Justice Academy

(Book 1 of Syndicate Series)
Justice Academy, a school for those who have unique abilities. This school will help you learn how to control them and use them for good. Anyone who uses their abilities for evil will be banned from the school. Villous actions will not be tolerated.


22. ~Chapter 22~

Finally the first break of the school year. After the past events and school, I felt done with life. Breaks are the best because no homework and you can sleep longer.

After waking up and doing my morning routine I headed downstairs. There I saw Sam on my brother's phone and my brother passed out on the couch.

Kyle went on a mission without me. Which was fine by me because I've been feeling sick for the past few days. Also, I'm not sure why but people have been getting a lot more annoying than usual.

The result of people's annoyingness is me isolating myself more. Doesn't really bother me since I was a loner, to begin with. I mean before going to this school I was extremely antisocial.

Sure it's worried the gang and all, but all I need is some alone time for a while. It's probably just a phase or something. Oh, and another thing is the gang is saying that I'm starting to seem rude. I haven't noticed anything different about me. I'm not sure what they're talking about.

Anyways after eating breakfast, I went back to the living room. Then sat on the couch and went on my phone. Nothing seemed to be going on so I turned it off.

Sam was looked up from the phone with a confused look on his phase. "What's the game Twister?"

"Why...?" I asked suspiciously.

"Katie and Ben were arguing about the game being sexual?" He rubbed the back of his neck.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something. During the few days that passed, we started to learn each other's real names. Turns out Torpedo's name is Katie and Spinner is Ben. Also during that time Kyle and I introduced the guys to Sam.

I answered his question, "It's just some stupid game that you don't need to know about."

He nodded and went back to looking at the phone.

I got up and stretched my arms. "If my brother asks where I'm at tell him I went out."

"Ok. See you later." Sam waved

I placed my mask on my face. Then waved back and teleported out of there. In a matter of seconds, I reached my destination.

I took my seat at on the swivel chairs across from Walker and next to Crimson. Next to Walker was Magician. Then at the head of the table was Assassin. She was that one red head that that was looking for Sam and the leader of the group.

I placed my feet on the table, leaned back, and had my head resting on my hands.

Now you may be wondering why exactly I'm here. The answer is that after I got that injection they thought that I became "evil" so I used that to my advantage. In other words, I'm basically a spy.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I saw Crimson's hand waving in front of my face. "Did you here?"

My head shook no. I hope it wasn't anything too important.

"She said that we're going to partner up for something." He whispered.

"Can I go solo?" I sighed and leaned back.

He shook his head. "Nope. You're going to have to go with me."

I groaned and removed my feet from the table. Then rested my head on the table and tried to listen to the conversation.

There was someone who started shaking me. "Go away," I mumbled to that person.

"Come on we got to go Shade."

I sat up and stretched my now sore muscles. Crimson rolled his eyes and grabbed my hand. He practically dragged me to our destination.

"Can I go home?" I whined while laying on the floor.

"No, because we have to stick together." He mumbled.

While he was actually looking for whoever I was daydreaming. Crimson was annoyed but left me alone.

A few minutes later he started screaming in excitement. "I found him!"

"Who?" I was very confused. It might have been good if I had listened to the conversation during the meeting.

Again Crimson grabbed my hand and dragged me to wherever. He stopped and hid behind a bush. I hid there with him.

"What exactly is happening?" I asked looking around the area.

"There." He pointed to a guy who looked very similar to Sam...

Hold on what is Sam doing here!? Aw shoot, this is very bad. This is exactly why he should stay at home. Also where the heck is my brother? Why didn't he stop him or something???

Crimson placed his hand on my shoulder. "You can distract while I capture him."

I sighed and nodded. Then stood up and walked towards Sam. I'm going to feel terrible after this.

Sam saw me coming his way and rubbed the back of his neck. "I-I can explain."

"No, I understand. You just wanted to see what's out there" Crimson left the bush and was making his way to a tree and hid behind there.

"It's just that... We didn't want you to get hurt or anything." I finished my sentence with.

Sam smiled slightly. "So you aren't mad?"

I didn't answer his question. Instead, I looked at the ground and whispered, "I'm so sorry.."

He was confused until Crimson covered his mouth and held on to him. He started squirming and crying for help. I turned around and looked at the floor. Eventually fell asleep and so our job here was done

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