   "She needed it more than I did. I got a place to stay, she doesn't." Katsu says. "Its getting late anyways. Goodnight Mirajane." Katsu waves her goodbye and he walks toward Pyro. He motions for her to follow him. They get to Erza's house and she is sitting at the table reading a book. Pyro flies to their room and Katsu sits at the table. 

   "How are you Katsu?" Erza asks still reading her book.

   "Good I guess. A girl wanted to join Fairy Tail, so I let her." Katsu says. Erza nods. 

   "That's good." Erza says. Katsu stands up and goes into the kitchen to fix him a cup of coffee. 

   "She has potential." Katsu says. He leans his back on the counter.

   "Sounds like me when I met you." Erza says. She glances at Katsu and gives him a smile. He smiles and shakes his head. 

   "I guess you are right there." Katsu says. 

   "How your side doing?" Erza asks. Katsu's smile turns into a frown. 

   "I got into a fight earlier today, no serious harm was done, but I could still feel the pain when I did each attack." Katsu says. Erza gets up and walks over to him. 

   "You keep this up Katsu and this wound will never properly heal." Erza says. She lifts his shirt up and checks the wound. "Its not bad, but its not healing as it should." Erza says. She puts the bandage back on the wound and looks at Katsu. "I don't want you fighting unless its necessary. I mean it." Erza says. Katsu looks away from her. 

   "Yeah, I promise I won't." Katsu says. Erza walks toward her room. 

   "Goodnight Katsu." Erza says as she walks into her room. Katsu walks into his. 


   The next morning Asuka wakes up in her new bed. She sits up and stretches. She is wearing a light blue tank top, with nothing else. She gets out of bed and changes into her cloths for the day. She walks to the guild. She sees more people at the guild than yesterday. She goes through the crowd of people toward Lucy. 

   "Have you seen Katsu anywhere? I got to ask him a question." Asuka says. Lucy tilts her head. 

   "I haven't seen you here before, did you just join?" Lucy asks. 

   "I joined yesterday." Asuka says. 

   "That's wonderful." Lucy says. "Why do you need Katsu?" Lucy asks. 

   "I need to know where do I get the requests?" Asuka says. Lucy points toward a board with hundreds of papers on it. 

   "That board is called the request board. Do those requests and get money." Lucy says. Asuka nods. She walks over to the request board and looks at the papers. Some say to defeat monsters, bandits, or anything else they is causing chaos for someone. Others say to help find missing pets, and things like that. She picks one. She walks toward the entrance and then she spots Katsu who is putting a bag of ice on his side. She runs toward him. 

   "Holy crap what happened?!" Asuka asks worriedly. She stares at Katsu's wound. 

   "Got into a fight weeks ago, and it got worse ever since I been in other fights." Katsu says. Pyro looks at Asuka. 

   "I'm so sorry about that. Did it get worse when you fought that guy yesterday?"  Asuka asks. 

   "No, and don't worry." Katsu says. 

   "So how are you?" Pyro asks. 

   "I'm Asuka Chinatsu. I joined yesterday." Asuka says. She smiles at Pyro. 

   "Oh, so you're the girl he was telling Erza about?" Pyro asks. Asuka looks at Katsu with concern. 

   "Erza? Like Erza Scarlet?" Asuka asks. Katsu nods. "Wow you got some pretty strong friends." Asuka says. 

   "That he does." Erza says. She is standing behind Asuka. Asuka turns around and sees Erza. "So this is the girl." Erza says looking at her. "What magic do you have?" Erza asks. She puts her finger to her lip. 

   "Ice Make magic." Asuka says. Erza starts giggling. 

   "I should have known." Erza says. Katsu giggles too. 

   "Why is she half naked?" Pyro asks, looking weirdly at Asuka. Asuka looks down at herself to see only her bra and panties. 

   "Oh crap! My cloths!" Asuka says in embarrassment. Asuka looks around for them. Gray walks to her. 

   "You seem to have lost these." Gray says. He hands her the cloths. She takes them and puts them back on. "It seems we have another Ice Make mage." Gray says. 

   "It sure seems that way." Erza says. Asuka looks at Gray with confusion. 

   "There is another Ice Make wizard?! Where?" Asuka asks excitedly. 

   "You're looking at him now." Gray says. Asuka smiles. 

   "Wow! I never met another one besides my mentor. This is really awesome!" Asuka says. 

   "Just try to keep your cloths on." Gray says. He begins to walk off. Asuka looks dumbfounded. 

   "But you're wearing no cloths either." Asuka says. Gray walked off without noticing he stripped. 

   "What is all this ruckus about?" Natsu says as he approaches them. He sees Asuka and smiles. Welcome to Fairy Tail!" Natsu says offering a handshake to her. 

   "Thanks, but you're a bit late since I joined yesterday." Asuka says. She shakes Natsu's hand. The group stood there and asked Asuka questions about herself. 


   Later Katsu is sitting at a table with Pyro beside him. Asuka left for a request. Natsu and Lucy teamed up on one and so did Gray and Juvia. Gajeel is sleeping in a chair with Levy reading a book. Asuka comes running back and she runs toward Katsu. 

   "Could you help me out a bit?" Asuka asks. She puts her hands together. 

   "With what?" Katsu asks. Asuka blushes. 

   "Just in case I strip. I want you to pick up my cloths for me." Asuka says. Katsu holds in a laugh. "Its not funny!" Asuka says getting more embarrassed. 

   "Alright, I'll go with you." Katsu says. He gets up and follows Asuka outside. Pyro follows them. 

   "Why are you going to be picking up her cloths?" Pyro asks looking weirdly at Asuka. 

   "She's a Ice Make wizard. She strips without noticing." Katsu says. Pyro nods. 

   "So she's like Gray?" Pyro asks. He nods. 

   "Yeah." Katsu says. They continue to walk to the location. Asuka stops at a lake where the request said to go. 

   "This is what it says to go, but I don't see anything." Asauk says. She looks around the area. Katsu raises his guard. 

   "Just wait." Katsu says. He looks at the lake bubbling. Asuka is standing in front of the lake. A huge fish-like monster jumps out of the water. Katsu immediately gives the monster a right hook, before it bit Asuka's head off. 

   "Wh-whoa!" Asuka says nervously as she backs away. The monster swims around in the lake and once again jumps out of the water and lands on the shore. Katsu gets ready to fight and Asuka is shaking. 

   "Don't be intimidated by it's size." Katsu says. Asuka can't stop shaking. 

   "Asuka! Don't be scared. This is where the fu-" Pyro notices Asuka's cloths on the floor. "Your cloths." Pyro says dumbfounded. Asuka looks at on the ground where her cloths are. 

   "Uh....I sorta strip when I'm nervous." Asuka says. 

   "You sorta strip? Looks like you completely strip!" Pyro says. Asuka looks away in embarrassment. 

   "Its a habit. I had to learn to get use to the cold." Asuka says. Pyro nods. Then she gives Asuka her cloths back. Asuka puts them on and sides with Katsu. 

   "I got an idea how to defeat this thing." Katsu says. "Since you're an Ice mage, you can freeze the water. So when it goes to retreat he can't. Then we'll both kick it's ass!" Katsu says. 

   "Gotcha!" Asuka says. She runs toward the lake, the monster goes to swipe down at her and Katsu delivers a blazing left hook. 

   "Eyes on me tough guy!" Katsu says. The monster yells at him. Katsu holds his nose. "Bro you need to get some mouth wash. Your breath smells bad." Katsu says. The monster slams it's fist down and Katsu dodges it. He jumps from the tree and Superman punches the monster. "Superman punch!" Katsu yells. "This one is in the books!" Katsu acts like a commentator. The monster shakes it's head and then swipes Katsu with it's tail. Katsu catches the tail. 

   "The lake is iced up Katsu!" Asuka yells. She slides on the lake's icy surface. Katsu lets go of the monster's tail and he jumps in the air. His left fist ignites into blue flames. 

   "This is what I call a hot fisting!" Katsu yells. Asuka covers her mouth and Pyro facepalms. 

   "Wh-what in the hell?!" Asuka questions in shock.

   "Blue Fire Dragon Iron Fist!" Katsu yells. He slams his fist into the monster's face with a force to bring down a building. The monster is sent across the icy lake. Asuka watches in awe. 

   "Y-you're a Dragon Slayer?!" Asuka asks. Katsu closes his eyes and smiles as he crosses his arms. 

   "Yeah, I'm a Dragon Slayer." Katsu says. Asuka runs up to Katsu. 

   "So you're like Natsu with the flames?" Asuka asks.

   "I guess so." Katsu scratches the back of his neck and looks into the sky. "It's getting late. We should get back to the guild." Katsu says Asuka nods and they head back to the guild. 

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