Working With the Prince

Lainey Kingston in a desperate need for money takes a job at Winston's headquarters as a Entrance Secretary. Little does she know the Prince of Britain Jameson Stephenlend the 3rd just bought the company and she will get to know him a little bit more than planned.


18. Upade on story

Hey everyone I know its been forever since I've written this story, I am terribly sorry about that. The more I write this story the more I seem to dislike it. Along with that recently I started posting this story on Wattpad as well it started off good at first. But a couple days later I noticed when searching my story into the browser another user had copy and pasted this story as their own. That whole entire incident made me a wary of still using these websites, I'm back to writing again I really hope that doesn't happen again. 


Over the next couple weeks I plan to re edit the story, and finish it. I'm sorry for the terrible updating but anyways I started a new story called BridgeTown I have to say its one of my favorite things I have written so far, if you all wouldn't mind checking it out that would be great! I'm planning on finishing that one by the early summer. 

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