Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


4. Take me Back

     I didn't go home like I told the others I went to Lucy's house instead. "You can't be gone Lucy...I never got to say goodbye." I felt tears start to sting my face. I walked into Lucy's room and watched as a year of memories started to play out in this room. I was crying more as I hoped that this movie would never end. All the light and warmth in the room was because of her. I never knew this until she was gone for real  but she was my happiness.....She was my the dark. I shook my head no not wanting to believe this as I fell to my knees crying and in that moment I swear that I felt her hug me and try to comfort me like she had done so many times before. "Lucy are you here?" I looked up to see what my mind was telling me was here as she wiped a tear away and gave me that same happy smile. The whole room in that moment seemed to light up right then. 'Please don't cry Natsu...I don't want to see you sad like this any more.' She said to me and then walked over to her desk where her story and her diary both lay beside the two of the was a broken key with a note. With out another word after that she vanished before my eyes once again sending the room back to its dark state once again.

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