Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


10. A Legendary Dragon Slayer



   There is a young man who is bathing in dragon's blood in a pond he made himself. He has black and white spiky hair. His eyes are brown and he has black markings on the bottom of each eyes. He has a marking on his arm that goes from his shoulder all the way to his wrist. He is washing his hair in dragon's blood. He leans his head back. He looks into the sky. 

   "Miku I'll be strong like u asked." He says to himself. His name is Ayato Shu. He is a Dragon Slayer, but he is a stronger kind. He walks out of the pond and he grabs his cloths and puts them on. He is wearing a black jacket and black pants. He grabs his sword that he stuck in the ground and pulls it out. He puts it in its holder. He sighs. "Its lonely without you." He says, feeling sad. He walks down the forest path. He enters a city known as Magnolia Fiore. He sees a couple of people talking. He hears their conversation. 

   "Did you hear that Katsu Draganov got his ass kicked?!" The female says. 

   "What exactly happened?" The male voice says. 

   "I heard his step-brother beat him so badly that he had to be carried here." The female says. Ayato rolls his eyes at the conversation. 

   "If he lost he lost. He can't help it that the other person was better than him." Ayato says. The people look at him as he said it. 

   "Katsu was part of Fairy Tail! Katsu couldn't have lost!" The male says. Ayato stops and he looks back. 

   "This Katsu can't win every fight. There is always someone better." Ayato says. 

   "But he's not meant to lose! He should just quit Fairy Tail." The female says. Ayato has a wondrous expression. 

   "This Fairy Tail you said. What is it?" Ayato asks. 

   "Fairy Tail is the strongest guild in the entire world! Every strong mage must join it!" The female says. Ayato smiles. 

   "Every strong mage huh? Are Dragon Slayers allowed?" Ayato asked. The female gets excited. 

   "Yeah! The person we were just talking about is a Dragon Slayer! Even the most popular Dragon Slayer is there!" The female says. 

   "Who's that then?" Ayato asks. 

   "Natsu Dragneel!" The female squeals. 

   "Natsu Dragneel? Who the fuck is that?!" Ayato asks. 

   "You don't know Natsu?!" The female asks. 

   "Uh no and I don't care. So where is this guild at?" Ayato asks. The female points behind him. 

   "That's Fairy Tail!" The female says. Ayato looks behind him seeing the popular guild. Ayato nods at the female and walks toward the guild. Inside there aren't many people they all look depressed like something bad just happened. Ayato keeps walking. Makarov walks up to Ayato. 

   "Are you here to join the guild?" Makarov asks. 

   "Yes." Ayato says. 

   "Some people come here for the wrong reason. Are you sure its worth it?" Makarov says. 

   "Yes I'm sure." Ayato says. 

   "Alright I'll show you Mirajane since Lucy isn't here. She's taking care of one of our guild members." Makarov says. 

   "Must be Katsu right?" Ayato asks. 

   "Yeah, how did you know?" Makarov asks. 

   "When I came to this town I overheard people talking about how badly Katsu was beaten." Ayato says. Makarov nods. 

   "He was beaten pretty badly." Makarov says. They get to Mirajane. "Mirajane this is our new member." Makarov says. 

   "Hiya there. What is your name?" Mirajane asks. Makarov walks away. 

   "Ayato Shu." Ayato says. Mirajane smiles. 

   "Which color and where?" Mirajane asks. Ayato gives her a confused look. 

   "What do you mean which color and where?" Ayato asks. Mirajane chuckles. 

   "Your guild mark." Mirajane says. "It shows that you are part of Fairy Tail when you go on  quests." She smiles at Ayato. 

   "Oh like a symbol?" Ayato asks. Mirajane nods. "I'd like it in black and on this shoulder." Ayato says. He lifts up his jacket sleeve and Mirajane stamps it. Ayato looks at it. "It looks sorta girly." Ayato says. Mirajane giggles. 

   "Its suppose to be a Fair-" Natsu interrupts Mirajane. 

   "What was girly?" Natsu asks angrily getting into Ayato's face. Ayato is a bit confused. 

   "The symbol looks kinda girly." Ayato says. "Is it suppose to be a fairy?" 

   "Yes and for one you don-"

   "Shut up Flame Breath." Laxus says. "This guy is clearly not man enough to become a Fairy Tail member." Laxus has his arms crossed as usual. 

   "I wasn't criticizing the symbol. It is just kinda girly." Ayato says. Natsu gives Ayato a glare. 

   "You were criticizing it so shut yer mouth!" Natsu yells. 

   "Natsu I think we need to teach this guy a lesson." Laxus says. 

   "For the love of God please take it outside." Makarov says. Natsu nods and so does Laxus. 

   "You're about to be pounded on really hard dirt-bag." Natsu says. Ayato facepalms. 

   "How did I get into this situation?" Ayato asks himself. Laxus and Natsu meet Ayato outside the guild. Happy is doing the voting thing again. So far the voting is Laxus and Natsu thirty-four, Ayato zero. Ayato pulls out his sword and magic energy comes off it. Natsu and Laxus look pumped. 

   "Fight!" Happy yells. Laxus and Natsu dart after Ayato. Ayato quickly evades their attacks. Everyone seems to be impressed how fast Ayato is. 

   "Wow this Ayato Shu guy is really fast!" Wendy says. 

   "You said it miss." Carla says. Natsu throws a punch to Ayato and Laxus throws a kick. Ayato catches Natsu's punch with his fist and blocks Laxus' kick. They are both just as shocked as the crowd. Ayato does a split kick and it sends them both stumbling. Ayato puts his sword up.

   "Alright I won't use my weapon against you two." Ayato says. He stands there watching both of their movements. Natsu goes in to kick Ayato and Laxus is charging for a lighting bolt. Ayato catches Natsu's attack. Right then he notices Laxus charging up. Laxus holds the lighting bolt aiming for Ayato's back. Natsu goes to kick Ayato and he catches his kick. When Laxus threw the lighting bolt Ayato moves Natsu in the direction of the lighting bolt and he lets go. Natsu gets hit with the lighting bolt and he is sent on the ground. Laxus comes at Ayato and he leans sidewards dodging Laxus' attack. Ayato knees Laxus in the stomach and Laxus falls down. The same time Laxus fell down Natsu got up. 

   "You're pretty strong, but I fought tougher guys than you." Natsu says. "We're both Dragon Slayers so you have no chance against us." Natsu smirks. 

   "Are we allowed to use magic?" Ayato asks. Natsu nods. 

   "It wouldn't be fun if we didn't right?" Natsu says. Natsu ignites flames from each fist. "Time to turn up the heat!" Natsu says. Ayato clenches both fists instantly making a white aura in his right hand and a dark aura in his left. 

   "You did know that there was a magic such as Holy Dark right?" Ayato asks. He smirks at Natsu. 

   "No, but I'm sure it'd be worth seeing!" Natsu says. They both run at each other throwing fast blows. They dodge and attack. Natsu throws a punch and Ayato dodges. Ayato throws a punch and Natsu dodges. Natsu jumps back and he hits both fists together. "Roar of the Fire Dragon!" A huge flame comes from Natsu's mouth and it goes at Ayato. Ayato puts both hands in front of him. The attack hits both hands. Ayato splits the Fire Dragon Roar and he jumps toward Natsu who is stunned just as much as everyone watching. 

   "No he just didn't!" Gray says in shock. 

   "This guy is serious! He's actually stronger that Natsu?!" Jet asks in disbelief. The aura on Ayato's fist glow. 

   "Double Iron Fist of The Holy Dark Dragon!" Ayato yells. He punches Natsu in the stomach with the Holy fist and then he uppercuts him with the Dark fist. Natsu is knocked out. Laxus is just now getting up. 

   "You must be pretty strong if you beat Natsu." Laxus says. He spits out blood onto the ground. "But you haven't shown me shit." Laxus gets ready for his breath attack and before you know it Ayato punches Laxus in the gut with the Dark fist. Laxus coughs and he falls onto Ayato's fist. Ayato removes his fist and everyone is in shock. 

   "I just lost fifty bucks! My wife's gonna kill me!" A townsmen says. 

   "He just beat Laxus and Natsu!" Gray says. Gajeel walks up to face Ayato. 

   "You got enough magic energy for one more round?" Gajeel asks smirking a cracking his fists. "I think I can beat you." 

   "One more round wouldn't hurt." Ayato says. 

   "Who's voting for Ayato verses Gajeel?" Happy asks. Everyone goes for Ayato. "Now fight!" Happy says. Ayato rushes in and punches Gajeel across the face with the Dark fist. Gajeel smirks and he eats the dark magic. Ayato is shocked. Gajeel goes into his Iron Shadow Dragon Slayer mode. 

   "Like what ya see? I'm going to beat you now." Gajeel says. Gajeel does a straight gut punch and Ayato coughs. Gajeel kicks Ayato and he his sent on the ground.

   "I change my vote! I want Gajeel!" A townsman says.

   "No refunds." Happy says.

   "I just now lost a hundred and forty bucks! My wife's gonna triple kill me!" The townsman says. Ayato is on his side and he puts his arms under him and he gets up. 

   "What kinda magic is that?" Ayato asks looking at Gajeel's Iron Shadow Dragon Slayer mode. 

   "I am a Iron Shadow Dragon Slayer. I noticed during the fight with Laxus and Natsu you were using a magic in one hand and a magic in the other. I have to ask. What if you got handicapped in a fight? Would you still win?" Gajeel says. 

   "I can't say no one has ever been able to handicap me before, but I can tell you this won't be an easy fight." Ayato says. He has a Holy aura coming from his right hand. He smirks at Gajeel. 

  "I wouldn't be fighting you if I knew this was an easy win." Gajeel says. Both Dragon Slayers stare each other down. Who's going to come out on top? Gajeel Redfox the Iron Shadow Dragon Slayer? Or Ayato Shu the Holy Dark Dragon Slayer? Find out in the next chapter release!

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