Working With the Prince

Lainey Kingston in a desperate need for money takes a job at Winston's headquarters as a Entrance Secretary. Little does she know the Prince of Britain Jameson Stephenlend the 3rd just bought the company and she will get to know him a little bit more than planned.


20. Chapter 15

Lainey's POV


I was in the process of taking a giant scoop of Jameson's  cake.  He may consider himself a gentleman for letting me have the last bite, but anyone who just saw our fierce rock, paper, scissors battle knew differently. I never lose.

When a familiar retro woman came in the door.  I instantly dropped my fork, what the hell.

Jameson looked behind him and his eyes widened. If you could mix a hippie Party City costume and the Modern Housewives you had my Mother.

"Mom?" I questioned. Why was she here?

She spun around in her sky high heels. "Lainey Bridget Dallas" she yelled running over to me.

I winced at the name, legally my last name was still Kingston after my birth dad. I had never bothered to change it. It seemed as if she mentally did for me though.

"What are you doing. HERE?" I asked through gritted teeth.

She is up to something I know it. Why here though.

"Hi Mrs. Kings.... Dallas, it's nice to meet you" Jameson introduced himself attempting to use the right last name.

My Mother's eye traveled past me to where he was sitting, and widened upon seeing him.

"Jameson as is the, the Pri..." she began to yell out of giddiness but cut herself off by screaming.

"Mom when did you start reading business insider" I asked with a tight smile

That's the only way she could know him right. He was technically famous on some level.

She gave my the are you serious look "Hush honey we are in the presence of a higher up"

"I am sorry for my daughter's ignorance"  she said giving me an evil eye then going to the ground to bow at him like he was a God. A God of sales I guess

"Mom.... what are you doing" I drew out. I looked over at Jameson to see a panicked look on his usual guarded face. Well okay then.

I crossed my arms over my chest and gave him a hard glare.  "Anything you want to explain" I tapped my foot impatiently.

He opened his mouth, looking like he was ready to explain. A bell went off signalling someone had entered the Café.

"It's prince Jameson"  a group of girls yelled

What the. He was, the,  the what.

All this, all of him, he was a lie. All this time he was pretending to be a boss but he was a freaking Prince. Was this a prank, let me guess this was like undercover boss. He had to get a girl to belive he was almost normal, and then embarssimg her infront of the front of the world.

If they wanted a show they defintwntly got one, a innocent, broke, broken girl fell in love with the Prince who didn't care about her at all. I honestly thought he was differnt, but I guess all people are the same in the end.

The giant bunch who just walked in rushed over to him. Our eyes meet through the crowd, a look of sadness passed over his face

My vision blurred slightly, I wiped my eyes to only notice the water I wiped away. I was crying.

I looked up at him one last time, most girls in my case would of snuggled up to him maybe even slapped him. But no this was so much better.

I slipped off one of my shoes with his now irritating face on it, and chucked it as hard as I could at him. Sure my aim was off, and throwing was never my thing but it got the point across. I am done.

I marched out of the cafe not bothering on paying. Him and his princely wallet should have it covered.  The slight height difference between the slightly heeled sneaker and my fuzzy socked foot made it a bit awkward but I kept a steady pace.

Not once did I look back, he didn't deserve it. I turned to call for a cab,  for once it stopped immediately.

"Just drive" I commanded running my hands through my hair. I would have to come back and get my car I was in no state to be driving.

The door of the cafe opened, he tried pushing through the mob. Time seemed to slow as we caught eachother gazes, so many emotions flew through my head. I just wanted to get out and kiss him, but whatever I knew him as before was just an act. I never knew him.

The taxi moved past him, but my heart seemed to linger.

"Goodbye Jameson" I whispered before turning away

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