*OLD VERSION* Justice Academy

Justice Academy, a school for those who have unique abilities. This school will help you learn how to control them and use them for good. Anyone who uses their abilities for evil will be banned from the school. Villous actions will not be tolerated.

(Edit: I'm actually going to make a different version of this because I didn't turn out the way I wanted it too.)


2. ~Chapter 2~

The library was roomy and looked comfy. In the middle right was an area that had the computers and swivel chairs. Then by the corners were bean bag and rocking chairs. Finally, there were shelves filled with books of all sorts everywhere.

I headed to the librarian's desk so I could get checked in. The librarian had dark skin and long black curly hair. She also had a pencil by her ear and had on glasses. Her name was Ms. Hill and she was on the computer typing some things down.

"Um... Excuse me?" I asked, putting my hands in my pockets. "Oh! Hello there! Are you here to get checked in?" She asked in a cheerful tone. "Let me guess you're.... Shadow?" I hummed and nodded in response.

I went off to the far side of the room and sat on one of the beanbag chairs I leaned back on the chair and put on some earbuds. Then I plugged them into my phone and listened to music.

It was nice and quiet. That was until this guy came by and sat next to me. He was obnoxious and loud. Well, he was eating his food out loud. Why was he even eating food anyways? You don't eat food in a library!

I tried my best to ignore him, but he was so loud. It felt like he's doing this on purpose. I stood up, grabbed my stuff, and moved. This time I sat by the rocking chair area. Spinner was sitting on one the chairs reading a Harry Potter book. Torpedo told me the Spider-man's look a like's name when we left the cafeteria.

He looked up from his book and smiled at me. I waved back and sat next to him. He continued to read his book, while I leaned back in my chair and relaxed. I got into a comfortable position and closed my eyes. I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in a while.

Most of my nights are filled with fighting crimes. My brother tells me not to do that, but I never listen to him. It's just that whenever I see people in trouble I have to help them. I know my brother means well and wants to protect me, but I just can't ignore the situation.

I couldn't fall asleep so I opened my eyes. Spinner wasn't sitting in his chair anymore, instead, he was looking at the bookshelf next to us. I slouched and observed him from where I was. He does seem friendly and a little nerdy. My brother did say to make a friend, so why the heck not.

After looking at the shelf for whatever he was looking for and sat back down on his chair. He looked a little unhappy, and that's when I decided to make my move. "Uh... What's up?"

Spinner looked up and seemed a little surprised that I started a conversation with him. "Well I was trying to find a book I wanted to read, but they didn't have it."

I responded by nodding and saying, "Oh... that sucks..."

"How are you?" He asked while turning to look at me.

I shrugged, "I'm doing okay I guess. I mean school hasn't been a complete bore." Spinner smiled a little and started rocking his chair.

Yeah, I think I'm just going to be blunt with this guy. I sighed, "Listen, I'm trying to make a friend so do you want to be friends or not?"

"Sure." He extended his arm to me. I looked at his hand and then at him.

He smiled and rolled his eyes. "Are you going to shake my hand?"

I hesitantly shook his hand. "Are we friends now?" He nodded and started reading his Harry Potter book again.

While he was reading the loud and obnoxious guy came by. Except this time he wasn't eating his bag of chips. "You left this." He gave me my laptop charger. "Thanks..."

The guy sat next to me and slowly started rocking his chair. He had short, spiky, dark brown hair. The guy was wearing a mask that covered his mouth, a red and white coat, red pants, and black boots.

"The name's Crimson by the way," He said happily. "Shadow," I blurted.

Crimson narrowed his eyes and stared at me, which was kind of creeping me out. I waved my hand in front of his face. His eyes blinked and he snapped out of his thoughts. Crimson was about to say something, but the bell rang.

I stood up and grabbed my stuff. "What class do you have next Shadow? I have Abilities Training?" Spinner asked while standing up. "Same here," I said while walking towards class and him following behind.

Crimson came in between us and wrapped his arms around us, "I have the same class too!"

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