Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart

There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges.

(Ayato will appear in the 10th chapter)


19. A Female Ice Make Wizard



   There is a girl walking in Fiore. Her name is Asuka Chinatsu. She has faded blue long hair with two strands that cover most of her forehead. Her bangs come down in front of her shoulders. She has dark blue eyes. Her complexion is whiter than most girls'. She is wearing a light pink and white striped jacket with a white skirt. Her socks come three inches above knee level, and they are dark grey. Her heels are crimson red. Her necklace is a silver cross with a sapphire in the middle. Asuka looks at the sky and sighs. 

   "Man I'm never going to find this Fairy Tail thingy!" Asuka says irritated. She sits on a nearby bench. Suddenly she hears a old woman yell for help. She looks over to her and sees some guys running off with a purse. She gets up. "Hey you guys!" Asuka yells. The guys turn around. They laugh at the sight of her. 

   "Where on Earth are your cloths?!" One of the robbers asks. Asuka looks at herself and she blushes. 

   "So? I don't need cloths not defeat you two." Asuka says angrily. 

   "What are you gonna do? Beat us naked?!" The other one says. 

   "Ha! The last time I heard that I was laughing so hard I fell off my dinosaur!" Asuka says. The robbers laugh at each other. 

   "This girl is for real!" The robber on the left says. 

   "She's outta her league." The one on the right says. Asuka stomps the ground. 

   "You two knuckle heads listen up!" Asuka screams, getting their attention. "I'm not a fucking push over! Return the purse or get slaughtered!" Asuka screams. 

   "She can't be serious." The right one says. 

   "Quit playing around." The left one says. They both turn around and begin walking. Asuka narrows her eyes. Asuka puts her hand on the ground. 

   "Ice Make: Slider!" Asuka says. A wide path of slippery ice goes underneath both men's feet. They fall back. 

   "What the hell?" 

   "What is this, ice?!" Asuka smirks. 

   "Its about time you handed over the purse." Asuka says. The right sided robber snarls. 

   "Nice trick little girl, but we got some tricks too!" He spins around making fire go around them and melting the ice. Asuka gulps. 

   "Oh crap!" Asuka says frighten. She knows her ice magic isn't going to work. She bit her finger tip. 

   "You're going to be toasty!" The right one says. He sends a fireball towards Asuka. 

   "Ice Make: Shield!" Asuka says. A ice shield is defending her. The fireball hits the shield and pushes her backwards as it shatters. She lands on her back. "Ah dammit Asuka! Why did you have to be the hero?!" She thought. She gets up and looks at the mage. "Ice Make: Lance!" Asuka says as ice spears go at the robber mage. He spins around making fire rise up and instantly melting the ice. He quickly dashes toward Asuka. 

   "Fire Fist Uppercut!" He uppercuts Asuka sending her in the air. He jumps up and slams both fists on her back and she is sent into the ground. The people spectating the fight wince at her fall. Asuka turns on her back and sees the mage approaching her. "Don't pick fights you can't win darling." He says. He raises her fist and flames appear. 

   "Yeah get her Daniel!" The other robber says. Apparently he doesn't know any magic.

   "Say goodbye Stripper Girl." Daniel says. He just about punches her when a voice calls out, and he prevents himself from punching her.

   "Pick on someone your own gender." A voice says. The robber looks up on a nearby building. Katsu Draganov is standing on the building. He jumps down and scratches the back of his neck. "It must be important to steal a old woman's purse. Are things really that worse?" Katsu asks teasing the guy.

   "Shut up loser!" Daniel says. Katsu shakes his head as he walks closer to the guy.

   "Then this girl shows up and you apparently beaten her. And now you're being confronted by me. The guy who will kick your-" Katsu catches Daniel's punch. "As I was saying. The guy who will kick your ass." Katsu smirks and knees Daniel in the stomach making him cough. Katsu then knees him in the face which makes Daniel fall on his back. Asuka watches in amazement. 

   "Um mister are you a mage?" Asuka asks. Katsu doesn't look back.

   "Yeah." Katsu says. Daniel gets up and wipes his lip. 

   "You piece of garbage! I'll burn your corpse!" Daniel says angrily. Katsu pretends to be shaking. 

   "Oooo you got me shaking in my Blue Fire Dragon Slayer boots tough guy." Katsu says teasingly. Asuka looks at Katsu's sneakers. 

   "Uh mister you're wearing sneakers, not boots." Asuka says. Katsu turns to her. 

   "That doesn't mean anything woman!" Katsu says. He turns around and Daniel delivers a flaming right hook. It sends Katsu back. He smirks. "You can pack a punch!" Katsu says. He looks at Daniel. "But next time make sure it counts." Katsu gut punches Daniel. Daniel falls to his knees. Katsu steps back and acts like he shot Daniel. Daniel falls face first. Asuka smiles and looks at Katsu. 

   "I didn't see you use any magic." Asuka says. Katsu blows his finger tip like he's blowing smoke from a gun. 

   "Didn't need to." Katsu says. He looks at Asuka. "So where's ya cloths?" Katsu asks. Asuka blushes. She didn't notice her cloths being gone again. 

   "Uh, not again!" Asuka says blushing like crazy. Katsu turns from her. Asuka looks around frantically for her cloths. 

   "Here they are sweetie." The old woman says. She hands Asuka her cloths. Asuka takes her cloths back and hands the woman her purse back. Asuke quickly puts on her cloths. She looks around for Katsu but couldn't see him. 

    "Now where did that pink haired guy go?" Asuka asks herself. 


   When night falls Asuka is in a inn. She is sitting at a table with no one else around it. Her mind ponders on Katsu. She taps her finger nail on the table. Katsu walks in the inn. He waves to the bar tender. 

   "What can I get you tonight Mr. Draganov?" The bar tender asks. 

   "It isn't for me. Its for Cana." Katsu says. Asuka snaps out of her daydream as she heard his voice. 

   "Okay, I know whatcha looking for." The bar tender says. He walks to the back. Katsu turns around and leans his back on the counter. Asuka saw him and she gets up and walks to him. 

   "Hey mister I never got your name." Asuka says. Katsu looks at Asuka and smiles happily. 

   "Katsu Draganov." Katsu says. She smiles and offers a handshake. 

   "You're part of Fairy Tail right?!" Asuka asks. Katsu rolls up his sleeve showing her the guild mark. 

   "Does that answer your question?" Katsu asks. Asuka nods. 

   "Is the guild still looking for recruits?" Asuka asks. She puts her hands together and bit her lip hoping they are. 

   "I'm sure they are." Katsu says. Asuka punches the air. 

   "Yeah! I'm going to be a Fairy Tail wizard!" Asuka says. Katsu giggles. 

   "You sure are glad." Katsu says. The bartender comes back with the box of alcohol for Cana. Katsu picks it up and takes a glace at Asuka. "By the way, nice racks." Katsu says. He begins to walk out the door. Asuka makes a confused look. 

   "Nice racks? What does he mea-" Asuka looks down at herself, and blushes. She is wearing nothing but a bra and panties. She quickly covers herself with her arms. "Where are my cloths?!" She looks frantically for them and sees them laying on the table where she was sitting. She runs to get them and quickly puts them on. She runs outside and sees Katsu walking down the street. "Hey Katsu! Wait!" Asuka yells. She runs toward Katsu. He stops and turns toward her. 

   "Found your cloths?" Katsu asks. 

   "Yeah, but nevermind that. I'm going with you to Fairy Tail!" Asuka says. She gives Katsu a warming smile. Katsu smiles back. 

   "You plan on joining?" Katsu asks. Asuka nods while smiling. "Just do one thing for me." Katsu says. They start walking. 

   "What is that?" Asuka says smiling. Katsu smiles and looks at her. 

   "Keep your cloths on." Katsu says. She blushes. 

   "Their off again aren't they?" Asuka asks embarrassingly. She closes her eyes. "I can't help it. Its a habit that I got from my training in Ice Make magic." 

   "No they aren't off. Just giving you some pointers." Katsu says. Asuka sighs in relief. 

   "Thanks." Asuka says. Katsu gives her another glance. 

   "But still, nice racks." Katsu says. Asuka blushes and looks at down at herself. Her jacket is gone. 

   "Dammit!" She looks around for her jacket. 

   "I saw you take it off and so I got it." Katsu says. He hands her the jacket. 

   "Thanks again." She takes it and puts it on. They head toward Fairy Tail. 

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