Working With the Prince

Lainey Kingston in a desperate need for money takes a job at Winston's headquarters as a Entrance Secretary. Little does she know the Prince of Britain Jameson Stephenlend the 3rd just bought the company and she will get to know him a little bit more than planned.


3. Chapter 2- I'll see you on the other side

My thick curly hair was braided into a side fishtail and my eyes were lined with liner and a bit of mascara coated my lashes. I decided to wear another pencil skirt, but this one was much longer it went down to my knees. That was paired with a navy ruffle blouse, and some gold jewelry. I decided against really tall heels, so I just put on 2 inch black heels.

Overall looking in the mirror my outfit looked pretty professional. But I hope it was good enough, Mr. Harper had mentioned that today was also the first day of the new CEO, so I would have to try to make a good impression.

I grabbed my keys to my blue beetle, and a traveling mug of coffee. Then I was out the door, the parking lot had each of the spots marked, one near the back of the parking lot had my name freshly painted on it.

"Oh my gosh I have my own parking spot" I said giddily jumping around doing a happy dance.

"Is everyone this happy about a parking spot?" Asked a man's voice from behind me, making me stop mid step in the moonwalk.

I turned around to the definition of a perfect guy, tall and I mean tall since my height didn't even compare to his, perfectly spiked chestnut brown hair, deep brown eyes.

"Ermmm just me I guess" I said looking around at the other employees just getting out of their cars and walking in.

I looked over at his parking spot, but no name has yet been painted on it. He must be new too I though to myself.

"I'm Lainey Kingston, new front desk here" I said with a smile offering out my hand for a hand shake.

he only nodded at this like he was taking a mental note,  but then responded " that makes sense on the over eagerness for a parking spot"

"Pleasure to meet you to" I said dropping my hand awkwardly "Erm I guess see you around unnamed parking spot." I said before walking in toward the building.

"Ugh the nerve of that guy, so rude and he's probably only a coffee fetcher or something" I thought to myself

I walked down the hallway to the second desk like I did yesterday to who must of been Kylie.

"Hi Mr. Harper told me you would help me get started today?" I asked

"Oh yes of course follow me" she said walking towards the desk which was in the front.

"Now, all you basically have to do is greet people as they come in, then motion them over to charlie to show there ID badges." She said

I turned around to see Charlie he was old enough to be my grandpa but was acting as there security guard.

"And then if anyone has any questions on where to go there is a map right here or if you don't know just send them down to my desk" she said with a smile

"Okay thank you soo much" I said

"Just call if you need anything" said as she walked away

I sat down I my chair "okay greet people" I muttered

"Good Morning" I said to a man as he walked in he nodded in response

"Hi a wonderful morning isn't it" I said to another

This went on for the next half and hour or so.

"Cheerio Mate, there's been sunnier days" I said pretending to have a British accent, in response I got a couple odd looks and people rushing much faster to Charlie, like I was some crazed lunatic or something.

After a couple dozen people I decided to make this into a game, each person would get a different greeting to keep things interesting.

Another man walked I  but I recognized this one it was the no name parking spot .

I broke out in a grin " Hello... how are you....., I've been wondering if after all these years....."

He looked up at this grimacing, and everyone else in the room feel silent watching us.

I looked around confused at what was happening

The no name parking spot guy came up to say something to me, but I cut him off

"Shhh. Parking spot I think the new CEO is here so we don't want to stand out" I whispered

He let a small smile slip "we wouldn't want that now would we" he said "Now Miss Kingston can you direct me to the 20th floor the main office"

"Erm okay, so you aren't just a coffee fetcher, thats great no name" I said pulling out a map " the elevator is 2 rights and a left and then your office is...." I stopped the main office on the 20th floor is the CEO'S

"I suppose theres not any chance of you just being a coffee boy is there?" I asked

He shook his head no "I'll see you on the outside Miss Kingston" he said with a smirk

"Wait was that an Adele joke" I muttered with a smile forming on my face.

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