Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


6. Mission Complete

     "The monsters are strong!" Wendy called out as she did another wind dragon roar. "Indeed they are!" I used my magic to requip again but even my strongest armor wasn't strong enough to beat the monsters. "Ice make hammer!" Gray called out knocking the giant ice hammer into 3 more monsters who were got right back up and attacked again. "They won't back down!" He called out struggling to hold up his end of the fight. "Keep fighting them. I know it's hard but I know we can beat them! We are Fairy Tail wizards!" I said hoping to encourage them to keep fighting. I punched another one in the throat as it tried to eat me alive. 'Maybe we really do need Lucy...or maybe we need Natsu here all fired up and ready to go...' I thought to my self just as Gray took out another monster from behind me. "Erza stop getting lost in thought and focus on the fight." I nodded and went into action again.

      It was about an hour into the fight when finally we manged to beat them and win. Taking our money with a heavy sigh we headed back to the guild hall were we all knew would be meet with more sad lonely faces and not a single smile that wasn't being forced for show.  When we reached the guild hall for a second we all thought we saw Lucy. "Welcome Home guys! Sorry I didn't come along...." I shook my head no and realized it was Mirajane talking to us. "I'm sorry Mira but what did you say?" She smiled a forced smile and repeated her question. "I said, Welcome back how did the mission go?" Just by looking at her I could see she had been crying late last night seeing as her eyes were a puffy red. "It went...okay..." I said and walked over to a get some cake that I knew I wasn't in the mood to eat.

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