Working With the Prince

Lainey Kingston in a desperate need for money takes a job at Winston's headquarters as a Entrance Secretary. Little does she know the Prince of Britain Jameson Stephenlend the 3rd just bought the company and she will get to know him a little bit more than planned.


16. Chapter 12- payless



"No, now get out" I said pushing him towards the door.

The giant goofy smile on his face faltered,  dissapointent wasn't an expression I liked on him at all, but it had to be done.

He can't just expect I have nothing to do today, my Mother is coming to talk about my "soon" to be marriage proposal with Tyler. If she found out about me and Tyler breaking up she would literally go crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if she chased him down the street with a bat, just because she claimed my fatherly duties of a overall protective parent must be fufilled.

If she found out about Jameson, I might be the one being chased down the street, with a crazy lady following me with an overly large baseball bat.

"No?" He questioned still sporting somewhere between a puppy dog face and a frown.

"No" I repeated

I don't expect him to understand, this was for the best anyways. It wasn't going to work out anyways, all my relationships never did. He was my boss, I was his employee. What would people say, what would they think.

What would I think let alone, I would become something that looked desperate, and some people might even consider me a gold digger and last time I checked that wasn't on my bucket list for 2017. Let alone any years to come.

But maybe it would be okay to be a little bit desperate every once and a while. Jameson has been nothing but nice to me, he's been my knight in shinning amor through all of this stuff lately.

Actually he would look quite good as a knight, actually maybe a prince. A prince would fit him so much better, I could see his chiseled face on the currency, I would use to buy coffee every Morning.

"Why not?" He asked

I have to admit saying no to him, now become one of my least favorite things in the world.

"Because my Mom is coming over" I responded in a monotone voice

I'm not sure if he would find anything odd with this, I didn't typically talk about my family, but then again it was never brought up.

"Ohh" he responded seeming to take in all the information. His forehead creased ever so slightly, but to an outsider it would still look like his stern expression."Well I can meet her then" he finally concluded

I could tell by the way he said it, there way no way of changing his mind. It might be easier to live on the sun than change Jameson's mind.

"Believe me when I say she won't want to meet you" I told him truthfully

It might help that he was pretty rich, but that wouldn't compare to the fact that it looked like it dumped Tyler. She would defend him, because she will never know what really happened between us.

"Really, I'm sure any Mother would love to meet me" he scoffed brushing the non existent dirt off of his shoulders

I bit my lip and twisted the ring on my thumb. "One that is expecting to see a couple of 5 years with a engagement ring." I whispered hopping he wouldn't hear me.

His smile fell flat in realization in what I was referring to. "Your Mother thought he was going to propose?"

"More like she knew" I answered. Apparently last Christmas Tyler had a small jewelry box in his bag, one that hasn't been seen since.

But apparently to my Mother that was proof he was going to propose and she had seen it up to have both of us pick her up from the airport with the good news.

Looks like the news will be a little bit differnt than expected.

"But he was a total jerk" he exclaimed running his hands through his thick hair. Leaving it sticking up on the sides, as if he had just gotten out of bed.

"You can still meet he if you want to"


"Just make sure to be wearing sneakers, she's a marathon runner bud" I giggled just thinking about it.

"Why is she going to chase me?" He asked with disbelief

"She may make a expectation for you, she may even get her car out" I laughed, she's never gotten rhe level of using a call to run off my boyfriends before but Jameson might be enough for her to upgrade to a bus.

" Your Mother is going to try to run me over"

Only if she can't get a bus I thought to myself. "Well you can always back out is you want to"

He shook his head with a smile " not in a million years, but I change my shoes" he said looking down.

He had dress shoes which could probably be more expense than my whole entire apartment. "We can stop at Payless before we pick her up" I confirmed before walking in the breezeway to grab my bag.

"Payless" he scoffed " No way... no"

I gave him a stern look and rapped my foot on the floor waiting for him to follow me to my car.

"I can't be seen at Payless" he grumbled shaking his head.

"And why not?" I asked only teasing

"Bad publicity"

"Well I must have a ton then, because that's where I get all of my shoes."

His jaw dropped "oh...Ummm... I didn't mean it like that... you know what I'll be right over" he jumped up from his spot on the couch and slipped on his blazer.


---. -- .--.

hey guys new chapter!! sorry for the late updates my laptop is not working at al, and I should get a new one. But can't right now, anyways I'm starting a new story today it's going to be called a clown for a princess and I think you all would really like t so go check it out....

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