The Thieves in my Life

There's one thing that Quintessia Romes can't handle. Script for a drama that played out in my mind. Originally I typed it out, so if it looks a little weird that's because I transferred it and hadn't notice the missing piece yet.


1. Prologue

"The Thieves in My Life"

by Bianca Wilson a.k.a Innoce


The Thieves in My Life


QUINTESSIA’S THOUGHTS: For as long as I can remember… 

FADE IN(More like a book opening):


[scenes of Quintessia’s childhood plays out on pages]

QUINTESSIA’s THOUGHTS: I’ve always seemed to hate it when something was taken from me.

[(before)Scene shows a toddler Quintessia playing with her doll by herself at a house. There are many kids and mothers around. While Quintessia plays alone a girl walks up to her and snatches the doll away. She (Rapunzel) then begins to pull at the doll’s limbs and in response the younger, innocent looking Quintessia grabs the girl by the tail of her long braid and pulls. (After) The girl cries out alerting the group of mothers chatting. Both mothers of the children seeing the scene- Quintessia pinning Rapunzel to the ground and slapping her with her doll, a vicious light in her eyes… hurry over to part the fight] 

QUINTESSIA’S THOUGHTS: Others may see it as me being selfish,

[Another Scene, a seven year old Quintessia eating lunch. One of her classmates a boy ( Willis) peers over her shoulder and Quintessia covers her lunch box]

QUINTESSIA THOUGHTS: Or as me being jealous,

[Another scene the nine year old Quintessia looking at her class, usually Quintessia is the first in her class but the new student (Caul) came in first and Quintessia quietly crushes up her report card

(- which she was happy to receive at first) into a ball of paper]


QUINTESSIA’S THOUGHTS: But it always happens so often…


[In this scene eleven year old Quintessia is standing outside the mansion of her family, next to her butler (Heinz), while together they watch Quintessia’s mother slip into a silver luxury car, the servants load her bags into the car and bow as her mother drives off.]


QUINTESSIA’S THOUGHTS: That I’ve been starting to wonder…


[Now Present day fourteen year old Quintessia is seated at a table with her Father, her new stepmother and a step-sister her age]


QUINTESSIA’S THOUGHTS: Why? Why must this world always test me?


Sebastian(Quintessia’s Father): Starting on from today this will be your new Mother and Sister.

QUINTESSIA’S THOUGHTS: I knew these two, that girl (Antigone) is in my class, and that woman’s my Father’s secretary. They were both homeless, when my Father took them in and gave them a place to stay after seeing them on the street, I thougt nothing of it. I thought they would get themselves together and leave. At school there’s a whole bunch of rumors about her Father, some say her Dad’s an alcoholic, others say he kicked them out of the house. They didn’t seem like bad people, I thought Antigone’s mom, Esmerelda seemed like a capable independent woman but I never expected that my icebox of a Father would actually end up thawing under her presence. He seemed happier, these days, I never thought much as to why. What could she have possibly done that I hadn’t already tried to get Father to open up to me? I thought of it as a challenge. It would be I who stuck by Father’s side when Mother abandoned us, it would be I who would make him smile again… but even that chance...


[Sebastian smiles at Esmerelda, and she looks back at him with the same expression on her face...seeing this both girls exchange looks. Quintessia raises her eyebrows and smiles, Antigone does the same but as Quintessia takes a sip from her glass her smile wilts]


QUINTESSIA’S THOUGHTS: Why? Why must the rug always get pulled from underneath me?


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