Dream Connection

Written by Sahaana Kiritharan


1. Dream Connection

Mira Kylie Johnson, who was an ordinary girl, was sleeping but then she had a dream about a boy named Alex Rose Johnson. She wanted to know more about him, but her alarm had rang and made her jump! Her Mother then told her it was time to get ready for school. So, she got ready and went to school. Her friends had already got someone to go with for prom so they’d been hoping someone would come through for her. When she went to school the teacher said “Hello Class! Today we have a new student I’d like you to meet his name is Alex! One by one I want you to introduce yourself to him.” when everyone introduced themselves all except Mira. So then the teacher told Alex Mira name. Alex went up to Mira and said “Hey There Mira Kylie Johnson!” Mira was still freaked out about the name thing, she replied “Y-your name isn’t Alex Rose Johnson is it?” 

Alex replied "That is defiantly me! “ Alex sat down and then class had finished. There had been a rumour going around school that this girl name Paige had a boyfriend who was actually, Alex. He didn’t notice till his friends had said “Alex got a girlfriend?” Of course Alex said no till they pulled out a piece of paper which said “Paige has a boyfriend” but Alex ignored that; he asked Mira if she wanted to go Prom with him. While Alex and Mira secretly did like each other so Mira said “Uhh...  Sure” .Then all her friends and her went to get ready Alex came along they never knew but they both had Vampire powers so when they were done a greedy clerk wanted more money so they tried to stab Mira, Mira didn’t die she said “Revenge is sweet.” And then she killed them both, Then Alex went back to go tell Paige he didn’t want to be with her. She said to meet him behind school, where she’d say goodbye. So Alex went to Paige and then she hugged Alex tightly and said “This is how I get over boys” .But what Alex didn’t know was that meanwhile, Mira and her friends would meet Alex there. So when Mira looked at it from an angle she thought he was going to go with her. She was heartbroken; she couldn’t believe Alex had betrayed her. Tears flew down her eyes and then she cried in pain. Her friends tried to make her feel better but it was no use.  Mira sadly said “Hh-ow could you if that’s how you want it Alex you can have her for Prom I’ll just sit at home. Alex Turned around He shouted “I Can Explain Mira, Give me a chance please!” he begged hoping she would forgive him.

 Mira angrily said “You can hardly explain that you were not cheating on me? You can have fun Alex WITH HER! I finally see your true feelings for one and another” Alex tried so hard to try to explain Second by second he would be heartbroken he pushed Paige away, He remember he had a picture of Paige crying, if this the only way to get Mira Back He thought “I’ll send it.” He sent the picture to Mira hoping she would see the picture and realize the truth. Meanwhile Mira got a notification on her phone but she was crying at home while her mother had thought she had gone to prom. So she ignored it. Alex knew where Mira Lived from His Crazy Dream he had the same dream. He opened the door and said “Mira, I didn’t mean any of it I was trying to break up with Paige she told me that’s how she gets over boys”

Mira who was still sobbing said “Well Alex, even if you did want to take me to prom, now it’s far too late. All the tickets are all gone.”

 Alex remembered that he had already bought tickets to take Mira; he exclaimed “I still have my tickets I pre-ordered so I could go anytime.”

Mira Happily said “Well Then Let’s go!”

 Mira was already dressed and so was Alex so they took the car and went to Prom.

 Her friends said “Hey, Mira who’s your Prom date? You can’t be here without one.”

 Mira said “Alex” Her friends said “But, I thought he didn’t want you.”

 Mira said joyfully “I’d check your phones after, anyways who cares let’s dance Alex”.

They danced romantically they got prom king and queen. Paige was outraged and completely angry, shouting “How Could SHE WIN AND NOT ME!”

Finally, when the last day had come, Alex had proposed to her Mira with a beautiful ring. She was so happy with the proposal, that she immediately accepted she said “Of course!” All her friends and family were so happy for her, a week later when the wedding begun, he said finally dressed “I’m here my lad- Uhh. Yeah we’re ready to go” they drove off to the church.

 The priest asked Alex “Alex, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife to protect and keep safe?” Alex Replied “I do.” The Man asked again this time at Mira “And Mira do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded wife to help and protect?” Mira Spoke “I do.”

Then the priest declared officially saying “you make kiss the bride”. Then they both kissed and they got sent to Vampire school together, where they learned more about their powers then they ever even did.

The End!

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