Working With the Prince

Lainey Kingston in a desperate need for money takes a job at Winston's headquarters as a Entrance Secretary. Little does she know the Prince of Britain Jameson Stephenlend the 3rd just bought the company and she will get to know him a little bit more than planned.


5. Chapter 4-Dora theme song

I personally liked working on the first floor, much better than the 20th.

Because walking up 20 flights of stairs everyday was not my favorite. It's honestly not my fault that I have a deadly fear of elevators, I just think that killing Bic machine should be replaced by something like escalators or something which you couldn't drop to you death in.

I sat at my new desk on the 20th floor, my new job was to alert Mr. No name who came into his waiting room, and then kick them out or keep them busy depending on his answer. So far I haven't had the pleasure to kick anyone out, so I'm kinda wondering how I'm supposed to do that.

"Hi I'm here to see the CEO" said an older woman wearing an outfit scarily similar to mine.

People over 40 should not be shopping at forever 21, I'm sorry but it's just wrong. Lacey blouses, tight short skirts, just are meant for younger people.

"Hi yes what is your name... oh wait. Let me guess " I said giddy with excitement

"Is it Cathay?..... or how about June...... or I know it's Dora... you kinda look like a Dora."

"That's funny it actually is Dora" she said with disgust

"Really?" I said with astonishment

"No, who would in there right mind name there child Dora?" She said scowling at me.

"Yikes okay I'll let the CEO know you're here." I said pulling out my phone from the desk drawer

"Hey parking spot, you have a lady waiting out here who is very rude." I spoke into the phone quietly trying to make sure she didn't hear me. I don't think getting in a fight with an almost elderly lady would look good on my next application.

"Do you know what her name is?" He asked annoyed

"Erm well I know it's not Cathay, June, and especially not Dora" I said ducking beneath my desk to avoid her death stare

"Okay what does she look like?" He asked "and how do you know she's not named any of those?"He said I could almost sense a small smile forming on his chiseled face.

"Hey give me a break, a girl has to keep the job interesting" I said answering to the later question

I peaked my head out beside my desk just enough to see this rude lady to give him his description. "And she is roughly in her forties, hair extensions.... oh lots of those... plastic surgery.... wearing clothing not meant for her age group......" I started

" Its my aunt send her in" he said over the phone I could of sworn I heard him stifle a laugh

"Oh I meant to say she's a lovely lady, wearing very modest clothing, a real trendsetter she is" I said trying recover from insulting my bosses aunt

"You may go in" I said to the lady who looked like she was fumbling with anger. Red was not a good color on her may I say.

From outside I could her the mean not named Dora lady yelling at him a lot. I guess I shouldn't sing her the Dora theme song when she leaves I thought to myself.

About 15 minutes later the woman walked out.

"Bye have a fantastic day" I said with a wave.

But in response I got the finger. That's what I call just rude. Maybe I should of sang the theme song...

.. . .... .

"3.... 2...1... Lunch. Finally" I've been starving to death

I was going to knock on parking spot's door to see if he was hungry too but it sounded like he was on a important phone call.

I went down to the cafe, I didn't even need directions the smell of the food lead the way.

I got in the first line I saw."Hi honey what would you like?" Asked the nice lunch lady wearing Nemo printed apron.

I looked trough the glass, "Erm ... two chicken pattys with both with French fries and cookies please"

"Oh can I have one to go?" I asked

"Sure thing, I'll put it in the oven and you can come back up to get it before you go" she said with a smile"

After I paid for both, I sat down at one of the only seats I could find.

"Hi could I sit here" I asked the group surrounding the chair.

"Sure, yes it's open" I got several replies

I placed down my tray and sat down, "Hi I'm Lainey, new desk girl"

"I'm Cholè and this is Brendon we both work on the 6th floor." Said the girl named Cholè

She had dark blonde hair and hazel eyes and Brendon looked quite simlar.

"So Lainey how do you like working here so far?" Asked Brendon politely

"Its going pretty good, nothing overall too crazy has happened yet" I responded then dug into my food.

For a cafeteria this place had some pretty good chefs, I could eat here everyday.

I parted goodbyes with Brendon and Cholè, it turned out the two were actually siblings and both worked in the research department. They also welcomed me to sit at their table when ever I wanted to. I could tell that we were going to be good friends.

I went back up to the counter to grab the second lunch I bought for Mr. No name.

Hopefully he's not vegetarian I thought to myself.

I walked up twenty flights of stairs and back to my desk, there was a note left on it.

Miss Kingston

I had to leave urgently for an important meeting

I will not be back for another hour. Please don't break anything. Or call old ladies Dora the Explorer, and yes I did hear the whole encounter.


"Jameson" I tested it on my tongue

It was a better name than parking lot, but I've grown quite fond of that nickname.

But Jameson, it perfectly describes him.

"Hmm, what can I do till he gets back?" I thought aloud

I walked into his office with his lunch I had bought earlier and placed it on his desk with a short note explaining I thought he would be hungry.

His office was terribly boring without him in it, all he had was a couple pens, papers, desk and chair

"Ohh I know what to do"

He needs some sort of decoration, I'll get him a plant or maybe a painting.

I walked over to the stairs after leaving a note explaining I was out trying to find him a present.


On the map I was given the first day it said the title of each floor

1- lobby and mailrroom
2- finance department
3- cafeteria

"Mail room" They might have some fun stuff in there or maybe the lobby

I walked down the 20 flights of stairs barley out of breath. Finally I was getting used to the antagonizing workout everyday.

The mailrroom wasn't hard to miss, people rushing in and out with cards of envelops some with odd miscellaneous items.

I walked in, people were scrambling around me which made it hard to see. I was pussed into the corner by the crowd.

"Ohh lost and found" I said a few heads turned my way but overall no one was paying attention finders keepers right. Hey why not.

Gloves... no, clown hat... definitely no,... stained coffee mug... gross,... solar powered bobble head.... perfect!

I grabbed the solar power item shaped like a dog which wagged it's tail, and walked out proudly

"Know his office is going to be a little bit home ish" I thought to myself as I put it on his desk. Around. 01% less empty

.... .. .

"5 o'clock already" I said aloud from my position of a handstand

I was testing how long I could possibly stand on my hands, so far it was only 2 minutes and 32 seconds.

I flopped back down to the ground on my stomach, and saw a pair of feet in front of me.

"Hi Jameson how's to weather up there" I asked still in my laying position. Quietly cracking up at my own joke I just made.

"What are you doing on the floor?" He asked showing no emotion

"You know what they saw curiosity killed the cat" I snapped back growing annoyed with him

He just walked back into his office and slammed the door.

"Someone's a bit moody after the meeting" I muttered

I grabbed my coat ans purse and attempted to walk down twenty flights again in my heels.

Oh how much I hate heels.


chapter 4! what do you guys think overall?

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