Working With the Prince

Lainey Kingston in a desperate need for money takes a job at Winston's headquarters as a Entrance Secretary. Little does she know the Prince of Britain Jameson Stephenlend the 3rd just bought the company and she will get to know him a little bit more than planned.


11. Chapter 8- Pick Up Lines



Jameson's POV

I rubbed my temples trying to get all of the sleep out of my system. Ugh where was she I sent her to get coffee over thirty minutes ago.

The cafeteria delivers, all she had to do was call a order. Maybe I should of had left her on the first floor, but then we would be loosing Customers faster than the plague and that greasy shaggy haired guy might be hitting on her all the time. I couldn't let that happen.

'Ouch, Ouch, ouch" I heard from outside my door then followed by a thump.

I guess my coffee had arrived, now whatever cafeteria lady took this long was going to be fired immediately.

Some sloshing footsteps made their way to my door, and a brown liquid seeped under my door, and 3 soft knocks pounced on my door.

"Come in" I said sternly getting ready to yell at however was beyond the cheap peice of wood.

My door opened to find not a cafeteria lady but Lainey, I frowned at this. Why was she always seeming to get into these problems, for some reason I couldn't seem to find a reason to fire her.

She walked in with a proud grin placed on her lips, what did she have she have to be proud of its not like you just arrived back from the moon or something.

"Your coffee sir" she said then hesitated almost like she was waiting for me to say something.

I looked inside the cup, it barley even filled to a quarter. The missing contents seemed to cover her once white blouse and tracked on my floor which was surley going to stain.

I gained my composure "Miss Kingston, you realize when someone asks for coffee they typically would like it in the cup, not on one's shirt or office floor"

Honestly how she managed to do this made me smirk, she may even be worse than Stan.

"Really I never knew that" she grumbled sarcastically rolling her eyes with a pout.

"Anyways Miss Kingston I have a friend coming in let's say 20 minutes. Try not to scare her away" I said suddenly rember ingredients my plans for the evening and the main reason I needed coffee for the first time in 6 months.

I looked at her sternly in the eye, hopefully she would get the memo and not make a mess of this. I would much rather prefer her not being here at all, since Stan was coming.

She seemed to be thinking about something, it must of not been good since she gritted her teeth.
"I'll try my best"

"Good now wait for them out front" I said motioning her off.

Bermuda would most likely be here first, maybe if I'm lucky Lainey will scare her off too.

Bermuda was a daughter of a rich buissness man in the kingdom, who happened to be good friends with my Mother. Secretly I think they want us to get married.  But I would never let that happen. She was not my type at all short, brown eyes, brunette, annoying.

Ugh now I would just have to wait for her to arrive.

I heard some voices from outside my door, I guess she was here.

Unlike the soft knocking earlier 8 hear pounds on my door, easily could of left dents.

"OPEN sesame" I heard a squeaky voice yelled

I squinted confused, thats not a saying you here everday.

"Bermuda is that you?" I questioned recognizing her squeaky voice.

I took a deep breath to prepare me for the scene, then opened my door.

She stood in font of me, caked with makeup and at least 10 inch heels, which barley made her 5 foot 5.

"One knock would of had been fine" I muttered, starring at her as if she was a crazy lady.

"But I thought it was eight knocks" she said confused trying to count her fingers.

Gosh when I get back home I will have to invest more.into the education department, this was truly pathetic.

I heard someone cracking up next to me I smiled knowing who put her up to this. "Who told you that?"

I glanced to the side as saw Lainey duck cover.

"Oh your maid under that desk" Bermuda pointed, but not toward Lainey direction but at the potted plant across from her. "I hope wait I mean that desk" she redirected her aim.

I smirked then said "You must excuse my desk maid she isn't the brightest in all catorgeries"

Lainey's jaw dropped with anger at this comment.

"You should get a new one, it's pretty dirty in here" Brenda muttered looking at the coffee tracks all over the floor.

I could agree with her for once, it was a mess in here " I guess I should"

"You ready to go" I asked her

"Whatever you want is fine with me" she answered and then started kissing with me, I'm not going to lie she was a great kisser, but I mainly wanted to see what Lainey's reaction to this would be.

I heard the elevator ding open "Ewe guys get a room" Stan yelled making himself at home.

I looked over at Lainey to tell her something but she was checking out Stan. I gritted my teeth but held back my anger.

"Wow man nice place, where's that hot Secretary you've been talking about" Stan asked but it was more like a yell

I turned red, maybe I should join mothers side and vote to banish Stan.

"Stannn shut your big mouth and let's go" I growled at him shooting daggers at him

But he didn't notice at all, "Ohhh fish tank" I heard him yell before he ran over to her desk.. "And your hot Sec."

I don't even remember telling him about Lainey, I'll have to ask him about that later.

"I think I'll come here more often bro" he yelled making Lainey blush

"Hey girl are you Google, because you have everything I'm searching for"

I cringed at this, Stan has to up his pick up lines.

Woah wait was he trying to kiss here, I started going over there to rip him off but Lainey said something first.

"Woah buddy,not avaliable" she mentioned  looking down shyly

"What" both Stan and I yelled loud enough for the whole entire building to hear.

"You have a boyfriend?" I asked looking into her stormy colored eyes

Never once had she mentioned him, but then again it wasn't any of my buissness, she was just my employ.

She gave me a duh look "12 months tomorrow"

Its makes sense how could someone as perfect as her not have a boyfriend. I gritted my teeth and my knuckles turned white from gripping them so hard.

How could she be with anyone else, wait did I like her?

" Baaaa.. bbb..y let's goooo" whined Bermuda dragging me off

I guess I should get over her then she was taken anyway, looks like I'm having shots tonight.

I heard Stan say someting to Lainey before handing her a peice of paper on which I assumed his number was on.

The elevator doors started closing as I heard Lainey yell "have fun"

"Dude I can totally see why you like her now" Stan said while fixing his hair in reflection of the shiny elevator walls.

I just shook my head at this "she has a boyfriend Stan"

"For now" he said with an evil glint in his eyes

"You know what Jameson, I gonna tell her to meet us at the club with her boyfriend" he said pulling out his phone texting her

"Wait n.." I yelled trying to grab it from him

"Done" he yelled With victory

"Sometimes I wish you were banished" I muttered

"What was that I couldn't hear you" Stan said with a grin

"I said....


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