Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


3. A Request in The Ruins



   It is early in the morning and Katsu and Pyro are walking toward the guild from his hotel room. Lucy is just now leaving her house. She looks at Katsu. 

   "Hey Katsu!" Lucy waves. Katsu waves back. Lucy walks to him. She is wearing a pink tank top that shows off her breasts. She is wearing a jean skirt and the same leather boots from yesterday. She stops in front of Katsu. "How was Erza's quest?" Lucy asks. 

   "It was easy." Katsu says. Lucy smiles. 

   "Erza can be scary, but she can be very nice too." Lucy says. Pyro looks at Katsu. She knows that Katsu kept locking eyes with Erza yesterday. 

   "I haven't met Erza when she is scary." Katsu says. Lucy smiles again. 

   "I have. She doesn't play either." Lucy says. Katsu and Lucy lock eyes. Lucy looks away and she shakes her head. Pyro notices Lucy hiding a smile. Pyro looks at Katsu and he looks at her and shrugs. Pyro does know Katsu is a handsome guy, but all the girls don't fall for him. Pyro shrugs back. Lucy walks toward the guild and they follow her. Lucy walks toward Levy and Pyro walks to Happy and Carla. Katsu walks toward Natsu, and Gray arguing. 

   "What are you guys arguing about?" Katsu asks. Natsu crosses his arms and Gray does the same.

   "This job request!" Natsu says. "Gray thinks we need a group to complete it. I think I can go on it by myself!" Gray rolls his eyes.

   "Look here fire-breath! That job request is too hard for you to handle! You need at least me and Erza!" Gray says. Natsu rolls his eyes. 

   "I've fought Laxus, Gajeel, and even you! I've beaten all of them! What makes you think I can't handle this?!" Natsu questions Gray. 

   "You aren't stronger than me! I've beaten enemies you couldn't!" Gray says. They keep arguing. Katsu sees Erza sitting at a table alone. She has her head resting on her hand. Her elbow is resting on the table. She is wearing a white maid sleeveless shirt. There is a blue bow around the collar. Her skirt is blue also and she is wearing black boots. Her face looks as if she is thinking about something beautiful. Katsu walks to Erza. 

   "You mind if I sit here?" Katsu asks. Erza looks at Katsu and smiles.

   "I don't mind." Erza says. Katsu sits down beside her. Erza looks at the sunrise.

   "You like the sunrise?" Katsu asks. 

   "Yes, its very beautiful. I like the orange colors." Erza says. She warmly smiles while looking at the sunrise. Juvia sits down beside Katsu. 

   "Katsu-chan, Juvia needs to ask you a question." Juvia says. She looks really concerned. 

   "Sure what is it?" Katsu asks. Juvia clears her throat.

   "How do you attract girls? I want to attract Gray-sama, but it isn't working." Juvia says. Juvia looks really concern to know. 

   "Uh, to be honest with you, how do I attract girls?" Katsu asks. Juvia's light bulb goes off. 

   "Don't you see? Katsu-chan look at the girls in this guild they are always looking at you." Juvia says. She looks at a group of girls looking and giggling at Katsu. Katsu sighs. 

   "I don't see how-"

   "Its his eyes." Erza says. Katsu looks at Erza. "You see Juvia, Katsu's eyes are very attractive. That's why most girls have a love gaze on him. His features are also beautiful too. Like his lips, chin, and cheeks." Erza says. Juvia nods. 

   "Erza-chan thank you. Katsu-chan are my eyes beautiful?" Juvia asks. Katsu feels a bit of awkwardness. Katsu smiles and lifts up his fist and blue flames appear.

   "Yeah they match my flames." Katsu says. He does a cheerful laugh. Juvia smiles happily. 

   "Juvia is so happy! Thanks Katsu-chan!" She gives Katsu a strangling hug which nearly makes Katsu fall out of his chair. Juvia gets up and walks to Gray. 

   "Do you really like Juvia's eyes?" Erza asks. 

   "I do like the color blue." Katsu says. Erza makes a playful smile, and looks at the sunrise.

   "You avoided my question." Erza says. Katsu closes his eyes and smiles. 

   "You asked and I answered." Katsu says. Erza lets out a playful laugh.

   "You are right on that." Erza says. Katsu lays his hand on her hand. He quickly lays it away from hers.

   "Sorry." Katsu says. Erza smiles.

   "You didn't have to apologize." Erza says.

   "Its just a habit." Katsu says. Natsu and Gray walk to them.

   "Erza will you go on a request with us?!" The both ask.

   "Alright boys. Who's all coming?" Erza asks.

   "So far me, Gray, Lucy, Juvia, and you." Natsu says.  

   "Let me see the paper." Erza says. Gray gives her the paper. She reads it. "How about this. Since they are asking us to take out some witchcraft mage, we'll need one more member." Erza eyes Katsu. Natsu looks around the guild. 

   "What about Gajeel?!" Natsu asks. Erza shakes her head. "Uh, Wendy?" Erza shakes her head again. "Hmmm, Laxus?" Erza once again shakes her head. "The who?" Natsu asks annoyingly. Erza grabs Katsu and pulls him in front of her. "Katsu?" Erza smiles and nods. 

   "He just joined our guild. He can't possibly be ready for such a quest." Gray says. 

   "Hey, Lucy was a newbie and we let her join our group to take out Elsenwald. Lets give him a chance. I know what potential he has." Erza says. 

   "Okay Katsu can join." Gray says. Gray and Natsu walk off to get Lucy and Juvia. Erza winks at Katsu. 



   The Fairy Tail team are walking down the street. Each one has bags and luggage. Lucy is over packed as always. Katsu only brought one suitcase. He has some extra cloths, blankets, and some food. Pyro is carrying a sack full of fish. They walk out of town and go downhill toward the forest. Erza is leading the group. Lucy is walking beside Natsu, and Juvia is walking beside Gray. Happy is flying beside Natsu. Erza stops, and so do the rest. 

  "Is everyone ready? This could be a tough quest." Erza says. Everyone nods. "Alright lets move in." Erza continues to walk. They get to a gate with an old lady standing beside it. She has her hair in a bun. She has on glasses and a white dress. She looks up. 

   "Are you hear to lift this dark curse?" The woman asks. Erza nods. "Show we your guild marks." Natsu turns to his side where his guild mark shows. Lucy holds her hand showing hers. Gray unbuttons his shirt and shows his. Juvia moves her leg and hers show. Katsu unbuttons a few buttons and takes one half of the shirt and pulls it down and shows his. Erza holds out her arm and hers show just beneath her shoulder pad. The old lady nods. "There is a inn you can stay the night in." 

   "Thank you." Erza says. They walk into the gate. As Katsu passes the old woman he sees how dead her expression is. She shows signs of no life. Something must have broken her spirit to live. Katsu looks ahead. The town looks deader than a ghost town. Only a few people are working. Erza heads to the inn. They walk inside and notice their aren't hardly anyone here. The bartender is standing behind the counter. 

   "How may I help you young lads?" The bartender says. He has brown unkempt hair. The strands cover most of his forehead. He has a mustache that goes into his goatee. He is wearing a short sleeved collared shirt with a black apron over it. He is rubbing a cup.

   "We're here to rent some rooms. How much to rent a room for all of us?" Erza asks.

   "Their are only three rooms that aren't taken. Each have two beds. You will have to share. The price for one room is five jewels." The bartender says. Erza turns back to her fellow comrades. 

   "Who will be pairing up?" Erza asks. Juvia quickly grabs Gray's arm. 

   "Juvia and Gray-sama in a room!" Juvia screams. Erza knew that was coming. Gray rolls his eyes and agrees. 

   "Next?" Natsu wraps his arm around Lucy's neck.

   "Me and Lucy." Natsu says. Lucy nods her head. 

   "So that will leave me and Katsu." Erza says. "Happy will room with Natsu."

   "Aye sir!" Happy says. 

   "And Pyro will room with Katsu." Erza says. Pyro smiles. Erza turns back to the bartender. "Okay here is nine jewels to cover the cost." Erza hands the bartender the jewels. Erza hands Gray, and Natsu their keys. Erza walks down the hall to their rooms. Katsu follows her. Erza unlocks the door and she walks in. The room looks quite old but it'll do. Erza sets her bags on the bed on the right. Katsu sets his suitcase on the left. Pyro flies into the room and lays on Katsu's bed. Erza sits on her bed. "It seems like Natsu has a thing for Lucy, don't you think?" Erza asks. She starts taking off her boots. Katsu shrugs as he sits down. 

   "I guess he does. Everytime I see him he's either with her or Lisanna." Katsu says. He looks at Erza. 

   "Yeah, but he's been more with Lucy than Lisanna." Erza says. "I really think Natsu has a thing for her." 

   "Doesn't Lucy like him back then?" Katsu asks. 

   "Lucy spends time with Gray mostly. Juvia does have a crush on Gray, but he refuses her love." Erza says. "I think Lucy likes Gray." Erza puts her finger on her lip. "But if she does, then Natsu and Gray would start fighting again."

   "If Gray is an ice mage, and Natsu a fire mage, do they argue alot?" Katsu asks. Erza nods. 

   "All the time. I once threaten to kick them out of the guild if they wouldn't stop." Erza says. She chuckles. 

   "They stopped didn't they?" Katsu asks. Erza nods. 

   "For a time yes." Erza says. She scoots to the middle of her bed and looks at Katsu. Katsu is wearing a black button up shirt with black pants, and the same shoes. "Where you a business man before joining this guild?" Erza asks. 

   "No I was just a normal person. I just like this style." Katsu says. Erza nods. 

   "I can't deny you don't look handsome in it." Erza says. Katsu smiles. 

   "Thanks." Katsu says. Katsu looks at Erza and they lock eyes again. This time Katsu looks away. 



   It is late and Katsu is laying on his bed with his shirt unbuttoned. Erza is in the shower and Pyro is sleeping on Katsu's chest. He stares at the fan going in circles. He can hear Juvia moan and Gray freaking out. He faintly hears Natsu and Lucy talking, but he can't make out the words. The bathroom door opens and Erza comes out. Her hair is in a pony tail and she is wearing pink pj's. She walks over to her bed and sets her brush down on the dresser. She gets into bed and she lays down. She turns on her side looking at Katsu. 

   "Aren't you going to take a shower?" Erza asks. 

   "I'll take one in the morning." Katsu says. 

   "So how long have you been in Fiore?" Erza asks. 

   "For a day. I use to live in a big city." Katsu says. "I had an apartment. Every Friday night this one couple would disturb my sleep." 

   "That's young love nowadays." Erza says. "Can I ask you a question?" Katsu nods. "Have you ever falling in love?" 

   "No." Katsu says. "I don't love anyone to actually spend my entire life with." Katsu looks at Erza. "Have you falling to the victim of love?" Erza's eyes give it away. She casually looks away. 

   "Yeah, but the last time we talked he said he had a fiance." Erza says. "So I don't see him anymore." 

   "Oh." Katsu looks at the fan again. "That must hurt. But you got your friends to fill in for the pain." Katsu says. 

   "I've actually drifted away from Natsu and the others. They seem to be figuring out who's their partner in life." Erza says. "Some are meant to be alone." Katsu looks at Erza. 

   "Maybe you already met your partner and just haven't noticed yet." Erza looks at Katsu. 

   "What do you mean?" Erza asks. Katsu looks back at the fan. 

   "I'm saying maybe you've met your partner and haven't noticed yet. They might be thinking about you right now." Katsu says. She goes into thinking. She ponders a bit and she doesn't get a conclusion. 

   "I still don't get it." Erza says. 

   "Well, it could also be that you haven't met them yet either." Katsu says. 

   "True." Erza reaches for the lamp and turns off the light. The room is filled with darkness. The only light is coming from the window which is reflected from the moon. "Goodnight Katsu." Erza says and she closes her eyes. Katsu closes his too.

   "Goodnight Erza." Katsu says. They both fall into their sleep.

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