Working With the Prince

Lainey Kingston in a desperate need for money takes a job at Winston's headquarters as a Entrance Secretary. Little does she know the Prince of Britain Jameson Stephenlend the 3rd just bought the company and she will get to know him a little bit more than planned.


2. Chapter 1- Final Notice

"Prince Jameson, your Mother summons you to come downstairs at once" An old English man commanded standing at the foot of my oversized bed. I should really start locking my door.

I groaned and rolled over planting my face into the large mass of pillows  "Go away Charles" I muttered along with a few un prince like profanities, lucky for him it all got muffled by the pillows. Footsteps seemed to trail away good he's leaving. ​I snuggled back into my covers trying the regain the warmth I had lost.

It turns out he didn't go to the door he went to windows unleashing the suns terrible wrath. He pulled my blue curtains open letting the bright Morning shine in.

"Ahhh" I screamed, grabbing onto my throbbing head. Not cool man.​ By the fuzziness in my vison and the throbbing in my skull it seemed as if I drank one too many last night. ​When don't you drink too much Jameson. I groaned and rubbed my temples in frustration. 

"Sir, you Mother also wants her out of her castle immediately, there are pills on the dresser for your hangover" he said sighed before exiting my room.

Her. I looked over the mountain of pillows, next to me was a brunette, sleeping, naked. My eyes traveled across the room garments of clothing  trailed back to my door. ​I guess I had fun last night​. I got up and went to the dresser and dry swallowed the pain medicine.

I cracked my neck loosening the tension, lets got down to business.

"Out" I yelled to the girl. It was loud enough for her to jump from the blankets onto the floor. Her eyes peeked up from the other side of the bed, a look of pure confusion and embarrassment written across her face. I smirked at her frazzled exit, she left without another word. pathetic girl.

I slumped into my lounge chair, waiting for the medicine to do its magic. Waiting made no difference, this headache would be nothing compared to what my mother would do. I managed to put on a shirt and pants, before slipping out the door.

I walked down the palace hallways, servants stopping as I passed. No wished to get on my bad side. I grinned down upon them almost asking them to try my patience. ​No one that's what I thought. Leaving the rest of the walk completely silent just as I liked it.

"Dude she wasn't even your type" yelled the only person in the world who could get away with calling me dude.

I spun around to come face to face with my best friend, Stan, he was wearing pool shorts and was dripping wet.

I had to smile at this, anyone who could be this trashy around royals was hilarious. I knew very well Mother would love to have him banished, but what fun would that be. But then again it would be pretty hard to banish a son of the king even if he was only half royal. Affairs and my father were just two things that went together.

"I don't know what happened, I could of sworn it was blonde last night." I answered honestly with a sheepish smile.

"Your Mother is going to throw a fit" he chided laughing "She wouldn't want another royal baby threatening her power" he continued using quotation marks for the word power. 

"Hey at least I'm not the one who turned the floor into a slipping slide" I challenged pointing at him

He just shrugged holding his hands up in surrender "the grounds people claimed it was too cold for the pool, so I had to prove them wrong"

"Its thirty degrees out" I stated raising an eyebrow, not to mention the thin layer of snow from last night. how the hell wasn't the pool frozen over.

"You'll thank me later buddy" he laughed patting my shoulder "Good luck with Your Mom" he yelled wandering off leaving a drippy mess behind him. A bunch of maids followed him with a towel trying to wipe of the slippery trail he left behind. Darn where are those slippery when wet signs, when you need them.

Now for my Mother, on most days she wouldn't bother talking to me about my sleeping arrangements, so it's not about that most likely. It might be about Stan accidently pushing the future king of Brazil into the fountain but other than that I can't think of anything.

I took a deep breath before walking in through the big doors leading to the conference room.

"Mother" I said aloud bowing before taking a seat at the oversized table.

She nodded acknowledgement, then continued her distant look at the bare wall across from her. I examined the wall to see what was so interesting about it nothing​. I looked around out of boredom, wait Thomas was here too.

I raised my eyebrows at him, in a way asking what he was doing here.I haven't seen him in months, he was always out with father or his advisers training. He just returned a stone cold emotional stare, I grimaced and looked away. He was truly fit to be king out of the two of us he was much more intimidating.

Mother was not sitting in the head seat, which meant someone of more power was coming to this meeting. Father.

"Mother what are we doing here?" I asked but no one responded, I was about to ask again when the main door opened, Father came through. He walked to his seat and sat, each step yelling out power.

"Who called me here, I am missing an important meeting." He yelled impatiently I could of sworn I saw Mother shiver.

"Your son has news that I thought would be important for all of us to know" she answered visibly shaking

Oh darn what did I do this time, I knew I wore a shirt with a stain on it yesterday but was that really enough to bring the whole family in for.

Everyone eyes in the room shifted to me, including all of the servants out of habit. It must of been the shirt darn it.

"Your son, Thomas" she emphasized trying to redirect everyone's attention.

Okay, that's good not me. Wait Thomas he never does anything.

"Thomas went to see the medics a couple of days ago, do to some long lasting pain and other things. The doctors confirmed today that he has a type of terminal brain cancer" she tried to explain but broke out in tears.

My jaw dropped I looked at Thomas, waiting for him to break out into a smile saying it was all a joke. But it never came, Father just walked out, which left mother to give the rest of the news.

"Thomas and I have discussed your standing in this Jameson, and we think it is best for you to take Thomas's position" she explained with a tone saying that I shouldn't make a fuss.

"You can't be serious" I yelled jumping from my chair instantly pacing back in forth in panic. Asking me to be king was like asking a money to fly an airplane.

Mother just frowned at my response.

"I can barely even take care of myself how can I rule a whole entire country" I pointed out running my hands through my hair.

"H... He was trained his whole entire life to do this, I..I was just supposed to be the younger brother who was always getting into trouble and would settle down into a rich respectable life one day" I yelled pointing at him betrayal written on my face.

This was when Thomas snapped "You honestly think I wanted this to happen, for you to take my place that I worked so hard for, you can't even manage to pick out a shirt that doesn't have a stain on it" he yelled taking a deep breath.

So this was slightly about the shirt I knew it.

"You are irresponsible, and downright never supposed to be royal" he yelled blowing his top. Everyone in the room became silent, that was a topic we all agreed with. But once it was spoken aloud, it seemed so wrong.

Not one of the things he said had a major effect on me, I all ready knew that they were true. Well besides the shirt, that wasn't my fault. But he was right anyone else would be a better prince than me, I should of been the one to have cancer. No one would admit it aloud, but I knew everyone was thinking it.

"How long until I have until the press knows" I asked getting serious. Once this gets out to the press there will be no more anything for me, I will have to be on my best behavior for the rest of my life.

"We can give you a couple months at the most" she said looking at me in the eyes with pity.

"Then I wish to spend them away from here, somewhere I can be normal for my last couple months without responsibility" If I was going to be stuck being king for the rest of my life, I want experience being normal where no one knew me and the royal title that followed behind my name.

"I can talk to your father" she said getting up signaling the end of the meeting with a wave of aa hand.

I walked out in a daze, toward my room and I heard mother walk in the direction of the gardens.

"Why is the floor wet?" I heard her ask

"Hide me" I heard the potted tree say. I turned around to see Stan still dripping wet but now behind the potted plant. His floral trunks easily stood out against the thin tree trunk.

"When I find the person who made this mess, they are going to have to scrub the whole entire palace with a toothbrush" she yelled threateningly scanning the area.I knew very well she wasn't lying, I've had this punishment many times. So many hours wasted in learning my lessons.

"Your on your own bud" I said walking away laughing slightly at the situation.

"Stannn" I heard her yell

Now it was time to run, only luck could help him now. Best of luck man.


Lainey's POV


"Final notice" I said aloud

This was written in big bold print on the paper taped to my door I've gotten about six of these in the past couple months but this was for real. If I didn't get a job in the next week, my apartment, car, and the rest of my personal belongings would be taken by the bank. 

It hasn't always been this bad, but since my mom got divorced from my old stepdad John my monthly checks for my college tuition and apartment have stopped and I have been living off my summer savings for the last couple months. but I guess reality has to catch up with everyone eventually.

"Ugh where did my newspaper go" I muttered as I rummaged through my magazine pile.

"ahh ha" I grabbed it from the very bottom

I flipped to the now hiring section and grabbed a highlighter from my desk.

"Maid.. no, Caretaker no.... Dog Food Taste Tester Eww nooo way. Are there any normal jobs in the world today?"

"Ohh here's one, Front desk Secretary" I said as I circled it nice and big with my highlighter

I ran to my room to get changed out of my penguin onesie. I grabbed a grey pencil skirt, white blouse, and blazer then threw it on. My overly curly blonde hair was somehow put into a neat ponytail and my big bright blue eyes were quickly lined with brown eyeliner and mascara.

I ran out the door and hopped into my blue Beetle, the company building was only ten minutes away. I parked my car in a guest spot and rushed in. the front desk was left empty but a small sign directed me toward a room down a couple hallways.

"Hi, how may I help you" asked a woman with Dark hair and eyes sitting at the desk.

"Hi I'm Lainey Kingston, I'm here for a interview" I answered with a friendly smile

"Oh okay follow me" She said motioning me toward a door across the walkway.

"He's right in there" she lamented giving me a small smile they went back to her desk.

I walked in not sure on what to expect, but a middle aged man sat inside behind the giant desk. Much to my relief he didn't look at all intimidating.

"Hi I'm Lainey Kingston, I'm here for the front Desk position" I said walking up to shake the mans hand

"It's great to meet you Lainey I'm Stan Harper, the current placeholder for our CEO till he gets settled in here" He said motioning me to sit down.

"So Lainey I'm going to ask me a few questions to see if this job is right for you"

I nodded in response, spinning my ring on my finger out of nervousness.

"Okay how old are you and what qualifications do you have for this job?" he asked

"I'm twenty soon to be twenty one in about a month and qualification wise I interned as a secretary two years ago." I mentioned hopping that would be enough experience

Stan wrote a couple of things down and then asked "What makes you want this job?"

"Honestly I really need this, my whole entire life is riding whether or not I get this or not, if you hire me I promise not to disappoint." I said keeping it brief.

"Well good news Lainey you start tomorrow" he said getting up to shake my hand

My jaw dropped in surprise "Thank you so much Mr. Harper" I said smiling in joy

"Kylie at the desk outside will help you get started tomorrow, be here at seven tomorrow don't be late" He said  and then whispered "The new CEO will be here and you will want to make a good impression"

"Thanks for the heads up" I said before giving one last handshake and going back to my car.

I think everything is going to turn out great, new job just in time and Mr. Harris seems like a really nice guy, gives off a fatherly vibe. Now I have to decide what to wear, this is going to be difficult. 



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