*OLD VERSION* Justice Academy

Justice Academy, a school for those who have unique abilities. This school will help you learn how to control them and use them for good. Anyone who uses their abilities for evil will be banned from the school. Villous actions will not be tolerated.

(Edit: I'm actually going to make a different version of this because I didn't turn out the way I wanted it too.)


19. ~Chapter 19~

"Do you guys have night vision or something?" I asked while turning on night vision on my mask.

"Yeah, I have it on my goggles," Torpedo said with putting the goggles on her face. "Me too." Spinner replied.

"I can't see anything...." Sam was trying to find his way around the dark room.

I sighed and headed by him. I grabbed his arm and made my way toward the switch. Then pushed it upwards, but of course, nothing happened.

I was going to give Sam a lecture, but an idea popped into my mind. "You said you had elemental powers, right?"

He knew where I was going with the idea and smiled. He snapped his fingers and a flame appeared on his hand.

"I think we should split up, cover more ground you know?" Spinner suggested.

Torpedo slapped his arm. "Haven't you ever seen horror movies!?"

I actually think we shouldn't split up, but we are kind of running out of time. "Let's split up. Torps you go with Spinner and I'll go with Sam."

Torpedo groaned and sluggishly walked over to Spinner. She said something to him, but I wasn't able to hear her. All I know is that whatever she said made him frustrated. Torpedo chuckled and left with Spinner following behind.

"We should probably get going," Sam said while slowly walking toward the exit.

I followed him, but for some reason, he started running away when I catch up to him. Eventually, I caught up to him and held onto his shoulder, but my hand went right through him.

Then he just disappeared. I looked around the area in confusion. I really hope that wasn't some hologram distraction I was following.

As I was about to walk forward a dagger was thrown a few centimeters. from my face and landed on the floor. Since no one else was nearby I concluded that they were trying to aim it at me.

I ran away from the person, and the chased after me. I couldn't tell who the person was since I didn't turn around and do that. I'm also not going to do that because that'll give them an opportunity to catch up to me.

The person was pretty fast, but I was faster because of my super speed. Eventually, I came across of a door. I started turning the knob and pulled the door. It wasn't opening which was a huge problem. I would teleport if I could, but it doesn't work here for some reason.

I heard the footsteps of the person getting closer. I decided to push on the door, but I doubt it would help. Never mind it did make a difference. The person just barely grabbed my hood as I quickly shut the door behind me.

I looked at the new area I was in and to my surprise I was back at the school. Did it teleport me to the school? After that thought, there was banging behind the door. I simply started at the door collecting my thoughts while I ran my hand through my hair.

WHY THE HECK IS THAT UNDER THE SCHOOL!?!? I would've never expected that. Then again nobody would've expected that either so that was probably the plan.

I leaned against the door and waited for the pounding to stop. In the meantime, I got a text from my bro.

Kyle: Hey the bank returned along with the people inside.

Chrissy: Were they actually the people inside?

Kyle: Yup

So I guess we don't have to rescue anyone. It really odd, though. Did they do any experiments or was all a trap/distraction?

Finally, the banging stopped and I cautiously opened the door. I made myself invisible just incase. Then I dashed through the place and went to look for the others.

I saw Torpedo and Spinner lying on the ground. I poked Torpedo and she groaned. Spinner sat up and his eyes widened. I looked behind me, but didn't see anything.

"What's the problem?" Just as I asked that I realized my voice sounded feminine. I guess the person that was chasing me managed to pull down my hood.

Spinner poked my face and I narrowed my eyes at him. "So I guess he only had a sister," He smiled a little and stood up.

"Heh, so I was right. You owe me five dollars." Torpedo got up and smirked.

I rolled my eye and put up my hood. I guess everyone in the group knows that I'm a girl now. I started walking away. "Come on we got look for Sam."

"What happened?" The two started following me.

"We got separated," I said letting them catch up to me.

Before Spinner could ask his question there was a yelling nearby.

That's probably him. I went to the source of the sound with Torpedo and Spinner following behind. I stopped and saw that he was being restrained by Walker and Magician.

Torpedo snapped me out of my thoughts by hitting my head. "Stop right there!" I commanded and Spinner shot a web at Magician's hand.

They turned to look at us and smiled mischievously. "Well look who it is," Walker said as she pushed Sam to the side.

"It's the hero and his sidekicks." Magician chuckled and took the webbing off his hand.

When his hand was free he shot Torpedo with a yellow light. She yelped and rubbed her arm, which was the area she got hit.

I looked around for anything that would be useful, but sadly there was nothing. It also didn't help that Torpedo was in an immense amount of pain right now.

I charged at Walker, fist first. She swiftly dodged the attack. While I was attacking her Spinner was battling Magician.

Honestly, we were getting nowhere with this. Well, that was true until Magician shot Spinner with a yellow light on his hand and leg. He fell to the grounded and grimaced.

"You can help your sidekicks. All you have to do is follow us." Walker said as she rested her arm on my shoulder.

"Don't do it," Spinner said with his voice filled with pain. "Yeah, we'll be fine," Torps said as she forced a smile on her face.

Why did I have to get in this kind of situation? I bit my sleeve and looked at the two villains. "I'll go..."

They smiled wickedly. Walker patted my back "You made a good decision."

Meanwhile, the evil Magician stopped their pain and fixed his hair. He grinned and lead the way. I slowly followed behind him but walked fast enough that they didn't tell me to hurry.

Magician said darkly, "Just wait till we show you what we have in store for you."

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