Working With the Prince

Lainey Kingston in a desperate need for money takes a job at Winston's headquarters as a Entrance Secretary. Little does she know the Prince of Britain Jameson Stephenlend the 3rd just bought the company and she will get to know him a little bit more than planned.


9. Chapter 7- Boyfriend


"Ow ow ow, why is coffee so hot" I yelled as I ran up the stairs

The cafeteria ran out of lids, so now two overfilled coffee cups have drenched my white blouse.

I pushed open the door with my foot, testing my balancing skills. Which may I mention are not very good.

"Going down" I yelled as I flopped the floor trying to salvage the cups.

Yes one was still intact, I will clean up that mess later. I knocked on Jameson's door.

"Come in" he yelled

With my now free hand I pushed open the door with a proud grin on my face.

He sat at his desk reading over some papers, his shirt was slightly unbuttoned and a his tie loose.

Ugh focus Lainey, I mentally slapped myself

"Your coffee sir" I placed it on his desk, waiting to see a look of approval

He looked inside the cup and frowned, "Miss Kingston, you realize when someone asks for coffee they typically would like it in the cup, not on one's shirt of office floor"

"Really I never knew that" I replied sarcastically rolling my eyes. A thanks would of been fine.

"Anyway Miss Kingston I have a friend coming in, in let's say 20 minutes. Try not to scare her away" he said completely serious looking at me in the eye

A her, was he dating someone. It wasn't my business anyway, ugh why does my stomach feel so weird about this.  I have a boyfriend anyway, why does his availability even matter.

"I'll try my best" I gritted through my teeth

"Good, now wait out front" I waved me off

I sat in my desk chair doing what any professional would do to pass time, spinning on their chair seeing how long it would take to get too dizzy and fall off.

33, 34, 35

"Ouch" I muttered rubbing my bottom the floor is a lot harder than it looks.

"Erm hello, does anyone work here" said a woman's voice above me.

I popped up from my spot on the ground.

"Hi Lainey Kingston, how may I help you?" I asked giving her a fake smile.

This must of been Jameson's Girlfriend, ugh why is she soo pretty. Everything I'm not short, brown eyes, brunette straight hair. But in the clothing department I had one up, at least I could manage to cover everything better. Her green body con dress was barley doing its job itself.

"He's in there, knock 8 times then yell open sesame, thats the only way he will let you in" I said jokingly, there is no way she would actually do that.

She looked skeptical but then actually went over to do it.

Wow she was stupider than I thought.

5,6,7,8, "OPEN SESAME" she yelled

"Bermuda is that you?" I heard Jameson yell through the door.

Oh my gosh this was going to be hilarious.

I covered my mouth casually with my hands trying to muffle my laughter.

Jameson opened the door looking at her like a mad woman.

This make me crack up even more, I ducked down under my desk watching through the fish tank.

"One knock would of been fine" he said looking down at her confused

"But I thought it was 8 knocks?" She said counting her fingers, but accidently held up seven.

Wow okay girl how did you manage to find this floor if you can't even count to eight.

"Who told you that?" He asked but all ready knowing the answer, I felt his hard glaze trying to break the glass that separated us.

"Oh your maid under that desk" she pointed at the potted plant across from me "Oh I mean than one" she redirected it to mine

Darn in, sold out once again

His lips let out a small smile, but then quickly recovered .

"You must excuse my desk maid, she isn't the brightest in all catorgeries" he said with a smirk

How dare he, this will be brought up the next time I see him. I am most certainly a smart person.

"You should get a new one, it's pretty dirty in here" she complained

He smiled "I guess I should" looking at at the giant coffee puddle near the steps and trailing toward his office.

"You ready to go?" He asked her looking at her in the eyes

"Whatever you want is fine with me"

Then they started making out.

My stomach started doing turns again, I had to look away. How could he be with someone like her. He deserves someone who could at least count to 10 at the least.

I wasn't jealous was I.

I heard the elevator ding open, "ewe get a room guys" yelled a boyish voice

I sat up looking over the desk, a guy around my age walked in wearing kaki shorts and a surfs up tank. He had tanned skin and spiked blonde hair.

"Wow nice place man, where that hot Secretary you've been talking about" he yelled above a inside voice

Now it was my turn to smirk, I looked over at Jameson questionably, maybe he liked that other girl who hung out with the young JB

He looked panically  over to me before responding

"Stan shut your big mouth and let's go"

"Ohh a fish tank" he yelled rushing toward  my desk "and your hot Sec"

I blushed looking down

"I think I'll come here more often bro" he said winking at me

"Hey girl are you Google, because you have everything I'm searching for" he said going in for the kiss

"Woah buddy, not avaliable" I said confessing a secert I haven't told Jameson yet

"What " They both yelled

"You have a boyfriend" Jameson looked at me shocked

I gave him the duh look "12 months tomorrow"

He gritted his teeth and clenched his hand into a fist to the point it was turning white.

" let's goo" whined Bermuda dragging him towards the door.

"I'll see you later," I nodded toward Jameson

"Beautiful call this number if things don't work out" said Stan handing me a slip of paper

"Have fun" I yelled before the elevator door closed

"Now how was I going to tell Tyler I liked someone else."

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