Touching Spirit Bear

So in grade 9 I had to read the book called "Touching Spirit Bear" and afterwards I made chapter 29 for fun, so if you also have read the book you will understand this and if not you can still enjoy it.


2. Chapter 29

"How is it that one match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box of matches to start a campfire?" Peter mumbled under his breath but was still audible to Cole.

Cole took a seat next to Peter and assisted with the box of matches for their fire that was going to last the night. With the cabin warming up they crawled into their beds and soundlessly fell asleep. 


Cole shot up at the sound of the cabin door slamming with muffled cries in the background. As Cole opened the door he saw Peter kneeling on the ground grasping for air as tears spewed out of his eyes. Cole didn’t say anything, he just sat beside the broken boy trying to comfort him by holding him just like they did after Peter beat him up. Peter started calming down by the help of the gentle feeling of Cole rubbing his hand on Peter’s back. They sat there for what has seemed like hours with Peter in Cole’s arms, it was comfortable and felt like it was meant to happen. Once the feeling of freezing started to affected shivering bodies they stood up. Peter was weak from all the crying and shaking he has done in the past few hours so Cole held Peter around his waist while Peter was holding on to his shoulder for support. Cole lays Peter down in the bed and lifts the covers over him. just before going back to bed he rekindled the fire so the cabin was filled with heat to ease them into a cozy sleep, Cole checked on Peter one more time and saw his cheeks still coated with fresh tears as he drifted to sleep, Cole waddled back to his bed and did the same.


They woke up to fresh breakfast that was made just before they woke up than Peter and Cole continued their way to the pond. As the boys walked along the path in silent, the two seemed to find the mute walk comfortable and un-awkward until Peter softly grabbed Cole’s arm signaling to stop walking. Cole turned around to face the boy, worried that he would get beat up again. 

“Why did you stay with me last night?” Peter questioned.

“As cliche as this sounds, no one should be alone.” Cole replied back confidently.

“But why?” again Peter asked but even fainter.

“Because I know that anything can heal if you put your time and effort into it” with Cole finishing those words they continued walking to the pond. 


After a day filled with the daily routine, they all sat down for supper to see a hot dog.

“I want to make this hot dog a feast” Cole announced

They sat and enjoyed their feast as the fire got bigger for their dances. 

“So Peter what animal did you see today?” Garvey questioned.

“An owl on the way back from the pond,” Peter answered.

Without any waiting, Garvey stood up and started moving his body as if he was an owl hunting for prey. He sat farther away from the fire so you could hardly see him, he then jumped out and pretended to catch an animal. Once he finished, he walked back over to his seat and said 

“My dance taught me that the owl has wisdom through learning and experience gives us the vision to see and navigate anything we come upon.”

Peter stood up next and started flapping his arm, he was better than before, but his dance still holds a bit of awkwardness. He continued to fly around the fire then landed right on his log stump. 

“My dance represents the strength and determination an owl has, all the work that owls do is for their survival.” Finally, it was Cole’s turn, Cole’s dance was a little more abstract than the rest. As he danced, he tried to show how owl’s see truthfully. After his dance, he too took a seat on this log and told them “My dance was weird but it felt like it needed to do that, in my dance I tried to show how owl’s have intuition and listen without being deceived.”


They marched back into the cabin proud of their dances. The two young boys finished some homework within the time between supper and bedtime. Again Cole made a fire inside to warm up the house to put them to sleep. Before they know it their eyes close and their minds are asleep.


“Cole….. Cole, wake up” Peter whispered making sure that only Cole heard his calling. 

Cole sat up and looked into Peters' eyes. They look glossy but not quite tears. “Would you like to join me, I’m going to go outside and look at stars,” Peter asked gently.

“Of course” Cole responded with a small smile on his face.

The two boys walked out the door quietly so Garvey wouldn’t hear. They sat on the hill and looked up at the milky way, the bright white stars compliment the dark navy sky. Just like the night before the two sat there for a few hours in silents, taking in the beauty in each star and every constellation. Peter got up and went inside with Cole, completely shocked that he felt him in the cold. Peter reappeared outside of the door but with a blanket in his hands. Peter set it up, so both of them had enough of the material to keep warm. On the horizon, the sun started to peek up giving off light causing the stars to fade away till the next night. Cole stood up and grabbed Peters hand to assist him up. They walked into the cabin with Garvey sleeping just as peaceful as they were moments ago.


The day continued like any other day, visit the pond, carry the ancestor rock and roll away out anger. The two boys made it back to the cabin to see Garvey sitting at the table with a coffee in his hands.

"So how did the stars look last night?" Garvey asked suspiciously.

"Amazing...wait weren't you asleep?" Cole responded shocked.

"I heard the door open and close" Garvey simply stated.

"Ohhhh, we're sorry that we woke you" Peter added in.

"It's alright now go get some more firewood" Garvey ordered, and the two boys did as they were told.



That night they didn't do an animal dance because none of them kept their eyes open for and creatures roaming around. Instead, Cole and Peter decided to get to know each other a bit better.

"Favourite color, mine is red," Cole asked.

"Blue but not just any blue, the type of blue we saw in the sky last night" Peter answered as his eyes lit up at the thought of the beautiful night sky they saw. 

"Okay, what are your hobbies?" Cole asked another question.

"I love to write especially fiction stories. I like to take things that happen in my life and twist it up a bit then write a story. What about your hobbies?" Peter added

"Wow I'm a terrible writer, but maybe you could let me read one when we get back to civilization. Oh, and my favorite hobby is probably....umm..... I don't know what I like to do; I guess I'm still figuring that out" Cole explained.

"Well maybe I could help you pick a hobby when we get back" Peter shyly asked.

"I'd like that" Cole once again added.

They finished the night by asking more and more questions as they tried to figure out the others backstory. Cole moved his foam mattress closer to Peter's bed just in case they wanted to look at stars again tonight. Just like Cole expected Peter came to the side of his bed and asked him to join him outside. 

"I like this, we should do this all the time, but maybe we should only do it for half the night if it becomes a regular thing" Cole stated while flashing a smile at Peter.

"We should" Peter whispered.

Without notice, Peter linked his lips with Cole’s. After the quick peck Cole looked at Peter and smiled bigger than he has in a long time, and with that, they stayed silent and absorbed the gorgeous image in their heads.

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