*OLD VERSION* Justice Academy

Justice Academy, a school for those who have unique abilities. This school will help you learn how to control them and use them for good. Anyone who uses their abilities for evil will be banned from the school. Villous actions will not be tolerated.

(Edit: I'm actually going to make a different version of this because I didn't turn out the way I wanted it too.)


28. ~Chapter 28~

This villain is a lot more powerful and crazier than we thought. Turns out she has this thing call materialization which basically means anything she can think of appears. I have been noticing that every time she uses her power the more tired she gets.

Trisha thought up of some weapons and they appeared. She gave some throwing knives to Magician and for herself she got daggers.

She was currently battling me. Each hand was holding a dagger and she would try to jab me with one of them. I did get an occasional scratch from them, but it was nothing too serious. Not long after Torpedo pounced on her and they started fighting.

The next person was Magician. He would use his magic on the throwing knives so that it would target you when he threw it. I used a few objects that were near me to use as shields. Once the knife hit the object I had to toss it to the side because it was broken.

"Hey, hands off! He's mine!" Crimson tackled Magician and started to attack him. I just stood there wide eyed.

Trisha noticed this and clicked her tongue. "Ethan do me a favor and dispose of him. He can't seem to decide what side he's on."

Magician smiled at Crimson. "Gladly."

The two were rolling around trying to attack each other. I waited and once it was the right time I kicked Magician off of Crimson,

"Thanks, sweetcheeks," He grinned and stood up.

I rolled my eye and pushed him away from me. He frowned and crossed his arm at my action. I walked away and went to go help the rest of my teammates.

"Guys! I did it!" Torpedo beamed. Next to her was a tied up Trisha who looked very exhausted. Looks like she overused her power, but then again it just seemed to easy.

Magician ran and was going to free her until Spinner shot webs on him. It flew him back and he was stuck to the wall. He growled and gave Spinner a death glare.

Camo got out his phone and called someone. I'm pretty sure he called the more experienced heroes to come and pick them up the bad guys.

I felt someone rest their arm on my shoulder. "So am I going to have to go to prison?"

"Well, you did help us out in the end..."

Crimson hugged me. "Aw, thanks Shade."

I sighed and pushed him off of me. Just then people entered the room we were in. Everyone quickly got into a defensive pose, except for Camo

"Don't worry they're on our side," He said with a smile.

We all relaxed a bit and let them come in. There were some people who got Trisha, Walker, and Magician. Before they left Trisha said something to me. "This is only just the beginning. You don't know what you're dealing with."

She laughed maniacally as they took her away. What she had said sent shivers down my spine. I thought that defeating her would be the end, but I guess I was wrong. I looked ahead and my jaw dropped at the person who was walking towards us.

His name was Jet and he was basically the greatest hero alive. "You managed to do this all by yourselves? Good job guys." We all smiled at his compliment and with that, he left.

Sam walked up to me and hugged my arm. "Can we go? I'm tired."

I ruffled his hair and smiled, "Sure thing buddy."

"Ooh, could I come too?" Crimson asked as he placed his arm on my shoulder again.

My brother looked at us at shook his head. "Nu-uh, no way!"

"Ah well, I guess I'll see you later sweetcheeks." He gave me a wink and left.

With that, I teleported home with Sam. Straight away I went to my room and plopped on my bed. Then instantly fell asleep.

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