Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


21. A Long Lost Love Returns



   The following morning Katsu is asleep at Erza's house. Pyro is sleeping on his chest. He isn't wearing anything but black shorts. Erza is sitting at the kitchen table drinking her coffee and reading the newspaper. She has on a red flowery kimono. Her hair is in a pony tail. She hears a knock on her door. She sets the newspaper and coffee down, and gets up. She walks to the door and opens it. Her eyes grew wide in shock. The person standing on her steps is Jellal Ferndnez.

   "Hey Erza. Its been awhile since we last met." Jellal says. He looks at her. She looks away.

   "What do you want Jellal?" Erza asks. He steps closer to her.

   "I want to come clean with this, I really don't have a fiance." Jellal says. Erza looks into his eyes. "I'm sorry I lied." He says with guilt.

   "I already knew you were lying from the start. You were never a good liar." Erza says. She turns around as if she didn't care anymore. Jellal puts his hand on her shoulder.

   "Scarlet." Jellal says. Erza felt her heart skip a beat. She looks back at Jellal.

   "Remember I gave you that name. Every time I look at a scarlet color I think of you." Jellal says. Erza turns toward him.

   "I do remember." Erza says. She looks away from his eyes. "But I want to know the real reason you are here. I know you didn't come here just to tell me that." Erza looks into his eyes.

   "Can you give me a second chance to make things right?" Jellal asks. Erza puts her hand on the wall and looks downward.

   "Yes." Erza says. Jellal smiles. 

   "You want to spend the day with me?" Jellal asks. Erza nods. 

   "Yes I do." Erza says. She smiles and goes back inside. She walks to her room and puts on flip flops to match her kimono. She grabs her phone and walks out her room. Katsu is sitting on the bed with his head hung low. He notices Erza pass by. 

   "Yo Erza!" Katsu says. She walks pass his room. He gives Pyro a awkward look. "I know I said it loud enough." Katsu says. 

   "Maybe she didn't want to deal with your stripping ass today." Pyro says laughing. 

   "Oh ha! Ha! Ha! Very funny Pyro." Katsu says as he looks dumbfounded at her. They heard the front door shut. 

   "She must have had an important meeting to go to." Pyro says. Katsu tilts his head. 

   "But she said we'd be going somewhere today. She asked if I wanted to go shopping, or hang out with her, and I said sure." Katsu says. Pyro shrugs. Katsu gets into a thinking position. 

   "You know the Magic Council." Pyro says.

   "But wouldn't she have told me that she couldn't do anything today?" Katsu says.

   "Maybe it was super important." Pyro says. Katsu shrugs. 

   "Beats me." Katsu says. 


   As Erza and Jellal are walking along the sidewalk, her phone buzzes. She flips open her phone and its a message from Natsu. She responds telling him she's out with Jellal. 

   "How's the guild been doing?" Jellal asks. She smiles. 

   "Good so far. Maybe you should join it." Erza says. She gives him a warm smile. Jellal smiles. 

   "Maybe I will." Jellal says. "Where do you want to go? The park, a fast food, or a movie theater?" Jellal asks. Erza thinks, and then she smiles. 

   "How about we do all three?" Erza says. Jellal smiles. 

   "Sounds fun." Jellal says. They start walking to the park. 


   Katsu arrives at the guild. Everyone seems to be freaking out. Natsu is standing on a table looking shockingly at his phone. 

   "Guys its no joke! Erza told me she is out with Jellal!" Natsu yells. 

   "Show me the message flame head!" Gajeel says. Natsu shows him the message. Gajeel's eyes widen. 

   "See! She is in love with Jellal!" Natsu yells. "Erza loves Jellal!" Natsu yells again. Katsu looks confusingly at Pyro. 

   "But wasn't she suppose to do something with us today Pyro?" Katsu asks. He feels replaced by this Jellal guy. 

   "Maybe this Jellal guy is her boyfriend." Pyro says. 

   "She told me a guy once told her he had a fiance. This might be the guy." Katsu says. Pyro nods. "Plus she seemed to have loved the guy." Katsu says. 

   "Well it seems you have been replaced...." Pyro says. Katsu lowers his head. 

   "I guess." Katsu says. 


   Erza and Jellal are at the park sitting on a bench watching children play and the birds fly across the grassy area. Erza takes a sip from her drink that Jellal bought her. Her phone buzzes. She checks it and its Natsu again.

   "Who's been blowing your phone up?" Jellal asks smiling at her.

   "Natsu. He's surprised that you're back." Erza says.

   "So how has Natsu been?" Jellal asks.

   "He's been the same." Erza says. She takes another sip from her drink.


   Katsu is walking down the street a bit upset that Erza replaced him. Pyro is walking beside him.

   "Have you tried calling her?" Pyro asks.

   "I rather not do that." Katsu says. "She's out with someone." Katsu says. Pyro looks away.

   "Oh....True." Pyro says. "Why do you care so much about her?" Pyro asks. 

   "I'm not sure what this feeling is. When I'm around her I feel strange." Katsu says. "I've never felt this way before." Katsu says. Pyro nods.

   "And what is this feeling?" Pyro asks.

   "I don't know, and I really don't care. All I know is I've never felt it before." Katsu says. Pyro stops walking.

   "Kat, are you in love with Erza?" Pyro asks.

   "No. I haven't loved anything." Katsu says.

   "Then what is that feeling?" Pyro asks.

   "I don't know. I never felt it before." Katsu says. Pyro crosses her arms.

   "I think you're in love." Pyro says. Katsu rolls his eyes.

   "Dammit cat! I'm not in love!" Katsu says. Pyro smirks and laughs.

   "If you've never felt love before then how can you explain this feeling?" Pyro asks. Katsu looks dumbfounded. 

   "I'm not in love you stupid cupid cat." Katsu says. Pyro laughs again. 

   "I'm not stupid or cupid." Pyro says. She starts laughing hard. Katsu points his finger at Pyro and fire shoots into her mouth. She immediately starts coughing. "It's cold, but fiery! How is that possible!" Pyro yells. Katsu laughs. 


   Erza and Jellal are walking to a nearby fast food place. They order their food and they go outside the place to eat. Erza sits down and Jellal sits in front of her at a table outside the place. Erza's phone buzzes again. She checks her phone and its still Natsu. She smiles at the message and responds. 

   "Fireball still texting you?" Jellal asks smiling at her. Erza nods. 

   "Yes. He's so funny when it comes to relationships. Even though we all know he has a thing for Lucy." Erza says. 

   "But doesn't Lucy like Gray?" Jellal asks. 

   "Not sure. She does hang around him alot." Erza says. She lays back in her chair. Katsu and Pyro are walking along the sidewalk. Katsu looks to the left and sees Erza with a blue haired guy. He sighs and looks away. Erza felt like something was missing. Katsu took once last glance and saw that they were holding hands. He looks away and walks into a store. Erza turns around thinking someone was near her. She turns back around. 

   "What's wrong?" Jellal asks. He puts his hand on her leg. 

   "I thought I was missing something. I guess not." Erza says. 


   Later Erza and Jellal walk out of the movie theater. The sun is setting. They take a walk on the sidewalk. Erza has her hand wrapped in Jellal's. 

   "Where do you want to go next?" Jellal asks. Erza moves her head from Jellal's shoulder. 

   "Anywhere." Erza says. Jellal looks at the beach.

   "How about we watch the sunset?" Jellal asks. She smiles. 

   "Sure." Erza says. They walk down the beach and sit down. Erza takes off her flip flops and puts her feet into the warm water. Jellal does the same. Erza watches the sun slowly go down. 

   "I want to tell you the reason I came back." Jellal says. Erza looks at him. 

   "Why is that?" Erza asks. 

   "I came back to tell you I love someone else." Jellal says. Erza looks shocked. 

   "Is that the only reason?" Erza asks. 

   "Yes. I wanted to tell you, but I never got the courage to." Jellal says. Erza begins to tear up. She stands up and looks away from Jellal. 

   "I'm going back home." Erza says. She turns back and walks away.

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