Working With the Prince

Lainey Kingston in a desperate need for money takes a job at Winston's headquarters as a Entrance Secretary. Little does she know the Prince of Britain Jameson Stephenlend the 3rd just bought the company and she will get to know him a little bit more than planned.


12. Chapter 9- Marked Off With VIP

"Tyler you feel like going to a party
tonight" I asked through the cars Bluetooth phone.

I almost knew what his answer was going to be something like Lainey I like you but I'm busy or why are you calling me.

We have been together for a while now,  but honestly I don't think we were meant to be together. He was always so composed and serious, and I was not.

I held my breath as he answered "Lainey you know I'm busy, why would you ask that" I could imagine the scowl on his face and him running his hands through his thick black hair.

I took a deep breath composing myself before answering "I'm sorry it's just, my friends from work wanted to meet you"

I heard him cracking his knuckles through the phone, it was a bad habit he had when he got annoyed. "Fine I'll come, I will pick you up in twenty minutes be ready" he said before ending the call

I smiled, Tyler would do anything for me.

I went to my closet and put on a navy cocktail dress, it was skin tight but had some elegant lace on top. Overall it was casual enough for where ever we were going but modest enough is it was a fancier party.

I matched it with some silver heels, which made my tall figure four inches taller. Usually I hate wearing heels Tyler say they make me too tall, but tonight was special, Tyler would just have to deal with it.

My makeup was just a brown smokey eye and a bit of lip gloss, which topped off my look perfectly. My hair would just have to be down in its curly texture since Tyler would be here any second.

I heard a car honking from outside and I knew that was him. I quickly grabbed my bag and phone then locked the door.

"Hi Tyler" I said giving him a big smile. He wore a green button down shirt and grey pants. "You look nice"

"Thanks" he grumbled driving away, "where are we going " he asked stopping the corner.

"Baker Street Club" I said looking at the text Stan sent me.

Jameson's friends were so nice I'm sure Tyler was going to like them. I frowned thinking about how that girl Bermuda was going to be with Jameson. It's no surprise he liked someone as pretty as her, she was probably rich like him too. I had nothing to compete with.

"We're here" muttered Tyler turning off the car and hopping out. I assumed he was getting out to open the car door for me but he just started walking.

I frowned before opening the door for myself, I guess he wanted to get a headstart. I smiled at the bouncer before going in.

I looked around for formulary faces in the crowd but it was extremely packed. "Lainey over here" someone yelled

I turned around to see Stan waiving me over to the area marked off with VIP. I waved back walking over.

"Miss I can't let you go in there" the scary bodyguard said shooting me a grumpy look.

"And why not" I asked, with my temper growing. I saw Jameson get up from his table and walk up to this rude man.

"She said with me" his icey cold voice sent shivers down my back, but it looked like it froze the bodyguard in place.

"Yes of course, I'm am so sorry sir so so so sorry" the man said literally getting on his knees for forgiveness

"Come on" Jameson mumbled grabbing my hand and leading me over to their booth.

I sat down next to Stan, across from Jameson. "Thank you" I smiled at him "You didn't have to do that it was really sweet of you" I said shyly

"No problem, that man should enter of been talking to like that" he growled starring at the man who panically was talking to of whom looked like his manager.

"Lainey where's your boyfriend" Stan slurred, I assumed he was already drunk. How did he even get a drink I thought he wasn't 21 yet.

I looked around for Tyler, I saw his figure sitting at the bar talking to some girl next to him. I gritted my teeth at this, why was he always doing stuff like this, he shouldn't be flirting with other girls if he is dating me.

Stan followed my gaze and his jaw dropped. "Why would a guy dating a girl as beautiful as you be talking to some slut like her" he frowned then started shouting drunken curses at him standing on top of the table.

Jameson looked the direction Stan was intensely pointing and clenched his fists. "I agree with Stan, Lainey you deserve so much better" he said looking directly into my eyes and started leaning in.

"Hey baby the bathroom line was sooooooo long but I'm back" Bermuda yelled plopping herself down on the table making both of us fling back from each other.

"Oh you're here" she growled shooting daggers at me. Then called out "Let's go dance baby" dragging Stan up thinking it was Jameson.

"The drunk and the clueless have now left the table" I joked

Jameson laughed looking at me oddly, it made the butterflies in my stomach go crazy. "You look beautiful Lainey"

I blushed and looked down "Its nice to hear that from someone tonight"

"Hey do you want to dance" he asked extending his hand for me grab.

"Oh aren't you my prince charming tonight" I laughed grabbing his hand

He froze up for a second but then laughed with me. He took my to the outskirts of they dance floor and put his hands on my waist. I wrapped my hands around his neck and placed my head on his shoulder.

We swayed back and forth to the slow song. I looked down at my heels, I could easily wear them when I was with Jameson, he was super tall, my five foot nine figure didn't even compare. I smiled at this realization.

I looked up into his eyes and he looked back, with unknown emotion twinkling in his eyes which I have been seeing a lot lately.

"Hey what are you doing touching my girlfriend" someone yelled from behind me, I frowned knowing whatever moment we were just having was ruined.

Tyler stood behind us with two girls under each if his arms giggling at the scene. This shocked me completely, yes me and Tyler didn't always get along, but him having girls hanging off of him was not okay in my books.

Tyler looked as if he could strangle Jameson, the only thing that separated him from doing so was the couple of steps that he would have to take. For a man as drunk as him, that was like crossing the amazon in slippers.

"Hey I don't want any trouble man" Jameson said putting his hands up in defense, noticing his hostile expression.  But he didn't move the slightest inch away from me, instead he pushed me a bit behind him in a protective way.

"I think you do" Tyler slurred wobbling slightly before shooting daggers at me "You little slut, first you dress disgusting tonight and now you're sleeping around behind my back" he slurred wobbling again. His comment caused the girls draped across him smirk with pride l, and agree with him.

My mouth dropped at his comment, how could he say something like that. Water began to pile up glossing over my eyes.

"Says the guy who has two guys on his arm" Jameson muttered looking at Tyler with pure hate ready to punch him if needed.

"What did you say you little punk" Tyler growled getting up in Jameson's face, dropping the two girls off of him.

"I suggest you back up before I get to three" he growled shooting Tyler that icey look he used earlier on the bouncer who probably ran for the hills.

"3....2...1" Bam


Chapter 8 done!

Lots of drama, what do you think?

How much do you guys hate Tyler and how about Jameson standing up for Lainey

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Chapter 9 done!


Lots of drama, what do you think?

How much do you guys hate Tyler and how about Jameson standing up for Lainey

I will update again soon...

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