Working With the Prince

Lainey Kingston in a desperate need for money takes a job at Winston's headquarters as a Entrance Secretary. Little does she know the Prince of Britain Jameson Stephenlend the 3rd just bought the company and she will get to know him a little bit more than planned.


17. Your face is on a sneaker

"Oh I love this song"   Ed Sheeran's new song Castle on the hill, blasted through the car speakers. I lightly hummed along to the beat, singing the words that I knew, mostly consisting of the chorus.

"Have you ever met him" he asked looking off the road for a second looking into my eyes

"No never, you?"

He nodded his head yes.

"No way, what is he like? Is he just as ginger in person? Is he?" I stopped when a hand was placed over my mouth stopping my rapid questions.

"Nice, Yes and why don't I  just buy tickets for us to go together"

"No I couldn't, that's way too much money"

I would never for the rest of my life ever depend on someone for money. after this whole entire thing a couple months ago, I rather be broke than have the possibility of someone taking off and leaving you with nothing.

"So your Mom isn't the only reason you won't go out with me" he questioned looking at me with a lopsided smile

"Sorry rich isn't my type" I joked using a posh accent.

"Well I only date the wealthy then" he laughed matching my fake voice impression, ending up with more of a British one. A British accent which sounded way to real to be fake. 

"Are you from Britain, because with that accent you could pass as royalty"

He froze at my statement, the smile dripping off his face forming into a guarded expression.

"Why would you think that" he answered. Not quite telling me if my question was right or not.

I just shrugged trying to drop the topic, but an awkward tension settled in and seemed like it wanted to stay.


"Why does this store smell like cheap rubber"

I looked over at him, his usual straight nose now was wrinkled and eyes squinting in confusion. I stiffed the warm air was meet with the smell that any average shoe store would carry. If anything people loved this smell, it meant your shoes were clean, and new. But I guess rich people preferred the smell of expensive rubber, whatever that smelled like.

"Because it's a shoe store" I answered with a duh tone.

He huffed in frustration and laid out on one of the trying on chairs. His tall figure awkwardly hung off the end, since the hot pink seat was obviously made for a small girl.

"I'll be right back, I'm going to find some shoes for you to try on"

He just nodded before, closing his eyes and pressing his head back against the shelf behind him.

I browsed along the shelves, grabbing a blue Nike pair along with an Adidas sneaker. "No.... eww definitely not..... wait no way" I stopped in the girls section somewhere in between the Justin Bieber and One Direction printed shoes and picked up a hot pink and purple sneaker completely bedazzled.

"Hey Jameson" I called out

"What" He yelled back

"Why is your face on a sneaker?"




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