Working With the Prince

Lainey Kingston in a desperate need for money takes a job at Winston's headquarters as a Entrance Secretary. Little does she know the Prince of Britain Jameson Stephenlend the 3rd just bought the company and she will get to know him a little bit more than planned.


4. Chapter 3- My Name is Tom not JB

Chapter 3- My Name is Tom not JB

Other than calling the new CEO a nobody, greeting him with Adele, and accidently sending chickens to his office my first day was quite uneventful so far.

"One thousand seven hundred thirty three..... one thousand seven hundred thirty four...."

By this time I was counting how long it would take for the next person to come in, and so far it was taking quite a long time.

"One thousand seve.... ohhh hello number 818" I said

Also after Mr parking spot came in I've been counting every person who has come in.

"I'm taking that you're the new front desk girl right" he asked

He wore a grey Polo and brown cargo pants, not to dressy but casual enough. He was a bit lanky and had shaggy blonde hair almost resembling a young justin beiber.

"Yes I am how can I help you JB?" I asked

"Um my name is Tom not JB?" He said confused
Wow how did this guy make it through life without hearing that one before. The bullies these days are not living to their full potential. Just kidding

"Its a joke tom, your hair..." said another girl coming up to my desk

She had long dark hair, and a chocolate tinted skin tone. But her eyes were blue against the rest of her appearance. But overall her face was caked with makeup, yuck.

"Im Jasiee, secretary 3rd floor" she said shaking my hand

"I'm Lainey" I said giving them both a small smile

But only Jasiee seemed to hear me, Tom was busy starring at my chest, which was a little creepy like dude we just met.
"So I've heard you had a run in with the new CEO....?" Said Jasiee

"Oh yes Mr. Parking spot and I talked a bit today if you would call it that" I said proudly

She looked confused at my response, I guess people don't typically can other people parking lots.

"What does he look like? How old is he? What is he like?  Is he seeing anyone?" She asked frantically after recovering from her confusion.

"Well erm, he looks like a guy, not old nor young, I don't know if he is seeing someone in a meeting right now and he is incredibly rude" I said proud of my description. Overall she seemed a bit sneaky so I didn't want to give her anything to informative so I played stupid.

"That was helpful" she said with a snarl

Jasiee walked off dragging the Pervy JB resembles with her. "Well they were nice" I said sarcastically

There was a deep chuckle in front of me.

"They didn't strike me as the nice type" Mr parking spot said

"Really? I thought they were quite friendly" I answered sarcastically again

"Well I think the girl just wants to sleep with me and your JB dude wants to sleep with you" said mr no name

"So I'm not the only one who thinks we have a pop star working here" I said grinning at his playfulness

He shrugged it off

"But anyways I was told, by several people that you freaked them out with your greetings so I'm going to move your desk to the 20th floor instead." He said casually

"Really I'm going to work with Mr no name?" I said with a smile trying to hold in all the excitement , I'm not going to lie the first floor was fun, but could I really deny a promotion.

He frowned at this "You honestly still don't know who I am" he asked his face showing complete puzzlement

"Other than a CEO for a major company, let's say king of England." I answered complely jokingly

He tensed up at this. " nope definitely not the king" he said and his eyes seemed to wander to a different place.

"See you tomorrow?" I asked looking in his crystal blue eyes.

"As long as you don't dance this time!" He answered playfully

"Ugh I'm never going to live that down will I?"

"Not in my lifetime" he answered laughing with a smirk

"See you tomorrow unnamed parking spot" I said before walking toward my car.

He moved from his spot to on the sidewalk outside the building.

I hopped into my small car and drove off, out of the corner of my eye I saw him wave good bye.

"I hope I left a good impression like Mr Harper told me to" I muttered to myself

I think Mr Harper would be proud...

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