Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


9. The Truth gets out

    I smiled happy to spread the warmth that I was feeling in my heart on to the next person. I looked around the guild to see who the next person in the guild that I could help would be. I noticed Juiva was sitting alone at a table and that she seemed kind of down. I went to go and walk over to talk to her when Happy came and got in the way of my path. "Why are you so happy today Natsu?" He asked me well munching on a fish. I smiled and messed up his little blue hair. "I just found a little light in all of this bad news and I thought it would be nice"  to share it with everyone." Happy looked down at my neck and noticed my scarf was replaced with a key that was broken. "Where's your scarf Natsu!" He sounded upset that I wasn't wearing it and know that I was thinking about it I couldn't remember the last time I had worn it.

I opened my mouth to answer his question my throat feeling dry now and the words didn't seem to want to come out. "Hey Natsu come over and lend us a hand would you?" I nodded and ran over thinking that Juvia would just have to wait a little longer. "What's the big block of ice for?" I asked Grey and noticed that Leon was with him. "It's a new center piece for the library." My eyes went wide with wonder. "We have a library?!" They both exchanged looks and then looked at me. "You didn't know that we did." I shook my head no and he started to laugh out loud. "Grey watch what your doing!" Leon yelled at him as we made out way down the stairs and nearly dropped the block of ice twice well we were at it. We placed it down in the middle of the room and then they headed for the steps. "Were going to ask Levy were she want's us to put her....I mean it! Put it!" Grey gave me a nervousness laugh like he had let something slip that he wasn't supposed to say and I nodded sitting down. I looked up at the big block of ice wondering what was under the thin sheet that kept so many secrets that I was dying to know the answers too. 

I couldn't take the curiously anymore so I grabbed the sheet finally and yanked it off my mouth dropping in aw that sight. I felt my knees give out from under me and tears started to sting my cheeks again. "It can't be..."

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